4 Reasons Why She Doesn't Call You Back

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Question from FitBuff Member: Xavier from Pennsylvania
“I’m pretty good at getting girls’ numbers, but they hardly ever call back. Why would she give me her number, if she doesn’t plan on calling me back?”

Answer: Excellent question Xavier! This seemingly unusual behavior stumps the minds of many men. Here are 4 of the most common reasons why your phone isn’t ringing, along with advice on how to make sure it never stops!

You’re out for a night on the town, and you’re feeling great. Your confidence is up, your breath is minty fresh, and you’ve still got a little pump going from that workout you did a few hours ago. You spot your target over by the bar: a tall, slim, exotic beauty laughing it up with her equally hot friends. They are arranged with their backs to the bar and are facing out into the action (good sign, they’re open for approach).

You remind yourself again how great you feel and make your way over to Long-Legged Lane. You open with a funny line about them blocking your path to the bar. They all giggle, and that’s the last thing you remember. After that, everything happened so quickly, but you do remember that the tall, slim, exotic beauty gave you her number (nice work!).

The next day at home, you find the folded napkin in your pocket. Carmella. You can barely make out your half-nervous, half-excited handwriting. You dial the number…ring…ring…ring…”Hi, this is Carmella, I’m not around right now, so leave me a message after the beep.” Well, you heard the woman, she said, “leave me a message.”

“Uhh…hello…this is Bob…I met you last night at…um…that bar…I can’t think of the name of it…but, yeah, I was just calling to see if maybe you wanted to…uh…get together…ok…thanks, bye.” Wooo! That was intense, and you’re glad it’s over. Now, you sit back and wait for Carmella to call you back.

Next day. She still hasn’t called back. She must be busy, right? Probably hasn’t checked her voicemail yet. Day 3: Still nothing. But, she gave me her real number, so I know she likes me, and she’ll call back! Day 4, 5, 6: (crickets chirping)

We’ve all been in Bob’s position. What happened here? Why would a girl give us her phone number and then completely ignore our call(s)?

There are many common reasons why they torture you so, along with any number of other infinite possibilities. We’ll explore the top 4 below:

  1. Ego: Yes, it’s true. Women have egos just like us. Sometimes, when she is feeling “unsexy” or “unloved”, a woman may give you her number just to boost her self-esteem. This simple act reminds her that men find her attractive and are actively pursuing her. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or an attention whore–necessarily. We all have days when we could use a little boost, and we succumb to our own egos.
  2. Too Nice: Some women are just too nice. They think it’s so sweet and cute that you came over to them, they can’t shoot you down, even if they’re not attracted to you at all. So, she gives you her number, knowing that she has no intention of returning your calls. Again, not a terrible thing to do, given the alternative. Imagine being a beautiful woman who gets approached by dozens, if not hundreds, of guys per week. You’d probably find yourself doing the same thing.
  3. You Called Too Soon: There’s all sorts of “scientific” rules on how long you should wait to call. Some say 2 days, some 3 days, some an entire week! The truth is the time varies depending on every situation. In Bob’s case, he just had a brief encounter with Carmella and probably didn’t spend more than 2-3 minutes with her and her friends. Therefore, there wasn’t much of a connection made, and Carmella may have thought he came on a little too strong/desperate by calling less than 12 hours later.

    On the other hand, if you meet a woman for the first time, and you can really feel a great connection and spark between the two of you, she would probably love it if you called her the very next day. I know it’s confusing, but welcome to the wonderful world of women. The key is to assess each situation and woman. If it’s a casual meeting and you know she probably isn’t waiting by the phone for your call, then wait 2-3 days and play it cool. If you feel something special with a girl you just met and you think she does too, then call her the next day to put both of your minds at ease and set up the next meeting.

  4. Voicemail Message – You may have done everything right: smooth and confident in the opener, charmed her and had her laughing, and waited 2-3 days to call. But, once you got the voicemail on the first call, you panicked. You stumbled through your message with “uh’s” and “um’s”, and you weren’t clear on when you wanted to get together or what you wanted to do. Now, the cool, confident guy she met the other night doesn’t seem as attractive. Remember, to put it in perspective: for women, confidence ranks about as high as boobs and butts do for us!

    Whether you get the voicemail or her directly, be casual and assertive. Say, “Hey Carmella! It’s Bob, we met the other night at Mulligan’s. I’m going out Wednesday night to grab a drink, and I’d love it if you came along. My number is 555-5555. Talk to you soon!” (You’re free to use this word-for-word, but don’t get nervous and actually say “555-5555”. Insert your own number please.)

