10 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

In a recent Men’s Health survey, men’s number one sexual concern was the dreaded premature ejaculation. Nearly 75% of those surveyed admitted they want to know how to last longer in bed.

First, if you don’t even have a partner yet, then you’ll need these insider tips on how to get any girl you want or the 30 sexiest things to say to your girlfriend.

First, the good news: The average guy lasts only 5 to 10 minutes.

So, don’t be intimidated by the porn scene you watched earlier that lasted longer than Titanic.

The fact is: Premature ejaculation can be defined as having an orgasm any time before you would like to. Obviously, this can vary greatly. Some guys may just want to last 5 minutes, while others may want to be able to enjoy marathon Tantric sex sessions.

Either way, there are ways you can improve and enhance your ability to control ejaculation. Click on any of the following tips for more information on how to use them for better sex.

10 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

  1. Master masturbation.
  2. Squeeze.
  3. Pinpoint ejaculatory inevitability.
  4. Sexercise.
  5. Press, don’t thrust.
  6. Show a little courtesy.
  7. Ask your doctor about Prozac.
  8. Go for a second round.
  9. Let her climb on.
  10. Stop thinking of your orgasm.

Do you have any other tips on how to last longer in bed?

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  • WOOO!!!!

  • This is a nice compilation of tips. It seems to have all the bases covered and then some. These are essentially what the pro’s will recommend without the cost.

    But, I guess the direct guidance of a Sex Therapist does have some merits.

  • when your about to orgasm, ask to change position.
    you get a chance to have a break from pentrationn and will usually add another minute or two when you start again.

  • I found the best tip is when your giving her intercourse in the mitionary position, put your head against hers and plug your ears without her knowing. Hearing is which triggers the orgasm sensations.

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  • what u have to do is spanker her, chock her, and pull her hair…if that doent work and u fill like ur still going to bust tell the bitch to leave or kill her…no dont kill her cuz its against the law…..just beat her like cris brown did

  • lolololololololol blue balls that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funni. i was like lmaoing when i read it. srsly. …douche

    but really, thank you blue balls. that was really informative. its great to be unintelligently sarcastic. it was really funny too. thank you for the great response.

  • haha. thanks blue balls.

  • I’d like to add that confidence helps too. Having the confidence that you know you can give her 3 orgasms before you ejaculate helps quite a bit. When you’re unsure, it kind of sneaks up on you unexpectedly! Trick yourself into being confident.

  • Here’s a quick tip. Exhale on your way IN… and Inhale on your way OUT. Focusing on your breathing helps you calm down and stay relaxed, plus, you’re less likely to finish when you’re exhaling. if you’re looking for help, you can get more tips here at this website: http://www.TheEnduranceReport.com

  • WOW just handle ur scandle the first time however… BUT the second time around (round 2) Doggy Style … Then Jackhammer best results trust me

  • All the tips were fine until 7. DO NOT TAKE PILLS for this kind of thing. Seriously? Sacrificing brain mass for penal control by killing your libido? eff that. They neglected to mention that each individual guy has a different re-charge time between releases. Sooooo… why not just spend round one by yourself before it’s REALLY go time? There’s nothing wrong with hitting the bathroom at the movies if you’ve got a 20 minute drive ahead of you, and having round one by yourself. This way when it’s GAME TIME, you’re going to last three to four times as long as normal, and she’ll think its round one for you (or just not care and be completely distracted by the pleasure which isn’t ending like normal). It’s not selfish to have round one to yourself. Cheers to us, cuz when the ladies are ready we’re in for the long haul.

  • Thanks Dr. Tran, unlike half the other posts I can actually read yours without falling into a seizure of stupidity for understanding it.

  • This is all very well but ultimately the problem is in the mind

    Get rid of the anxiety so you are going into the bedroom with no thoughts but pure pleasure for you and her.
    This is the only true way to get rid of it.

    MJ also works, but that’s only for the above reason.

  • Hey Blue balls that has go to be the dumbest thing that i have ever read in my whole life so why dont yo u just keep your comments to your self douche bag.

  • I like #10 the most. That’s like saying “don’t think of the color red…” Kind of impossible.
    A better way to say it is to focus on something other than ejaculation and orgasm, from the very beginning. I just focus on breathing deeply and slowly, and counting my breaths. Definitely gives me more control over my body.

