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Overweight people seek similar mates

A study out of Aberdeen University found that people are usually attracted to others based on their social class, height, and race — no big surprises there. However, after further research, they discovered that many people seek out partners — consciously or subconsciously — with similar fat levels to their own.

The scientists said this finding could be contributing to our current obesity epidemic, based on the assumption that children of overweight parents are more likely to be overweight themselves.

“Perhaps the social activities of the overweight and obese people coincide, making them more likely to meet partners who are also overweight and obese,” said Professor John Speakman.

The complete study is published in this week’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Think of someone you know who is overweight. Does their partner have a similar figure?

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  • Well i know The person I am with is in great shape and i go back and forth depending on the time of year. I enjoy being around him all though some of our habits are similar. We have many differences I think it’s more about balancing each other out then it is, being different. This article, study sounds a like Ann Rynd or how ever you spell it the founder of Objectism and author of Atlas Shrugs.

  • Thanks for the input Dylan. It proves that the study obviously doesn’t hold true 100% of the time.

    Anyone else an exception to the rule? or perhaps a part of it?

  • could well be that once the alphas pick among themselves, only the betas are left from the other betas to pick from.

    Let’s face it. Because people are judged so much on appearance, competition is a lot tighter for a mate who fits society’s standards of beauty. I don’t think it’s a case of people choosing those who have similar builds, but choosing those available to them with the closest figures to the ideals.

    That being said, I find that there are other characteristics that overcome, to some degree, body shape. I have to say that I personally have dated and married very fit and slender men, and I am far from either fit or slender.

  • Excellent point Dorid, thanks for the input!


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