    Also, if you made a joke or any kind of funny remark that she laughed at when you first met, bring that up in the message in a humorous way. This will remind her why she gave you her number in the first place: you made her laugh and seem like a fun guy to be around (translation: you’re getting a callback!).

The most important thing to remember is, “Never get hung up (pun intended) on one girl you just met!” If you’ve ruled out the most common reasons for her not calling back and followed all the advice above, just move on. There’s literally an infinite number of nuances and possibilities as to why you’re calls are falling on deaf ears. It’s OK. It’s happened to even the smoothest of players, and it’s part of dating.

Now, get out there, get some more numbers, and get some more callbacks! They say, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t shoot.” Well, “100% of the women you DON’T call will never call you back!

Do you have a success and/or failure story about getting a woman’s number? Share your experience, and tell us what happened!

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  • Well although I admit that I am the opposite of the successful guy with women, I still believe that my opinion might be of some worth.

    I believe that you don’t have to wait in order to know if she will call you back, the truth is there, the chance is there, what ever you have to do, say or try just do it there on the first time even before you get her number (of course although I know what I should do as many men do know, I am unable to act in accordance to my knowledge, fear and other emotions always win, the more I like the girl the less chances I have!!!).

    I mean what’s the big deal about getting her number, why you believe you will be better, more confident, more attracting, more cool, more funny etc the second time you will see her! Usually it is the opposite, the second time you will be less capable, the more you connect, the more you like her, the more you think of her the more you hurt your chances!
    I mean come on, give me a break about this “get number” deal, you have the chance to “play”, there in front of you, you have the chance to decide going on or moving away just in front of you (and I don’t mean to be fast and brutal), you have the chance to decide if it is worth and is going to work even before you get the number (this is better, you avoid spending time and heart breaking). If you cannot pass her tests on that night, if you cannot make your self comfortable with her on that night, if you don’t make her wanting to stay and talk with you at those moments before getting the number why you believe will do better after getting the number.

    Do not get her number, don’t ask it if you know that it is not going to work. And come one guys, we know it, in every game there is a moment that the looser decides to loose (I am an expert on this), after that moment he has no chance, all he does are just unworthy moves until he realzies it is over (the sooner you realize you lost the better).

    I am sorry for not being optimistic, but I will tell you one thing, the sooner you leave the better!!! even if she could be the woman of your life no problem, cause you don’t know it, cause there are so many other “women of your life”.

    Sory for being long, conclusion: play the game before getting the number, if success then ask the number, unless you want to gain some experience in the rejection area!

  • I couldn’t agree anymore about not getting hung up on the girl we just meet. There are so many issues in the society that it is futile to spend too much time trying to figure out the reasons why she does what she is doing. Of course that changes when one starts to get to know the girl a bit after a few dates.

  • so, i meet this girl.. talk to her and her friend for couple minutes, and leave em alone. Later in the night, I meet em again. This time, the girl I was interested in looked like she is very interested in talking.. so I offered to buy her a drink, isolate her from her friends.. talk for long time.. we have fun.. we go to dance floor.. things get quite cozy ;-)so after 30 mins or so, I kiss her bye (on the chick) she asks me to call her the next day for lunch..
    I call her the next day around 3 pm.. cause i remember she said she works till 1pm.. (waited couple hours so i dont seem needy).. she doesnt answer, I leave a message.. and she doesnt call back.. i dont know what the f is the problem.. i am really clueless.. we really had great time, conversation, she wasnt drunk (obviously she had couple drinks)but everything seemed great…
    this just sucks..
    my message was- hey this is shawn.. met you last night at [bar name]wondering how is your day today, give me a call sometime, we will chat!
    I freaken hate this!

  • My friend introduced me to this girl about three weeks ago and he said she was “single and looking”. To make a long story short, my friend and his girl, the new girl, and myself hung out at a diner later that night. I felt like we had a connection so, afterwords, I asked “new girl” for her number. I asked, “Can I call you sometime?” She said, “Yeah, here’s my number.” After the second time hanging out with her at her job (she’s a go go dancer), I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She said to call her. A week later, I call her and a day later, I’m still waiting for her to call. Those two times I saw her, it seemed like there was a connection between us. Now I really don’t understand why she gave me her number, said she wanted to hang out, and now she hasn’t call me back yet. How should I approach this situation?

