How to Throw a Spiral

scores-touchdown-gfs-numberAsk any American what football is, and it has everything to do with that weirdly shaped thing you call a “football” rather than the actual round ball that the rest of world loves.

To add insult to injury, they also consider the world’s most beautiful game to be ‘gay’, rather condescendingly. Not unless one of their fitness model holds one of these round balls as a part of a photo shoot.

And we thought the British were a real pain in the ass. But then again, we couldn’t blame you, thanks to the scourge of modern football – Major League Soccer.

(I admit I’m bitter – MLS took away Thierry Henry and David Beckham for large amounts of cash while their only contribution to football as the world knows it, is Clint Dempsey.)

But you’re all forgiven. Truly, you are. For all your disparaging remarks against football, thanks to two magic words – wardrobe malfunction. Yes, we’re talking about all the hoopla over Janet Jackson and Beyonce’s nip slip at the Super Bowl.

American Football – A Real Man’s Game

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind catching a game of the Boston Celtics even if it takes place at the oddest hour. Or even ice hockey but most of all, baseball… but somehow the American football fever hasn’t caught on yet.

And while my allegiances lie with football, there are some things about the game that deserve ridicule – most importantly, diving.

Yes, if you clip a player’s feet, they will take a tumble, especially if it is in the 18-yard box. That’s how many big European clubs have gotten away with murder – and probably, won the Champions League in the past.

However, it still doesn’t anything away from the brilliance of dribbling, making beautiful long and through balls and exhibiting the stamina of a workhorse by running up and down the field for almost 90 minutes.

Come to think of it, a spiral, which is the topic of this article, can be likened to a beautiful “long ball” as made by midfielders to strikers in the game of European football.

And while you can’t teach mid-fielders how to make the perfect ‘long ball’ immediately (and without practice), it’s no different on perfecting the art of how to throw a spiral.

How to Throw a Spiral

Of course, there are several opinions that people have about how to throw a spiral but it’s important to think about the one that works. It’s all about the grip and release, as this article indicates.

Simply out, these two aspects, as the article emphasizes, are unique to each quarterback. It’s a personal thing. And as you all might know, it isn’t easy to throw a spiral. Or else everyone  could play quarterback.

Until you develop your own personal style, a quick lesson is in order. For this, here is an well-prepared infographic that teaches you the rudiments on how to throw a spiral.

A former quarterback for the University of Kentucky also demonstrates how to do the same through this video on while this one on VideoJug is probably the nicest one I’ve come across on how to throw a football.

In Closing

Are there any other tips that you might think of on how to throw a spiral? If so, feel free to share in the comments section below.

Also, if you’re interested, find out why the New York Jets listen to Mozart on the football field.

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