Hip Exercises – What You Need to Know

A lot of people tend to sympathize with the sick, elderly and the physically handicapped but being able to empathize with them is a completely different matter altogether.

You have to live that person’s life to truly understand what they’re going through. Even if not in the physical sense but just dealing with a situation where there’s no mobility whatsoever.

Let’s say that you’ve been trying to get a promotion for the last 5 years, and you keep getting passed over.

What comes to mind? No progress, right? The feeling of being stuck, right? You aren’t sure what to do next because it’s really out of your hands.

We’ve all been there but once you do overcome this lack of progress with hard work and dedication and probably a bit of education, you see the valuable lesson in it all.

It’s no different for those with hips that don’t function normally – but the truth is that a few hip exercises should do the trick. A little hard work, if you will.

Why It’s Important to Work on Your Core

When it comes to the human body, experts in the area of health & fitness believe that the core muscles are probably the most important, thanks to a number of movements that it performs.

Of course, with the emphasis being on including a core workout as a part of your fitness regimen, it must be said that your hips are, indeed, an integral part and are often neglected even if one exercises regularly.

For that matter, neglecting these muscles result in people getting stiff hips or even suffering from hip pain, which is hardly a pleasant experience. Soon enough, a lack of hip mobility becomes apparent, and even the simplest movements are difficult to negotiate.

So, what’s the solution then?

As mentioned earlier, a bit of stretching, in the form of carefully designed exercises, goes a long way in not only keeping your hips in shape but also works as a way to heal your body, especially if you are suffering from hip disorders.

Hip Exercises – A List of Helpful Links

Now before you assume that contortion would be a part of this list of hip exercises, you’re not entirely wrong. It’s going to take some effort but all you have to remember is to run through these exercises slowly.

Try these simple hip strengthening exercises for a start, and if they’re too easy, then you can move on to the next level by watching this video of intermediate exercises.

The exercises displayed in the first link can be especially helpful for those who   are in need of hip rehabilitation or are beginners. The latter video can give your hips a real workout, so it’s important to go slow and follow the instructions carefully.

In Closing

Do hips exercises work? If so, please feel free to share the advantages that you’ve enjoyed in the comments section below.

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