Effects of Junk Food on Your Body and Health

Effects of Junk Food

Effects of Junk Food

There’s no doubt they pamper your taste buds – burgers, pizzas and sandwiches make your mouth water and you end up stuffing your face and bloating your stomach. Eating junk food is like knowingly consuming poison, a slow-acting vitriol that eats away at your health and well-being.

It gives you an initial high because it tastes good, but beyond that, it’s the worst possible thing you could subject your body to on a regular basis. Junk food is filled with saturated fat, additives, preservatives and other food items that have no nutrition whatsoever. And this is why they bring on so many problems.

Effects of Junk Food

  • Obesity: Junk food enthusiasts are prone to put on weight, especially when they eat this kind of food very often. The fat and processed flour only make you fatter and fatter, as does the oil and grease that are used for fries and other deep-fried foods. Besides, when you eat junk food, you tend to gulp down sodas and colas which are laden with sugar and which increase your tendency to put on weight.
  • Lethargy: Processed food tends to bring down your energy levels and make you lethargic because they are filled with carbohydrates that spike your blood sugar levels. Soon after you eat junk food, you feel yourself lulled into stupor because your sugar levels rise and fall dramatically. This makes you feel sleepy and less inclined to be active and alert. Your reflexes and senses become duller by the day and you start to lead a more sedentary life.
  • Diseases: Junk food causes diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. You’re more likely to get diabetes, especially if you don’t exercise and have a family history of this disease. The fat from junk food raises your cholesterol levels and your clogged arteries cause heart attacks and bring on strokes which could debilitate you, or worse, even kill you. And when you’re overweight as well, you tend to be prone to so many other diseases because of your shape and size.
  • Poor nutrition: When you eat too much junk food, you neglect to eat the nutritious kind like fruits and vegetables and other wholesome food. This means that your body does not get the necessary nutrition it needs and you end up with a weak immune system. So you’re often prone to illnesses like colds and fevers which although not serious, tend to have a nagging effect on your life. They prevent you from being as active and organized as you would like to be.
  • Constipation and other ills: Processed foods have no fiber content whatsoever and that is why you feel constipated when you go on a junk food binge. Your sodas and colas also contain phosphorous and other chemicals which ruin your teeth and eat away at your bones, making your entire skeletal structure weak and leaving you prone to frequent sprains and fractures.

Junk food is bad for people of all ages, but mostly for teenagers and young children because it ends up effectively ruining their health for good. It’s up to their parents and other responsible adults to ensure that they eat a balanced diet, one that is nutritious and healthy.

What are some other effects of junk food that you’ve noticed?

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  • It’s amazing how blatant the effects of junk food are and yet people continue to consume it on a regular basis. I’ve been off of “fast food” for about 2 years and, I guess because it’s out of my system all together, sometimes the smell of it makes me sick. Great post!

  • us students we think we should eat more junk food so we could get fat and sexy to impress other fat kids.:)