Defeating Your Inner Couch Potato

It’s time to work out and you can’t shift from the T.V. It’s as if your body is welded to the couch, like a limpet on a rock – and no matter how hard you try to summon the motivation, it ain’t happening… comfort and laziness has become your ball and chain. Fear not, we’re all human and we’ve all been there. Whilst slacking off from a workout might be harmless on the odd occasion, making a habit of it can have a detrimental effect on your physique, your self-esteem and any long term goals you might have set yourself. What’s more, the more you deviate away from it, the harder it is to get back into. So here are a few ideas to keep that motivation flowing, when your inner couch potato starts to get the better of you.

Be Disciplined

Being disciplined is a given for anyone embarking on a fitness regime. Take it one step further however, and treat it as you would anything else in your life that ‘has’ to be done. For example, you probably wouldn’t decide to not go to work because the couch seemed more appealing on that particular day. Your attitude to fitness should be the same. Stick to a realistic schedule that you can meet without fail, and see it as just another part of your weekly routine. The more you do it, the easier it’ll get.

Sensible Goals

Real results take time and dedication. It’s easy to feel defeated and unmotivated when your plan isn’t giving you results as quickly as you had hoped for. Setting attainable goals and milestones will give you a continual sense of achievement, where as a single end goal can seem too far out of reach – especially when the motivation is running low.

Make it a Positive Experience

How much more painful does a task seem to be when you spend the entire time resenting it? Yep, much more so. Learning to think positively is helpful in any area of life, not just fitness. Even if it isn’t something you naturally enjoy, it still doesn’t have to be a drag. If your routine or program becomes a mundane, uninspiring and negative experience, beyond all positive thought, then change it! Switch it around, workout some place else, or try an entirely new brand of fitness – crossfit, for example, is a great one for those who want to burn the fat or tone up with some variety. Music is also a great way to get you into that positive, energized mood that makes working out all the more enjoyable. Think positively, because working towards getting slimmer, more toned or completely ripped is an entirely positive thing! Make it fun, enjoyable and something you look forward to.

Write a ‘Workout Manifesto’

No, not another workout plan, but something to kick your ass when you need it. Write everything you plan to achieve down; from the improvements you want to make to your body, to how reaching your goal will make you feel. Maybe add a picture of yourself at your slimmest or most ripped, along with anything else; such as sayings or quotes that inspire you. Your own words are the most important part however. State your mission. Make it positive, and write it when you’re in a determined, motivated state of mind. When you find yourself lacking in motivation, then is the time to read it back. Reading words that you wrote when you were feeling pumped can have a huge impact on you, reeling you back in to the headspace you were at when you wrote them.

Seek Support

If you’re struggling to find motivation, then friends or fitness groups (if you don’t have any friends, or the ones you do have are lazy) are great for giving you that extra push. If you’re a particularly social person, then finding a partner or group to workout with can give you so much more motivation than simply going it alone – even if it’s just to go running. For example, if your inner couch potato decides he doesn’t want to exercise that day, then you’re a lot less likely to let him win if it means you’ll be letting a friend down.

With America getting fatter and fatter, it’s always worth remembering that piling on the pounds (or even just letting all your past hard work go to waste) is just a vicious cycle of laziness away. So grab your motivation by the balls and don’t let the inner couch potato grab yours!

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