  • So I ran into an old friend of mine from college. We started talking and I asked for her number at end of night. She gave it and I called. She was busy to go out so I let it go thinking she didn’t like me. 3 days later she texts me to go out for drinks. I am busy and tell her I cant but lets do raincheck. She texts me two days later asking me to meet for drinks. I can, and meet up with her. It is obvious she likes me the way she dressed up all pretty and there was deffinite flirting going on. I was a gentleman and didnt try to give goodnight kiss or anything. It had seemed to go well. I still wasnt sure if she thought we were friends or what though. A few days later I ask if she wants to go to club. She says yes and we go out. We dance together and I hold her hand the entire night. Im feeling so happy about this becuase it has been sooo long since I have found someone I liked. At end of night she lingers saying goodbye. And does thta lookk where you know they want to be kissed. So i kiss her and then she turns to leave and i say wait.. and I grab her and kiss her passionately and then we both laugh and she smiles. She leaves. I am the happiest guy in the world at this point. Literally running around at home. I even wait two days before calling her again. She doesnt answer. I leave message saying hey, lets meet up again sometime. I had a lot of fun. I dont text or call her back at all. Its been 4 days now. No call back. I am really sad because I know( i think) i didnt do anything wrong. I didnt pester her with calls or texts… i called once.. and left message saying my intentions of meeting her again. I thought things had gone amazing. I was a gentleman, we laughed and had chemistry, she held my hand the whole night and kept giving me cute flirty looks, and she kissedme for a while before she left. What happened between that and now? I dont think it was out of control for me to call once? Is it just because she is busy? But to me…. isnt it kind of rude after 4 days not to at least text and say hey i had fun too or hey im busy but will let u know when im free? at least then i wouldnt be sitting here being like what the hell happened or what did i do wrong. I am type of person that usually calls too much or ruins it by being too desperate.. But calling once? I was sooo proud of myself. And its not like the date went bad. Obviously it went well. PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I REALLY LIKE HER A LOT. I THINK SHES AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND SMART AND FUNNY AND IT UPSETS ME THAT I THINK I DID NOTHING WRONG AND STILL NO CALL BACK.

  • Holy S***, guys! i mean, c’mon! just kidding… no replies here? Well I am no ladies’ man or i wouldnt be on the website obviously…….. but here ya go:

    Kv2200AD – SHE’S a GO-Go dancer! Wake up.. I think MOST of them play by different rules altogether, I mean you got a second meet-up, but at HER workplace. Was she working?? If so, then there you go. Done. Try finding one somewhere else…

    Russell – Girls always dress up nice when going out, we’re the bums, if one were to not dress up… Okay, you did nice by noticing she was giving the look, but mmmaaayyyybbbeee she is just that – a happy-go-lucky old college friend that is flirty (like so many…) at the club, and maybe she really wanted to kiss, but the laugh and smile as she leaves could have been an indicator.. So maybe the passionate kiss wasn’t right for the second time out – for her. Keep it simple at first, mostly.. (there are always exceptions) Then, you messed up. You fell for her! right?! Sounds like it. Don’t do that. you knew her before, but now is NOW, she’s started over in her head (unless she says/indicates otherwise …) and now you have to treat her as someone you just met.. yeah that sux. Yet you did right by not bugging her with calls and messages. But you said you did call her once with your intentions of meeting her again – did you come off like you were the happiest man alive?? did you possibly speak/act a little too excited in your message? Probably, but maybe not. If you did, ya gotta play that down and it may be too late. So you have to get that notion of how great she is out of your head. bring it back to 2 college friends hanging out. Hell it’s been over a month since your post and if you haven’t called her since, well, what the hell are you waiting for? just keep it SLOW-ER -in YOUR head, that is. It is hard trying to keep emotion from running amuck in our heads when we met someone we like, and for someone that hasn’t met someone else that they actually like in a while, then it is twice as hard. But these emotions just totally F**k things up for us guys. Well except for the players out there, or else they wouldn’t be players. a girl wants the same, but if they were to cave in to their feelings and be upfront with everyone they like, then we would all be enjoying a bunch of orgies, because WE definitely wouldn’t say no… These ‘games’ suk, but we all have to play.. or pay to play! Maybe you outta talk to Kv2200AD and find out that GO-GO bar! j/k. … … Or maybe she is a stuck-up B**ch! Aye?? too much? j/k again.

    There are plenty of fish out there, if you don’t get any bites, try using a different bait (roofies, money, a gun… HAHA, no don’t do THAT)

    Happy Hunting Fellas!
    GAME ON!