  • best thing is nothing , do not do that , do this , be that , be this , simple is , BE A MAN. Let the lady finish with the thought that she was with a real MAN.

  • i have better sex while looking at my partner’s face while thrusting hardly..put both of her legs on ur shoulder and push her hands on the bed so she can do anyrhing but moaning..do it hardly but not so fast..like 3thrust on a sec..ohh yeah..!! she’l scream and say “take it easy” but dont listen to her.. she’s lying.. (^_^). trust me bitch love hard erotic sexs..they might not event know it yet..

  • Yeah i try these tips and they usually work it hard to concentrate but once she comes first its easy street from there. sometimes i cant get her to go once but when i do shell go like 3-4 times before i go.

  • You’ve got a pretty good list there. Too bad so many of the other people commenting aren’t taking the topic seriously. It’s a serious topic.

  • Hey Fitbuff Brander!

    Nice tips you provided there!

    that’s exactly my point, I usually last around 5 minutes..so while it’s good to know I’m part of the average man 😀 I certainly wouldn’t mind lasting longer!

    I came across this article, http://ezinearticles.com/?Control-Premature-Ejaculation—Avoid-the-Embarrassment-For-Good&id=3774387 which talks about an online book, which I’m very tempted to buy.

    but what about pills, creams or even sprays..? Have any insight about those?

  • just give her ham salad

  • I bought a video once called “You can last longer”. I could pretty much sum up the video in 3 bulletpoints:

    * Direct your entire attention into your Penis and the pleasure you are feeling. Building that connection allows you to recognize when you’re going to blow. Before that time comes you need to take short 2-3 second pauses in the action to allow your pleasure center to cool off. That’s all it takes to go from a level 9 to a level 5 in excitement. Practicing this by yourself will also help build up your stamina

    * Breathe – Breathing consistently throughout your lovemaking session is crucial.

    * Have the girl ride you – Its the most jizz unfriendly position.

    Hope that helps

  • Proper breathing is absolutely imperative if you want to last longer in bed.

    You must master your breathe!


  • Alright check it out! Im a really skeptical kinda guy so i figured this wouldnt work. Instead of being mister “big dawg” , I actually read and tried my best to comprehend these tips and focused more on my surroundings and paid attention to ever detail of our love making: body mind sounds smells etc. and just by following these few (simple) tips in just one day i turned my sex life around! I went from being insecure with myself to absolutely being self confident about everything and in just one day I went from 10 or 15 minutes of heaven that left me feeling like hell… to an outstanding , never before self discovered, hour to an hour and a half of pure freedom and excitement with my fiance! Believe it or not SEXERCISE really works! if you are like me and cant hold the full 10 seconds start at 5 seconds and work your way up. I have suffered from PE for over 6 years and im only 20 years old and now i feel confident and proud an I really did overcome it in just 24 hours with these tips. Thanx Guys for the tips ! I recommend that everyone suffering from PE or just anyone trying to make a better sex life for themselves to really read theses tips and practice them! ITS REALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve used some of these tactics, some have worked, others are fail. The muscle thing is awesome, but the 1 sure thing for me…Valium. It always does the trick. Relaxes everything, mind stops racing, and you get work done…don’t exactly fully understand it…but it’s magical

  • i have read all the given info as i had two long relationships in my life i found confidence is the key. if girl is enjoying try to make ur strong enough to hold ur self until she finish. girls get orgasm 2nd or 3rd time. remember its not only about you sometime girls cant feel orgasm regularly cause they are not healthy or they are under some depression. always try to talk with her about whats going on and make her feel comfortable, this works for me

  • Premature ejaculation is 100 % curable if the correct techniques are used you will find there is always a root to the problem, which can be anything from low self esteem, depression and anxiety or even bad sexual experiences

  • I like to stick it in my girls ass. It always makes ME last longer IDK why but it dooes, get over it

  • I found a great way, and this is by masturbating twice to three times a day, then when masturbating and you feel as if your going to blow, take your Hand quickly off your shlong and repeat this method 3-4 times per 1 masturbation. it helps you control your jizz so that you can last a while longer. hope this helped guys!

  • Thanks dude . they were all helpful .

  • Some nice tips here, i think the best way to last longer is to just stop… when you are about to do the business and please your partner with a bit of oral, then after a little while get back at it again and repeat when you are about to cum… simple solution and sure to please your partner, failing that get some last longer pills or cream

  • Well my problem is as soon as i stick it in im taking it right back out bc im already cumming. Please help. Any solutions?

