$1000 Riddell Football Helmets

X-ray of new Riddell football helmets

With all the recent controversy surrounding NFL player concussions, topped off by the devastating neck injury to Kevin Everett, comes a new line of Riddell football helmets. But, is your head worth $1000?

Yes? Then you’ll want the new high-tech, concussion-sensing, skull encapsulator (helmet sounds so primitive). This innovative football helmet can monitor the precise location and severity of a hit to the player wearing it.

Eight college football teams are already using the new Riddell football helmets. Every time a player takes a hit, the helmet uses sensors, similar to those used in airbags, to register the impact, then wirelessly send the data to a computer on the sideline (sounds like something out of the New England Patriots’ SpyGate scandal).

If the computer determines that a certain player has received enough damage to potentially cause brain injury, it sends an alert to the coach or team trainer instantly.

The consumer versions will work in a similar way, but they need to be hooked up to a computer after the game to upload the data. Once uploaded, even family members will be able to access the impact results to see just how hard little Johnny got hit in the third quarter.

At first glance, $1000 seems outrageous for Riddell football helmets, but marketing chief Jim Heidenreich makes a great point:

“If people buy $1,000 drivers and $500 baseball bats, we hope they’ll spend that kind of money on head protection.”

Would you spend $1000 on a helmet for yourself or your children?

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  • Nice system…what age should this be used in youth football? My son will be playing in the 105 lb division next year and is 9 years old.