  • Call her to tell her when you’re going to call her next. Try to keep on a proper schedule so that you’re the MAN that’s running the relationship, not leaving all the contact choices up to her.
    Guys make the biggest mistakes by allowing the “fear of rejection” to overcome their otherwise logical thought processes.
    When you MEET her the first time, and you get her NUMBER, tell her when you’re GOING TO CALL her. And stick to that. Don’t put too much importance on one girl (as noted in the above article) but don’t leave her wondering why you never called or why you called a week later.

    Women are just other people. Don’t treat her like a buddy, but don’;t be afraid to talk with her… and if you don’t have much to say, then just get off the phone.

  • Keep your expectations low and your exceptance high. I find a good way to do this is to have a very broud and active lifestyle. I agree with Robert Lee, Tell her how, when what, and do not be afraid to say you are pissing me off, or if you don’t like it go somewhere else. I have been told several times ahhh your so cute right after saying something to that effect. Just live and learn, and remeber you are the guy. You are the one who is designed to take the leadership role. If you can master this you will be alright. God bless and good fishing 😀

  • alright i need some help!!! ok so i was out last night, and i saw an old friend but not just an old friend, this girl is a sister to a girl that liked me 8 years ago!! shes extremely beautiful, and we always had this flirty attitude w/eachother when we were young, but back then she never acted on it. so i run into her and shes the head bartender, and i didnt think she wanted to say hi to me so i kinda blew it off. about ten or fifteen minutes later she comes with her friend and has shots (drinks) w/her, and she wanted me take them with her.so i did, and as were standing there we get to talking and she tells me i should get her number, and i told her i’d get it b4 i left. so as i was leaving i had her write it down, and i wrote mine down as well, now i dont know what to do should i text her or call? thank her for the drinks? is this a sure sign she likes me? would it be dumb 2 ask her out? oh and her sister that used to like me is prac. married. please help i dont want to ruin this!

  • I had a similar experience the other night as Russel. A highschool friend requested me on the Fbook; we got to talking and then eventualy went out last weekend. We just went to a casual bar and had a few drinks to catch up. After a few beers and some decent conversation we met up with her friends at another place. There was lots of talking going on at that point between everyone, while she was sitting next to me she was placing her hand on my leg and things of that nature, I was obliged to smile, gave her an elbow and just had fun with it, which I did. So the night ended as it always does and she kind of abruptly wanted to have her girlfriend take her home, which I didn’t really know how take but said ok. As we were walking to the car she turned around and hugged me, I don’t know if it was the beer, but I went in for the kiss, she kissed back..it happened a couple times actualy so it wasn’t as if she recoiled. Regardless, when I got home she called me about 30 minutes later
    which came as a suprise, and we talked for a bit until she was falling asleep, literaly. I figgured since she broke the call barrier that it would be ok to call the next day and possibly set something up, we we’re going to do something, but apperently family plans happened all of assuden. Again, I said ok that’s cool have fun. Next day “superbowl” I send her a text at like 4pm asking what was up..she responds 2 hours later that she was at a superbowl party, I just responding “same..want to call me when you get home?” She replies definately…but she never did, and I don’t know if she will. I know I might just being going nuts in my own head, but I’m pretty good at picking up on vibes, and it really feels like since the day she turned me down to be with her family that something happened. It went from pure awesome and smooth, to I feel like a stalker if I wanted to call her. Truth is I know the game pretty well, I know what/how to do/act, but I think I may have met my match. Ever since the kiss she has been paraiding in my mind, and I’m fighting with every bit of will to not text her and be like “You’re perfect, Date me..or I’ll get my club”

  • I once sharted on a girl. She called me back the very next day and said she wanted to marry me!

  • Why do friends (women) never return your calls or text messages on time a be polite ?
    I have a friend like that and because she got annoyed of me texting her too much, she took me off as a friend on Facebook. What coukd be the answer to all this?