  • i need help..
    my boyfriend could go for an hour to two when we first hooked up..
    and now it’s barely ten minutes..
    this is really upseting the both of us..
    and i was wondering if anyone could give me advice or tell me what’s going on..

  • Best solution, become gay! Then all that matters is finishing! But once you’re done doing that go hang yourself please.

  • uhh… i like last a minute my first time, then as long as i want my second time…is that wierd? it really sucks for me :/

  • One key point missed out is controlling your breathing. If you gain control over your breathing you will automatically gain better control over your ejaculation time.

  • ok so i found that i pretty mych last anywhere from 20-60 min.
    I do pop one off but hell even by myself it takes like 10 min and thats with a good mivie goin.
    but heres what i do to help make it last … think about random thing like what you want to eat later or what you did today…but be carefull you culd kill you mojo and lose all focus so keep a happy medium …also speed counts and how slick things are… lube is your friend the wetter the better because friction will pop you off quick .

    One thing that will make you last an ungodly amout of time …double bag it…I tried And i could not finish …so I took off the condoms and went crazy ape on it …15 min later POP*

    Um so recap concentrate on thing completly outside whats happening (DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES) Girls like it when you look at them
    LUBE …JO is good but if your broke ..K y is at the gas station…
    Double Bag it…With trojan twisted pleasure on to and a nonlubed on your end…think im kidding ..try it …she will squel ..and if you in to gagging nowyur chance to stuff her panties in her mouth…
    Ciao G.

  • dude wtf are u talking about ur ebonic talk confused the stuffing out of me

  • Nice tips. I particularly like tip 4,8,9,10.
    It’s important to take breath control seriously, slow down your breathing, fast breathing will only make you climax faster!

  • If you have the habit of masterbation, then stop doing it or try to reduce the number of times… Because that makes your nerves to be weaker and you can not do longer in the bed. First of all, do foreplay for some time but you should be very normal or else you will lose your control. Squeeze her boobs and lick her vagina…. Do fingering if she likes… that will take a minimum of fifteen mins to make her up ready. Then lubrication oil will ooze out from her ****… and thats the right time to insert your gun in to her hole. do it very slowly… while f**cking make sure that you are enjoying it and your control should not lose. If you feel that you are going to be wet, then take out and have a break but you should start your foreplay once again. she should not depressed due to that… so do something instead of taking rest… after a few seconds insert again and start shooting…

    Do 69 is she likes and that will help you to spend more time on bed. Normally a man can F*ck only for few minutes but the foreplay and the action you are doing gives her the satisfaction… after everything completed do not forget to kiss her and it is better to kiss all parts of the body at the end !!!

  • LAWL i understood all of this! Went crazy ape on it, lol nice

  • Awesome tips there mate. I usually do the squeeze, press and second round, though I haven’t tried the rest that have been mentioned, but I’m very interested to try them out, however, I’m quite sure that’s those that requires psychology might be hard at first.

  • Good tips!

  • I remember from watching an episode of Seinfeld to think about baseball when you want to last longer in bed. I haven’t tried it yet but it may help someone 🙂

  • Alex, which episode are you talking about? I don’t remember any such Seinfeld epsiode. Can you remember anything else happening in that episode. I do remember the episode with the bet where they try to see who can last the longest without masturbation.

  • Breathing slowly and deeply will also help you last longer in bed by helping you relax.

  • You will find that the most sensitive part of your penis is the top of the shaft and more especially the head. In order to decrease the stimulation it is feeling without actually stopping the action you should slowly and deeply thrust into your partner. It should be as far as you can but only as far as that is also pleasurable to your partner. Next you need to gently grind your hips and wiggle your pubic bone against her vagina. But doing this you are momentarily decreasing the stimulation to yourself which will enable you to last longer.

  • Thanx for guidance. I will surely try this all. N let u the xperience….

  • the squeeze is the best way IMO

  • Let’s say you can last an hour during sex. Problem solved? But what if your wife or girlfriend still had not reached an orgasm? That is the reality for many women – no matter how much thrusting the guy goes, she is not able to come to a climax. Technically, even if you can last an hour, you still suffer from premature ejaculation simply for the fact that you reach an orgasm before she does!

