Normal Resting Heart Rate

HeartWhat is a normal resting heart rate? The short answer: about 50 to 100 beats per minute. Unless you fall dramatically above or below these numbers, then you’re probably “normal.”

If you’re worried that your resting heart rate and/or blood pressure is too high, check out this great report on how to lower both.

But, to understand more about heart rate and what factors can affect your beats per minute, let’s look at how the heart works.

Whether you’re Lance Armstrong or Larry Buttbig or simply a Wii Fitness game expert, your heart is constantly pumping blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your entire body.

Theoretically, the higher your resting heart rate, or the more times it beats per minute, the harder and more often your heart has to work to do its job.

Conversely, a lower heart rate implies that it’s more efficient and doesn’t need to pump as often. Lance Armstrong’s is said to be about 30-35 beats per minute!

There are several other variables that affect your heart rate, so don’t feel bad if you’re ticker is working two or more times harder than Lance’s. Physical fitness, exercise intensity, training frequency, and of course — the uncontrollable — genetics.

How to Measure Your Heart Rate

You may have no point of reference for the above BPM numbers, so to give you an idea, try measuring your own resting heart rate now.

For an optimal measurement, you should check it first thing in the morning while still lying in bed. This will provide you with the truest “resting” rate, but as long as you haven’t been overly active in the last hour or so, the number shouldn’t vary by more than 5 or 10 beats.

  1. Find a pulse point, either on the inside of your wrist or your neck.
  2. Stand in front of a clock with a second hand, or use a stopwatch.
  3. Count your pulses for 60 seconds (this number is your BPM, or normal resting heart rate).
  4. Repeat 2-3 more times, and take the average for more accurate results.

Or you can use heart rate monitor to get more accurate readings. Some best options include:


So, what’s your normal resting heart rate? Leave your BPM numbers below in the comments!

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  • Some good points made.

    I tend to use my index finger and middle finger to sense the pulse. Some people try it with their thumb which causing them to believe they have found a pulse when actually it’s just the pulse of the thumb.

    I don’t look at a clock but set a stop watch. If i look at the clock i tend to self analyse, which leads to me to become anxious and increase my heart rate. By setting a stop watch i can relax and concentrate on counting the beats.

    I agree with you that an average of 4 attempts is the best policy for a valid measurement.

    It might be an idea to note down the strength of the pulse be it weak or strong so that over a few weeks you can learn more about your heart. This will help you to identify any problems, that may occur, early on.

    Thanks for posting the article, I’m closet physiology nerd. lol

  • I walk 40 minutes a day and do weight training almost 5 times a week and my heart rate always been between 90-100. I live a healthy lifestyle, i dont smoke, dont drink etc. I am 1.70m tall and 61kg. Is this normal to have such a high heart rate? My pressure is 120 with 70 which i beleive is normal. Pleaase advise…

  • Hey Chrys,

    Chances are that yes, it’s absolutely normal, especially if all your other health factors are in order like you said.

    Some people just have naturally higher heart rates than others.

    Of course, to be absolutely sure, you should mention it at your next checkup.

  • I was recently in the hospital with my Crohns. The nurses would keep asking me if I was an athlete. I am 55 yrs old and live in a 3 story five level house. So am I an athlete? No. I rarely sit tough and am always going up and down stairs, but even though I am in decent shape, as well as my weight, I don’t really look the part of an athlete. My heart rate always read between 35 and 45. The doctor ordered a echo heart test thing. They told me after the echo that my heart was in good shape so they didn’t know why my rate was always so low, but that I must be in good shape. They even had a problem with the machine constantly beeping to inform them that my heart rate was low. They even changed machines to re-test several times. Does this really mean that I have a healthy heart beat of an athlete, or are they just being too careless and not checking further? Could it also be a sign of something bad? Thanks

  • Hey Shirley,

    Heart rates can certainly vary greatly from person to person, but that is quite low given your physical activity level. That’s Lance Armstrong numbers!

    Hopefully it’s just a sign of a very strong and efficient heart, but I would definitely get a second opinion just to be sure.

  • 56 bpm rhr

    i’m 6’1″ 280. i bike almost on a regular basis. i’m definitely not “in shape” but i’m pretty healthy for a big guy. I smoke occasionally, drink socially.

  • ive just got my self a treadmill which has heart rate sensors on it, ive been on it for a month i always go on it for half an hour a day when i first go on the treadmill my heart rate is 60 which i think is good as i feal really relaxed after walking for 10 mins i run for 5 mins then i check my heart rate its norm in the 80’s.
    but i can get up to 140 when i walk faster and use the incline button. i am a life member at a gym but havent been for a year so got out of condition.
    at one time my heart rate was always high as i suffered for years with anxity but now im exercising i feel great again.

  • Eh. I just took mine, it’s at 54 I’m 17, and female. I do lots of exercises, and a matter of fact, have lost over 125lbs. It’s not as low as I want it though. I want it around Shirely’s. Heh. that’d be nice. I’m still 5’2 and 163-ish lbs. So. I mean I still have a great amount left to lose, I guess for being on the border of being considered obese. I’ve got a healthy heartrate. I’m going to take it in the morning before i get out of bed. See if it differs.

  • @Jason: Great number, still gotta drop those cigs though πŸ™‚

    @Samantha: Congrats on getting back into such great shape, keep it up — not your heart rate though, keep that down, haha.