  • It’s so effin RUDE and so not an excuse!!!! It effin takes all of what two second to call or write back and say hey I’m busy right now I’ll call back in a little while or the next day!!! That’s all we want is when someone calls or if a guy calls just politely call or write them back and let them know what’s up. Ugh soooooo pisses me off when women say oh I’ll call ya right back, or I’ll write you back especially when the iniate the conversation and then she doesn’t call or write back. Either way if your not interested or are interested call or write back and say something. Women just grow up your not a kid anymore, effin quit playing “games” your an adult, and time to act like a damn adult!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi guys,
    wanted to let all of you know that what gets you in trouble and girls not returning your calls is, dating rules. YES, I am a girl and could promisse you if you just be your self and act as you wish none of this disapointments will happen. 2 day rule, 3 day rule. Don’t call her right a way because you seem needy ( all of these rules stops you from finding a right person for you and you keep loosing your chances).
    Questions for all of you, GUYS!!! If you had a baby and wanted to feed her, would you really read the book that says, feed your baby every 4 hours, or you look at your baby, try to feed her/ him a spoon full of food and if he/ she is hungry, she would just eat the food and if not you would know by trying this simple step. You get my point??
    I am an attractive girl and have heard so many guys felt that I reject them if they approch me and I can say that couple of them were wrong but missed the chance.
    I enjoyed reading your comments and stories and felt to share a little from our side.
    Have fun dating and best wishes for all of you

  • I read shawn’s message. The very fact that you are here discussing it, that fact that you hate it is the best answer and a proof that what she did was damn right. In no way I have no intention to offend or annoy you, in contrary I know exactly how you feel and understand it. That’s what I had to say, I am not able to encourage you, but maybe you would feel good to know that you are still in the game while I have accepted my defeat and I am out of the game, I don’t even try, I would feel lucky to have the power to collect rejections!

  • Theres this girl,

    Im in highschool, I have like 4/6 classes with her, I used to be 200lbs with glasses.
    So I get contact lens and I lose 20lbs, Now im mostly muscle. After this change, she starts talking to me. Where as before, she thought my name was Caleb. Which its not.
    Well shes a cheerleader, and has like 2,000 friends on Facebook where’as I have like 300. EVERY guy at my school hits on her, but shes single.
    So, on day she comes up to me in English, smiles, and sits next to me. Later that day I ask her for her number. She smiles and gives in to me.
    Next day, I text her. She texts me back. (Plenty of :)’s)
    We have an almost all day conversation.
    (she txts all day in class)
    I call her.
    She doesnt answer.
    I text her saying, “Hey 🙂 You should call me!”
    She says “My sisters got 14 friend over, can i call u later?”
    I say “yea”
    She says “I will :)”

    She never does.

    I want to ask her to go to the movies with me next friday… But when i call, she doesnt call me back….

    (I would ask her at school, but shes always around her friends)

    Help, Ive had a crush on her for like a year, and i dont want to lose her.

  • The voice mail message is a good point. I have messed this up before. Eventually I had found out that most of the time you can re record your message to make it perfect.

  • Tryin to be polite.. Blow that chick off for awhile bro, Ignore completely dude. I know its hard but trust me she will come running. Never give a woman too much off the start. They are like sharks and if there is blood in the water they will feast. Trust me I have been worked from quite a few beauties, but I learned and you know what. You;re the man so be the man. If you decide to call her one more time and she doesn’t answer. Say. ” You are really pissing me off. I thought you were a cool girl, but maybe I was wrong. Take care.. And seriously leave her alone after that, and watch, ff she cares at all about you she will come running back. If not there are plenty of chicks out there bro.. Never let em see you sweat. You are the man.

  • Hey, I’m kinda in the same boat, except I signed up for an online dating service and this girl e-mailed me to tell me that she was interested. So we emailed back and forth a couple of times. I didn’t contact her for a couple of days. Then last Saturday night she emailed her number and told me to call her. So I did. We talked for about an hour and a half. Then before I got off the phone, she told me to call her when I got off work tomorrow night. Anyway, I get home and I call her, but I get no answer. So i call one more time just to leave a message. Then a few minutes later, she texts me saying she’s out with some people, but will call me soon. So, I’m tired and I end up falling asleep early that night. Then for the next four days I heard nothing. Not a missed call or a txt had I received. Till I txted her Thursday, saying “Hey I haven’t heard from you. Hope your week is going well. She responds saying “I rang you 2 times and I figured you would call me back.” I then ask her if I can call her that night, she says sure that’d be great. Low and behold, I call her and no answer. This time around I leave a voicemail, first time around. Then I try it one last time. Once again I get text, “call u soon, with friends”. So I wait around, nothing happens. So I get up yesterday and just email her, to give her the impression that I wasnt available. So, I said, “hey I didnt hear from you last night. I was hoping we could talk because I’d like to get to know you better and I’m Saturday night and I’d like to take you to dinner, if you’re interested. If not its okay. Since I sent that its been nothing but silence I don’t if this girl is playing games or what. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Here is my story and i tend to agree with mo on this. What happened to me a month ago was a very attractive blonde tall type waitress comes to my table and says to my ear “your good looking”, and talks to me. Not that i have the gift of discernment, but i guess her age, nationality, and even astrological sign. She kept coming back to my table and talked. She realized that i just recently ended a 2 year relationship and gave me a hug. She also indicated she went through the same thing. I also held her leg and hands as we talked.

