10 Ways to burn more calories just by sitting

As most people spend more than 70% of their time sitting at desk or in front of television, they are more likely to gain weight. If you find yourself spending too much time sitting, then here are some ways to burn calories effectively.

1. Stability ball

Replace your office chair with a stability ball. As sitting on a stability ball for long hours is not recommended, you need to alternate between your stability ball and another chair preferably a rocking chair.

2. Fidget

Making small movements like tapping your feet help burn more calories. Your involuntary contraction of muscles during fidgeting requires energy and burns more calories.

3. Energy drinks

Most of the instant energy drinks are loaded with sugar; prepare your energy drink with low sugar and keep it handy. You can also have green or black tea or black coffee.

4. Water

Proper hydration lets your body function smoothly. Additionally, studies have shown that drinking hot water directly increases bodyís metabolic rate by about 30-40%.

5. High calcium in your diet

A good amount of calcium is needed to keep your weight under control. With right amount of calcium, you can keep fat producing hormones under control and make your body store less fat.

6. Make muscle

Lean muscles burn more calories than fat muscles and for every pound of muscle added, your bodyís metabolic rate is increased gradually. You can do basic abs, legs or rear exercises while sitting to keep your muscle lean and fit.

7. Laugh a lot

The easiest way to burn calories is laughing. Studies show that if you laugh properly for 10 minutes a day, your bodyís metabolic rate increases gradually.

8. Snack smart

Try spicy foods with cayenne pepper or high fiber foods like broccoli, carrots, or spears. These are better than high sugar foods or carbonated drinks.

9. Listen to music

Music has positive psychological effect and reduces stress, which in turn helps manage your body weight. Depending on the type of music, you can burn up to 130 calories.

10. Abs exercise in short intervals

Lean back slightly on your chair and lift your feet off the floor with legs straight at 45 degrees. Then slowly bend your knees towards your chest and straighten them out to the starting position.

There are plenty of ways to burn calories by sitting in a place for long hours. You can try them with simple care.

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