  • thanks for the tips, every man wants to impress their woman in bed. and I will really take this advice not to mention I’m on way to bigger me. 😉

  • I love these discussions that men post and comment on like it is matter of life and death…

  • The thing about premature ejaculation is it’s primarily a psychological problem. Of course their are specific physiological techniques you can use, but the main thing to do is get over the psychological issues with anxiety and overexcitement during sex that are causing you to ejaculate too quickly. You have to be able to relax and truly be present in the moment.

    Click on my name and check out my site to learn much more on my completely free website.

  • thanx for the info i havent done it yet because im not of age but it will come in handy.

  • Ok here’s what you do if you want to last longer in bed, it’s as simple as remembering to breath slowly and take deep breaths remembering to exhale as you Kegel right before you are about to start to orgasm. Now I haven’t fully tested this my self but I encourage everyone to try it even if your just masturbating it seems to work well ether way. it has a lot to do with just focusing on what you are doing and how you are doing it. I wish you luck and encourage you to share this information with the world.

  • @cherin wats d name f d tin u rub
    @kalima wats d name f d herbs u took

  • hey…. i have found a way to train myself to last longer… by myself…. no shame !! sold as a ‘device’ to treat p e……. £30 at boots.. the “delay device” and i have only used it for three of the six weeks they say and already I am more in charge….. i was getting desperate and the more i freaked out the more i freaked out but i am not alone in that…. give it a go someone and let me know how it goes? i guess this is really a male vibrator because i am actually having fun with this thing and out psyching it!!!!

  • Great tips. I usually do 3, 5, 6 and 10. It works most times…

  • These tips are really amazing, especially one about sexercises, but they work always!

  • The first way to last longer in the bedroom? is to take the focus off of sex. When men focus on sex the entire time, they often get very excited and this leads to an early ejaculation. Whereas, if you don’t put your entire focus on sex and you think about something other than that, you can start to last longer. Try to put your mindset on something else during sex. This will help you to feel less stimulation and it will make you last longer.

  • I think the key is to focus on your lady’s pleasure not your own. This should make you both happy in the end.- frederick sallaz

  • You have provided some awesome tips on dealing with premature ejaculation. I have seen some of these techniques before but not all. Thank you and great work!

  • a good tip. play some musik in the as your having sex, then when your building up your orgasm you can concentrate on the musik insted of your orgasm. works very well

  • Agreed, just because you dont last long doesnt mean you cant satisfy her.

  • I myself have P.E. I don’t at all last long, not evn 30sec during the 1st go. But, the 2nd round seems to be longer and during my 2nd round my girl has an orgasm. So for a time being iam relieved but my dick in the 2nd round does not have the same hardness and that’s what bothers me. For now i got a list of do’s and dont’s for longer sex. Let’s see if it works.
    Will get back with results.!

  • To sexexercise I would had ”sexrelax”. Muscling the PC muscle is good, but if overworked it can become tensed. Hence, doing reverse kegel exercise is good to keep pelvic floor balance and avoid involuntary ejaculation spasms.

  • What will make a woman last long why making a luv to a man and what d best style to give to a man to make him luv u more

  • foreplay helps and I would have to say try not to get so into it.. I try to to be low key when starting out and build up slowly. by then I have pretty good control and can then get all into it

  • If you’re still having problems and frustrations on premature ejaculation, know the secrets of a longer lasting sex.

  • becky, it is a matter of life and death, no lie

  • To even out the playing field just learn some tongue movements. There is nothing better than having a tongue rubbing around my clit, it almost feels as good as a huge schlong penitrating my moist vagina.

  • I have some problems with Premature Ejaculation too and with dedication and the info I found in this site now I can last longer in bed 🙂


    Hope that it helps 😉

  • I struggled with PE for years. A GREAT tip to keep in mind during intercourse men is to rub your tounge lightly in a circle at the top of your mouth. This focases your mind on the ticklish sensation your mouth is exsperiencing as oppossed to the sensations in your genitals.

    To last as long as you want and pick up tips you can use TONIGHT in bed check out my blog I wrote on lasting longer in bed. Tell me what you think guys!


  • How do i fully get my orgasm off my mind?

  • Just wack off an hour before you do it

  • If you please your lady before intercourse she won’t care how long you last. It’s hard for a women to get one from only intercourse. So play please her and believe me she won’t care! She will think that by her being so turned on that’s it her!!!! Hope this helps you guys out!!

  • my wife is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy after i follllllllow ths trust me