Lower Back Pain Exercises – What You Need to Know

So, what’s this new fad where young women take pictures of their rear ends in yoga shorts and post them on the internet?

Trust me, that’s just wrong at so many levels, considering where I come from.

People who practice yoga (the yogis, I mean) in India would go blue in the face if they did manage to catch one of these cuties flashing their behinds in yoga pants. Let alone make an attempt to show understanding of what yoga shorts are used for these days, apart from exercise…

It’s reflective of the changing times – a clash between old and new ways of thinking and exercise, if you will. But it’s all good!

And even though most women in India would prefer taking an aerobics class in urban areas, it’s nice to see how the ancient art form of yoga is given so much credit by a country that is probably ahead of everyone else, in terms of the living well. A transformation, if you will.

Some of us Indians really appreciate that, even if we are caught up with all things Western… and yes, for that matter, women in yoga shorts too.

Yet truth be told, apart from the glamour that surrounds yoga in its latest avatar, both Indians and Westerners will agree that it does play a vital medicinal role in relieving lower back pain among other types of physical disorders that people suffer from.

A Note on Lower Back Pain

To give you an idea of how common this ailment really is, almost 50% of working Americans suffer from a bout of lower back pain… and 80% will suffer from this condition at least once in their live. In terms of health costs, the United States spends almost $50 billion every year.

(God, it’s painful – I did suffer from a bout of low back pain myself back in 2005 when I spent most of my time behind a workstation with no exercise or desire to stay healthy. It’s a different story now, though.)

And guess what? There are several reasons why lower back pain can occur and some of them include obesity, maintaining an unhealthy posture (when sitting), long periods of inactivity and so on and so forth.

In the case of injury, of course, it can’t be helped, and so if you are one of these people who is suffering from back pain, here are a few lower back pain exercises that can help you get back to a state of normalcy.

Lower Back Pain Exercises – A List

As mentioned earlier, yoga can work as a great healer when it comes to alleviating lower back pain.

Here is a video, with a yoga instructor, demonstrating a few lower back pain exercises that will help stretch your muscles and get your body moving again.

And no… you don’t need yoga pants for these exercises either. Make sure you follow instructions carefully, though.

It goes without saying to point out that it is a good idea to consult a physician before trying any lower body pain exercises.

In Closing

Have you tried lower back pain exercises recently? Have they worked? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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