Golf: Enjoy the Exercise

To many, Golf is a sport that can relax the mind after a hard week of work. Although millions of people will take to the courses on a regular basis, not all of them realize the physical benefits this past-time can give. If you forgo the cart and carry your clubs around for even a nine-hole game, you could exercise more in one day than you would have all week – at least in most cases. How is golfing beneficial to your health?

1. Walking – By walking the course, you will have crossed more than three miles. By carrying your clubs with you, you are crossing that three miles with extra weight. For those who are out of shape, this trek may be too much to handle, and a slower start may be required. However, your body would do good with the exercise as will your pocketbook as carts can be quite expensive depending on where you play.

2. Swinging the Club – With every swing of the club you are working out nearly every muscle in your body. In any given game, you could be doing this motion more than 100 times. Whether you are teeing off or hitting from the fairway, you are exercising a great deal of your body.

3. Teeing Up the Ball – The motion of bending over to tee-up the ball can get repetitive over time. If you were to practice on the driving range, you could bend over to put the ball on the tee more than 50 times. It may sound simple enough, but it’s the motion you are performing that has benefits to this sporty workout.

4. Putting – While it may be too strenuous to those with bad backs, putting can provide a great deal of exercise for the back and the thighs. As a golfer is hunched over the ball when putting, this flexes the muscles in the back and thighs for support. Without this support, the golfer would simply fall over.

5. All Around Muscle Control – Golf is a game of muscle control and muscle memory. Anyone can swing a club and perhaps hit the ball, but the golfer develops miniscule adjustments during every swing that can control where the ball lies. These adjustments are rapid changes within the body as each swing takes place and adds continuation of use to various muscle groups.

Muscles could be flexed during a swing of the club in order to ensure the golfer’s balance, the positioning of the club face upon impact, and the pressure behind the swing to over compensate for wind or decrease the power as to not over-shoot the green. Not many people will take into consideration just how much of a workout these muscle groups will receive with each and every swing of the golf club.

In actuality, any sport dealing with physical movement can be extremely beneficial to your body. It’s the constant activity that keeps your muscles operating. For instance, you can burn several hundred calories by swimming for just one hour per day. Find a physical hobby that fits your lifestyle and feel better in a short amount of time.

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