How to Wear a Headband That Does More Than Just Block Sweat

How to Wear a Headband

How to Wear a Headband

I’m always looking for how to wear a headband that both blocks sweat from getting in my eyes and can accommodate my headphones while working out.

Anytime I’m working out, I’m either listening to music to pump me up, or for more monotonous exercises, I’m listening to a non-fictional audiobook.

I’ve also been blessed with some sort of sweat-attracting eyeballs, complete with perfectly channeled sweat riverbeds ingrained in my forehead, leading directly from my hairline to my eyes.

Needless to say, a head sweatband is a necessity for me, but it’s always interfering or getting moved around due to my headphones or their annoying cables.

After an exhaustive search, I finally found a company named iThreeSixty that makes a number of solutions for taking your music device with you in a variety of situations, and their headband particularly interested me because of the lack of wires, essentially turning my ipod nano into a wireless device.

The wire is almost always the most frustrating part of the other solutions I’ve tried, because no matter what, it always gets in the way at the wrong time.

The i360 Headband takes care of this problem by integrating both your ipod Nano and the small wires into the headband itself, so not only are you keeping sweat out of your eyes, you can listen to music without any annoying headphone cables swinging around.

The headband makes sense, because it’s right next to your ears anyway, and the integrated speaker sounds great.

I was concerned that I might feel the hard Nano against my head and it would be uncomfortable, but there is enough padding there to not even know the Nano is in place.

The padding and material also appears to protect the Nano from excessive headband sweat as well.

While I would certainly love to be able to use my iPhone this way, I think that it would be too heavy and bulky to integrate into a comfortable headband.

I know there are a few companies that make armbands for working out with the iPhone, but I always found those to be inconvenient when doing sprints or lifting weights where the size of your arms are constantly changing.

So, the i360 headband definitely saved my ipod nano from the MP3 player graveyard, and I will be leaving it permanently in the headband for easy grab-and-go on the way to the gym.

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