5 Ways the Computer Geek Can Stay Fit

Being a professional computer geek as a career isn’t as relaxing as many may think. A great deal of thinking and troubleshooting goes into being a network administrator or other IT professional service provider. We can feel as fatigued at the end of the day as those who work construction by continuously working our brains to extremes. However, we are in danger of letting ourselves become out of shape as a great deal of our work is produced from solitary positions or sitting at a desk. What can we do to keep ourselves as fit was possible if we don’t get much movement throughout the day?

1. Snacks – Instead of loading yourself up with sugary snacks, why not try something more healthy? String cheese, beef jerky, yogurt, and berries can cure your “munchies” while providing a snack that is healthier for you than a can of chips or a bag of chocolate. As you don’t get much movement for long periods of time, something that won’t collect as fat is the better choice than those loaded with sugars. Even trail-mix would be more ideal than cupcakes.

2. General Diet – Eating right is the cornerstone to any diet. In some diets, it seems like you do nothing but eat all day long. It’s not how often you eat, but what you eat when you do. Skipping meals throughout the day and then pigging out at dinner doesn’t bode well for your body. This can create an irregular eating habit that could cause you to slowly add to that spare tire around your stomach.

3. More Walking – Try to walk more often than you normally do. Instead of driving to the corner store, walk or ride a bike. Since your daily routine may consist of sitting in front of your desk for eight straight hours or more, you need to make a conscious effort in order to maintain a level of physical activity that is beneficial to your body. After each day of work, go for a walk around your neighborhood to stretch out your legs and get the blood flowing. It’s too easy to sit in your chair and veg out in front of the computer screen.

4. Standing Desk – A hot craze as of late is the use of a standing desk. These are desks that are built high enough that you stand while you work. There are many beliefs around the idea that standing while you work is better for you than sitting. If your knees or other joints are afflicted by arthritis preventing you from standing for long periods of time, you can get a desk that is convertible through the use of motors that raise and lower the unit for standing or sitting. This way you can do both throughout your day in order to help your physical needs.

5. Routines – Once every hour or so, get up and walk around your house or office. If you can, perhaps a few quick exercises such as jumping jacks, pushups, or situps could get some of that blood flowing to your extremities. Get yourself in a timed routine of a few minutes of exercise every hour or two.

As one who sits at their computer for several hours per day in order to complete projects for clients, I can attest to how easy it is for the computer geek to become out of shape. It is through these methods and others that I can keep up with my children without becoming winded. It doesn’t take much effort in order to stay fit. It only takes vigilance and determination to keep your body from deteriorating.

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