5 Perfect Food Duos: Nutrition Tips You Can Use Now

Clue: “Love and marriage, a horse and carriage, yin and yang.” Answer: “What are things that go together, Alex?”

It’s becoming more and more evident that “calories are just calories” just isn’t true. As daunting as it may seem, everything from nutrient timing to macronutrient combination can significantly change the way your body processes what you eat.

How can you possibly keep up with all this emerging science, and do you have to calculate and record every particle you put in your mouth? You could try, but here’s a few sneaky nutrition tips to help get you started.

These are 5 crime-fighting, health-promoting duos that, when eaten together, can provide you with the most BAM! WHACK! and BANG! for your buck.

5 Perfect Food Duos: Nutrition Tips You Can Use Now

  1. Fighting Fish and Blasting Broccoli
  2. Super Salsa and Amazing Avocado
  3. Ninja Nuts and Bursting Beer
  4. Gallant Garlic and Formidable Fennel
  5. Captain Caffeine and Excellent Exercise

Combine your Bada with your Bing, your Batman with your Robin, and let these pairs work together in perfect harmony to strengthen your body — as opposed to the Super Villain Duo of the world: Belt-Busting Burger and Fatty McFries.

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  • Great list of nutrition tips. As a busy professional, sometimes I forget to take care of my health as much as I should. This was a strong reminder that I need to be taking care of my body and eating right. The salsa and avocado sounds like a really amazing duo, and I can’t wait to try some soon.