    After the third trip to my table, i got tired of her flirtiness and asked her out to a museum. She said yes and asked for my info, but i didn’t have a pen, so she gave me her number in a napkin with a little heart and said “call me”, sure enough i called three days later, as i was busy with my second job and her voicemail comes on. I talked slowly and politely but never got the call back or text.

    Since i had recently broke up, i was not interested in nothing more than casual dating, but it was an obvious leading on situation. I prefer when they simply don’t play such games and ignore or rebuke advances. I don’t think waiting 2 and a half days is either too fast or too late, it is simply as mo said an act of immaturity and dishonesty. But since i didn’t really expect much out of it, nothing is really lost. But it does give me trepidation in asking out a stranger. I prefer to stick to someone who i see often and knows me as someone in church or neighbor.

  • Social conditioning. Girls are taught not to make any moves at all and guys are taught to pursue to the point of stalking her and going to jail. There’s still a lot of restrictive gender roles in dating and courting that people need to live by in order to be desirable to the opposite sex.

  • Firstly I would like to commend all the guys who have made an effort in regards to befriending the opposite sex. They are a peculiar bunch and no one even duan jon d marco has all the answers. Let me just jump into it. Women expect you to call them. ALWAYS. If u don’t get her on the phone at anytime, she expects you to call her again. They have been taught to hide their emotions. If you are not having sex with a woman as far as she’s concerned she dosent feel she owes you anything and will do whatever and treat you however she likes. When you have slept with her only then does she think of you as a partner . This has been my experience. People say that you shouldn’t show a girl how much you like her. Some of us actually want get with someone we like, so there’s no way you won’t show it eventually , so I don’t believe its a bad idea to tell a girl you like her. Its only a woman with an agenda or a woman who dosent like you that wouldn’t appreciate a guy telling her they care about her or love her. My point is this, if you haven’t slept with a woman, don’t expect anything from her, she’s not yours and be ready to do what you feel is right to win her whether she calls you or not.

  • Word, uzo has it figured out pretty much. Usually what I do to get a women to call me back to use good bait, nothing special just call and say you want to date her out on a date or out to dinner, she obviously knows you will be paying for it. shelling out 20 bucks is nothing major and most people can sleep soundly over 2o bucks. take her out, be funny, connect and pretty soon she’ll call you more times than you will call her
    as a rule of thumb don’t be acting like you ain’t got nothing to do in a day or a week, say some stuff like I’ll hit you up after i get off work, I’ll hit you up after I sell some product,
    as long as you about something and you got cash flow, women will call u up n’ down lol
    this ain’t rocket science
    shes got to know that you don’t need her, you can get the next chick if you wanted to and it’s nothing to you to drop her like a dime
    that type of stuff keeps a chick around cause they don’t like to lose

  • Hi Uzo,

    I agree with you. Sometimes if not most of the time they treat like an ATM machine untill you has sexual intercorse with them and suddenly they realize that they love you

  • Oook this is my story, Met this chick iv known for a longgg after a long time and shes super hot and asked for her number…..so i told her i wanted to come see her the next day… soo i pick her up and take her back to my place no one was home…she stayed over all day, and even slept over… first we didnt do anything, hung out had a couple beers i smoked weed she doesnt get high….. everything was good….i dunno how it happend we ended up having sex… iv always wanted her…. i was kinda happy….for a day or so we talked all day slept on the phone together happy days right?… then 3 days after she calls me after a heavy bought of drinking with her friends and says to me “i dont picture my self with u”…”i dont like doing the sleeping on the fone shit”…which i like to do :$…….i got chocked, hung up…next day she calls back says sorry and what not it was all cool….but it wasnt the same lolll … im not really much a friend ….im like in love after 1 nite LOL!! all she does is party and bullshit… basically what im trying to say is U cant live with them… u cant live without them 🙁

  • I been friends with this woman for 10 years and recently we have decided to become more friendly with each other but getting her to be mine isn’t working out and has caused us both to argue time and time again, although we have cut contact several times she still contacted me or vice versa to chat and hang out, I have no idea why im so important to her or she to me, but I notice if you miss read the signs and try to play it too cool thats when she decides your not for her and now we are just friends that text each other on occasion rather than everyday, we rarely hang out too, I never have problems approaching women an hardly get rejected but she rejected me millions of times an I still came back for more didn’t give up, but when she finally wanted what I was trying to give her I didn’t react and now its too late..

