Health Tips for Nurses – Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

Nursing can be a highly rewarding, and at the same time, a highly demanding profession. From working long hours to dealing with the psychological traumas of watching your patients scream in pain, this job can take a serious toll on your physical and psychological health. Not to forget the occupational hazards, like taking care of patients suffering from infectious disease, with a risk of catching that disease, biological or chemical hazards, needle-stick injuries, and back pain due to the physical nature of work. All in all, you need to take good care of your health, not just for yourself but your patients as well.

Following are some basic health tips for nurses, to make sure you are living a healthy and happy life while carrying out the difficult yet appreciable job of helping out people in distress.

The Basics:

Being a health care professional, you don’t need anybody else to remind you about the importance of healthy diet and exercise. Start off your day with a healthy breakfast containing protein and carbs. And take out some time for exercise on regular basis. Being a nurse, it’s important to strengthen your bones and muscles. Keep yourself hydrated and most importantly, take a good seven to eight hours sleep to make sure you are not sleep deprived while working.

At Work:

While at work, avoid skipping meals, but at the same time avoid having snacks or fast food to curb the appetite. They might give you a very short lived feel-good effect, but once it fades out, you will start to feel lethargic and fatigued. And in the longer run, such food can do more harm to your health than good. Instead of justifying the use of unhealthy snacks due to your busy schedule, carry some healthy and ready to eat stuff with you like fruit, dry fruits like almonds, string cheese, whole grain snack bars, and the likes. Eat food which is rich in vitamins, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and the likes.

Safety Measures:

Make sure you are following all sorts of safety measures and guidelines to avoid needlestick or any other type of injuries. Use safety equipment like good quality gloves, or caps while using needles, and the likes. As a nurse, it’s your right to expect and demand such equipment from your employers.

Nurses need to be alert and concentrating on their work all the time, not just for their own sake but for the patient’s as well. So, while at work, you need to avoid getting distracted as much as possible because it will put your own health or your patients’ health at risk. You need to avoid or limit alcohol consumption for the same reason.

Have Fun:

As earlier suggested, working as a nurse can sometimes be quite devastating for your emotional health. And there’s every chance that you might have to work at odd working hours or on holidays? So, you need to make sure that you are not giving up on your friend’s meet-ups, hobbies, or activities that make you happy. Don’t compromise on these activities for the sake of working overtime and making some extra money. You need to relax, and take out some time for yourself. This is important to deal with psychological setbacks which can be quite common in the life of nurses.

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