Hip Exercises: Oh, drop the Bonnie-Clyde Act… will you!

Relationships where couples can’t spend one blinking moment without each other (along the lines of Siamese twins) get on my nerves. As one of my friend’s exes put it, like Bonny and Clyde, which is why she is (and will continue to remain) the ex of this friend of mine. And which is what led the two notorious criminals (Bonnie & Clyde) that killed several police officers and civilians to their death in the same manner that they deceived and robbed other people throughout the Great Depression.

What? Are you kidding me? Where’s the realism? Where’s the individuality in a relationship? What about ‘me time’? What about people dropping their neediness and their blinking “needs”? And most importantly, what about give and take?

Does all this get compromised especially when it comes to marriages and relationships these days?

Fantasy, it seems, has led people to think that this kind of obsessive (read: unhealthy) love is the answer (when hate surely isn’t, but it sure can keep one alive) but does this mean that they have to be “joined at the hip” to demonstrate true everlasting love.

However, when it comes to the business of flaunting sexy hips, Shakira showed us how her “hips don’t lie” (apart from some really great music after that, and not forgetting “Waka Waka (This time for Africa), and indeed, in terms of one’s fitness level… they don’t!

And any grown man will testify to the fact that a woman with great hips (and super stems hooray for hotness! that you barely find in my part of the world) can be such a turn-on apart from the normal obsessive references to the female genitalia that men seem to brag about in locker rooms, bars and everywhere else all day.

Google Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and any dancer (either professional or exotic) and you’ll see what I mean! They’re toned, and that’s just putting it mildly! And they don’t just talk about exercise (like most men/women who need to stay in control of a conversation), they’re actually doing it…

But if you’re interested too (and who wouldn’t!), one can work on a few exercises that can not only strengthen but will also stretch your hip nice and good.

Hips Exercises

As obvious as this sounds, very little exercise or even movement in one’s routine hardly helps and this leads to the lack of hip mobility, while your hips flexor muscles were designed to do much more.

And so before you try any of these exercises, you have to remember the benefits that will result in the form of better posture (preventing back issues) and if you are doing weight, you’ll be able to assume the right postures for maximum effect.

And OK, so before we go, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) These hip stretching exercises could be executed ONLY after your warm up exercises.

2) Only do about 10 reps (and add sets as you go along), while focusing on quality and not quantity.

3) Take it easy… don’t try to execute these movements with speed at the beginning but increase your speed as you get into the warm-up. And yes, please feel free move around from rep to rep… that’s the idea!

Hip Stretching Exercises

Look at the videos at these links for hip stretching exercises which rather obviously will be more easier to understand as opposed to written instructions.

Exercise #1: Leg Swings

Exercise #2: Side-to-Side Leg Swings

Exercise #3: Split Squats

Exercise #4: Lateral Squats

Exercise #5: Rotational Squats

Exercise #6: Reverse Lunge with Twist

Exercise #7: Crossover Reverse Lunge

And since I’m not the chap who took great pains to make these videos, here’s access to his particular blog post that deals with hip mobility for more information and detailed instructions.

In Closing

Perhaps sore hips is not so much of a problems for couples who can’t keep their hands off each other, and perhaps, that might be one of the only justifiable reasons why “staying joined at the hip” might do the trick as well. Oh well, double-entendres and all that… who’s complaining anyways!

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  • Haha I love the introduction! That’s so true about the ‘Bonny & Clyde’ couples. Can’t stand them either. I have lost a couple of good friends thanks to this distorted view on love. In terms of excercising I really don’t do anything specific for my hips, but you might just have changed my mind. I mean… who doesn’t want to look like Shakira!


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