  • ** Where they hell do you “authors” pull this shit out of ? **

    “Your confidence is up, your breath is minty fresh, and you’ve still got a little pump going from that workout you did a few hours ago. You spot your target over by the bar: a tall, slim, exotic beauty laughing it up with her equally hot friends. They are arranged with their backs to the bar and are facing out into the action (good sign, they’re open for approach).”

    Does this ever play out in real life? What planet are you on. It’s just as bad as this train wreck of an assumption:

    “You may have done everything right: smooth and confident in the opener, charmed her and had her laughing, and waited 2-3 days to call. ”

    The hell?

    You’re writing is similar to the vapid nightmare that is the Maxim/Mens Health/Cosmo world. It’s assumes every asshole out there is George Fucking Clooney. It’s hysterical to read this obnoxious articles all over the internet and all over the noted magazines.

  • i happened to coming back from college one sunny afternoon then i see did african chick who just walked past me so i doubled up to her and initiated a conversation as we walked it was all fine and she seemed very much into me she told me she was thirsty and i bought her a bottle of water infact i ended up taking her number and walking her home so i called her up after a few hrs and we spoke then she said she was tired and told me to call her d nxt day but i kinda forgot abt her and only remembered after 3 days omg!!! i still called her but dis tym she didnt answer but i kept on calling at one point she started disconnecting my calls,then i write her text saying am sorry dat i lost my phone charger, cos it clearly looked as if ran away but it wasnt like dat but then i call her again but still no answer so i just gave up n stopped calling her..2 weeks later in d middle of one night i get an sms from her saying pls forgive me for being cruel to you,couldnt belive dat then i called her right away we had a little chat then she said she was feeling sleepy and asked me to call her back d nxt day by 3pm….by 3pm d next day i called her back but still no answer then i wait for 2 hrs and call her again still no answer i called her like 10x but no answer i was pissed i decided to stop calling her but she never returned d calls…..then one month after dat i saw her in my church i knew it was her but i just pretended like i didnt now her,then after d sermon was over it was time to go home so as i stepped into d lift with 2 of my friends she left whom she was talking to and just came to d entered d lift with us..inside she was staring at me d whole time but i still pretended like i didnt recognise her……….the fact is dat i dont know if what i did was right????????? cos dis gurl made me feel like a stalker before and walking up to her now i wasnt sure how she was gonna react!!!

  • First off it depends if women like a guy they can go from silent or shy and be crushing like crazy on there crush. If women don’t respond to your text or voice mail there really either feeling forgetful or within the 2 ND or third meeting via cell phone they’ve been hurt. I don’t understand why the 20 Th century plays a major role with today’s devices electronically. What happened to going on a blind date it will be a lot less rejections and more of a surprise when the two meet for the first time. It seems like all the people that posted on this have no general knowledge of how women think they’re emotional creatures and your posts don’t support enough for me to even to go by. Yes i believe in egos it doesn’t mean i separate my life from the people that count. Body language is a good indicator to by all means if your friends do this your not in trouble they just think of you to like that they want more from you. Enjoy my post maybe you’ll see that i’m the better man & good luck 🙂

  • I don’t know, i guess its just women , if the like you they put off sleeping with you , however give every it to an stranger on a one night stand, if they like you they act distant , they simply don’t know there own minds , there on an emotional roller coaster from one week to the next, hormones etc but once you seal the deal , they will love you, as they are gelous creature ,

    Point is , some time it works some time it doesn’t , even George cloney gets dumped.

  • Even girls from church play games. I met her and we exchanged numbers, we went for lunch, text,talked on phone all week. She even text me early mornings and went for dinner again. She came to my place and asked i cook for her which i did and she liked it.Asked her out for lunch 4 days after said she was busy and will call me later. 2 days now, no call or text and i haven’t text or called her either.And i am not going to call or text her cos she was the one who said she will call later. I don’t think she forgot about me and if she is waiting for me to call or text her , she will have to wait till eternity. lol. I would not give room for conversation even if we see at church.I am not desperate and i don’t have time for games.
    Nowadays, girls are out for money, things and games. But it’s all sweet when i am running my game also till it”s stuck in their brain, then my funning begins.
    Why stick around for nonsense, will not allow any female play with my emotions. I am someone that can like someone a lot and it won’t take me 5 secs to dislike the person for ever and move on. Scorpio and not a jealous guy.

