Lower Back Pain Exercises – Yes, exercises can heal too…

If there’s anything that anyone who works out, dreads – it’s recovering from a exercise-related injury. Trust me, I’ve been there! (Not being preachy here, seriously!)

There’s a good reason – it gets frustrating when you can’t maintain the momentum that is involved with keeping your workout routine especially when there are so many excuses not to…

Secondly, it’s the pain which debilitates you… and scares you from picking up those weights and get moving.

In my case, it was my right shoulder which hurt so bad (that cutting pain), I had to be so careful when I slept so that I didn’t twist my hands, thus increasing the pain. And these kind of injuries take time…

However, all of this changed when I began “split workouts” and came across a shoulder workout which speeded up the “healing process” along with the medication.

Yes, I’m talking about exercises that can heal an injury… no matter whether it my shoulder or even it involves your lower back, which can be pretty excruciating as well.

Lower Back Pain – It’s Hell on earth, isn’t it?

Since we’re talking about the lower back, just the thought of having this kind of pain is really scary and if that’s not enough – almost every body movement that occurs on a daily basis will have something to do with the lower back in some way or the other.

So, lower back pain really means that it becomes difficult to carry out these movements leading to greater immobility as most people will avoid making these movements due to the pain that comes with it! And that’s not a good way to handle the situation at all… and no, medicine… in the form of prescription drugs and so on and so forth isn’t the only way to cure this pain that can truly be “hell on earth”.

And how do I know this? My dad’s a physiotherapist, and some of his patients have this really painful condition to deal with…

So, you might ask, what should I do then?

There are certain lower back pain exercises that you attempt in order to help in the healing process but you MUST contact your physician or a certified fitness trainer before even trying these exercises out.

If your doctor is fine with you trying these exercises out – you should be assured that these exercises are light and uncomplicated, and won’t contribute to the pain. Also, you can easily do them at home…

Lower Back Pain Exercises – Things to keep in mind

While a doctor or a fitness trainer might give you clear-cut steps as to what you need to do in order to execute these back pain exercises, what you must keep in mind is that you have to find ONLY gentle strengthening exercises for stomach, back and legs.

You can be sure that this will not only prevent re-injury but will also speed up the process of healing as well…

Here is a sample video that should give you a general idea as to what kind of exercises are executed to reduce lower back pain by stretching the tight muscles. In any case, your doctor or fitness trainer will give you the right exercises according to your condition.

In Closing

And what I learnt from this experience of a shoulder injury was that you don’t forget that when using weights, you always ALWAYS use lower weights at the beginning and increase the weights as you finish each set.

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  • Thank you so much for the info! Lower back pain can cause some serious issues. Massage is another great way to assist those muscles to relax.

  • Yoga can extend resistance that can prolong intense energy that can be adequate for elders that can’t no longer have to work. Mostly, they find it daily routine to have exercise with their age.


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