  • Guys…I’m a woman…and I can tell you it all depends on million things if she’s call you but like they say in 7 seconds you know If you like the person and I know after 3. Immediately I can tell if I ever call the guy…that being said…If I give him my number it’s because I’m either interested in sleeping with him, relationship with him, being friends with him or like someone said to get rid of him cause he’s annoying and I know I’ll never call him or will just let him down gently. Now…that’s absolutely true that small conversation (I mean half an hour) will be indication she’s interested in you, cause If the guy pops up from nowhere in the club and wants my number after he just knows I’m single won’t give him green light unless he’s celeb, and I’m attracted to him. Another thing: don’t play games. I found that women prefer guys who know what they want and go for it, not pathetic 2 days wait 3 days wait ; BS!!! If guy doesn’t call me next day (let’s say that I really liked him) I’ll be offended and I don’t think I’ll be interested that much cause I want man to be crazy about me. I don’t want to feel like I’m BTW…brrr ….another thing: playing games (keep it cool, don’t show her this and that) will work in short term…after she’s having a relationship with you sooner or later she’ll figure it out and yes she will leave. After all we all need reliable, honest people in our lives, no matter you’re man or woman. Also don’t aim too high..If you 3/10 and the woman is 8/10 you must be really rich to go after the chick. This is nasty and I’m sorry but that’s life. I just saw many guys overweight and below average going for models on my own eyes; it’s not gonna happen. Just don’t cry you got rejected. You need to go for your possibilities, men tent to over-prize themselves, that is most problems are coming from. you can always find someone lost, naive and pretty but I wouldn’t advise you to take the chances, lol
    Another thing Call call call. yes…be a stacker for a week or 2. Flowers, chocolates, confetti, lol and all this if you really want her, show her you’re persistent. I usually test the guy by looking at how crazy he is about me, what sacrifices he can make, how low he can go etc…If he’s calling once and then never because I didn’t answer even if he’s Apollo I’m not going into this and why? because it seems it’s too hard for his majesty to pick up the phone again, we women want guy down and dirty to go after us. Then we go too. And here is the biggest hint: persistence can take you far. If she called you and you had anything with her continue calling her, texting her, wait for her in front of her house. You need to show her you’re right for her.
    Sorry guys for long write, I pour all things that came to my mind to help. If something sounds nasty I’m sorry it is what it is, I didn’t make it up, try it and it might work but avoid lightheaded biatches and go-go dancers, lol

  • Good call Breezy.

    I always looked at a no call back as a medium sign. I mean she can answer your call and tell you you are nice but she’s not interested. No call means she’s not telling you to kiss off but she not opening the legs for you just yet either. So the no call back is strategy time. Break the bank. Get out there and let her know she is the one. I mean, after all, in six months you’ll be cheating on her anyway- right? So let her have her moment. She got it, you want it. You figure out how to go get it.

  • I had a neighbor(a girl) for about 8 yrs.. We had many friendly conversations over that period. She was always very friendly when we talked. Not only friendly, but on many occasions, brought over and gave me “gifts” of food, beer, sweets! I was always, surprised and flattered.. SHE WAS SO NICE TO ME!! After 8 yrs, she moved out, and would call me occasionally to say, “HI”. I ran into her a few times on the street, where again, she was just a wonderfully nice person(and good looking tooo), she also “gave me her phone # and her new address”. I WAS SO HAPPY BACK THEN.. About 2 months ago(today is 2/8/15), she called, after not hearing from her for about 1 month or so, and her message said: “that she had not being feeling well” and after a few more words, “she dropped a BOMB ON ME”, she told me, “THAT SHE LOVED ME”!! I have tried to call her back twice, but she’s not home. I have sent her a gift, that I personally made for her, “Which she did call and left a message that went, “I got your gift and I wanted to say :”THANK YOU, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!” for, and that she really liked it. Approximately a week after she called I called her, but no answer(she was probably at work), my message I left for her voice mail said, “I’d call her later that nite”, it was a short message stating “I would call her back that nite AND, (that “she was my sweetheart”), which I did, “BUT SHE DIDN’T ANSWER THE PHONE”. So now, somehow, I’m feeling empty inside. Listless, I thought I would have heard from her again after that. Please, someone “help/tell me”? Is it me? I really do like this girl/women!! I don’t want to do the WRONG THING!! Expert advice is needed… Thanks again in advance!

  • I keep calling her shes either BUSY or shays not right now shes accepted prob 3 times and I don’t know how to break up with her can someone pls tell me im on PS3