    @Olivia: WOW! Did you type that right, 125 pounds?! Absolutely amazing, and keep that momentum going to get those last few off. I know it gets harder the more you lose, but just stick with it, and congrats again on such unbelievable progress so far!

  • Hm, I just counted it at 95. I have been trying to keep it over 180 in the last two minutes of my intensity workouts (Body for Life), but it seems harder to do than before. When I was in high school, I used to stay a minute at 210 when doing my intensity training. I took some time off of working out when college got too busy and now I am 25 years old and already reminiscing about those days when I was in such great shape! πŸ˜€ Hey – maybe it’s not too late to get it back.

  • @Courtney: It’s never too late, and certainly not at 25!

  • I was sitting at the computer, in a total full-body lull after eating some sushi, and my heart felt over-exerted. Hmm, strange, so I tested, and it’s at 100 bpm resting.

    What are the signs of overtraining, and it’s effect on the heart? I read that athletes keep close track of their resting h.r. to make sure they’re not overtraining. Could it be that I have not been resting enough? I work out every day, 35-50 mins moderate to hard cardio, weight training also. I am 27, 5’11, and weight flux on a daily basis from 137-142. Normal? I have heart disease history in all sides of my family.

    • That is not your true rhr, you need to test it right when you wake up before you get up. I have got a health band that checks it automatically. And it is very consistent now. When I used to check it during the day, a lot of times it was 20 to 30 bpm faster that what I have found out with the health band.

  • Any time you can literally feel your heart working too hard, especially in a total full-body lull like you described, you should get it checked out.

    The fact that you were thinking about it and may have been slightly nervous could have elevated your bpm when you tested it, but with such widespread heart disease in the family, I would recommend making an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to ease the mental stress of not knowing, if nothing else.

  • I’m 5’6″ and about 160lbs. I run quite a lot but I haven’t been properly for a couple of weeks so I can have a rest period. My rhr, first thing in the morning is only 46 and always quite weak – I struggle finding it. Is it a sign of fitness or something else?

  • It’s tough to tell, Piff. Due to different body shapes, inside and out, some can feel and monitor their heart rate easier than others, but, as always, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to put your mind at ease.

  • I am a 49 year old female-140 pounds at 5′ tall. I have been going to the gym for over 2 years three times per week for an hour each time. I had a ECG done this week and all was normal on it except my doctor said my heart rate was unusually slow at 50. Is this cause for concern?

  • What was the dialogue after he told you it was unusually slow?

    Hopefully, he would have followed that up with some sort of explanation or comment, instead of just leaving you hanging.

    While 50 is low, it wouldn’t shock me, given your amount of exercise, but again, your doctor knows you better than I do.

    If he didn’t offer any additional advice and just left it at “unusual,” it may be time to change doctors, because communication is absolutely critical between patient and doctor.

  • had a stree test blood work everything came back normal going through meneapause but sometime my heart rate goes up to 105 to 110 but i have panicks a ttacks also, is that normal

  • Hi,

    I dont really excercise much but my R.H.R is 68 Bpm sitting down, I smoke and also drink ocassionally? Is this okay?

    Should I check my Resting Heart Rate first thing in the morning?


  • Im 35 with a resting heart rate of 54 – 57 bpm. i smoke regularly, I don’t drink, use to panic with a fast heart beat, now i panic with a slow heart beat. Im active, but considered obese 5’7 195lbs. Doctors did all the heart test, and I show a valve that doesnt shut completely with every beat, but says this is nothing to worry to much about, except to get it checked every 2 years. My panic attacks have gone away for the most part now that my heart rate slowed down, but did i learn to slow it down too much? Should I get a second opinion?

  • @Linda: It is normal for heart rate to increase during panic attacks, but you may want to dig deeper and find the cause and solution to the panic attacks in the first place.

    Ensuring you get plenty of sleep and taking up meditation and/or yoga could help, before turning to medications.

    @Aaron: 68 bpm is in a nice healthy range, although that clearly isn’t a green light for your nasty smoking habit πŸ™‚

    And yes, the best time to measure is first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed, so it’s not elevated as a result of getting up and moving around.

    @Joanne: That range certainly isn’t alarmingly low, but, when in doubt, ALWAYS get a second opinion, especially when it’s something as serious as your heart. You can never be too careful there.

    Also, you and Aaron need to team up to put down the cigs! πŸ™‚

  • I am an athlete, and currently stuck in hospital with chicken pox, until i am non infectious, nurses come and take my heart rate and blood pressure with a machine every 4 hours, my rhr has been between 44 and 50 before i get out of bed, and then between 57-62 when i am sitting around in the hospital room using the computer. I generally train 6 days a week for 4-5.5 hours a day in 2 sessions, weights, cardio, and technical sessions.

  • Mine is around 45 bpm. My activity level/intensity would probably qualify me as an athlete.

  • My RHR is about 94. I am 40 yrs old, I run three times a week and the other days I do a light workout. I have no problems running and usually do a 8 minute mile (I run at least 4 miles) with no problems. I do not have any history of heart disease in my family. I just get a little worried when my RHR is so fast when I am not doing anything to make it do so. I am 5’10” weighing 148lbs. Is this normal?

  • @Kelley, has it always been this high? A 8 minute mile for a 40yr old female is really outstanding and it sounds like you are consistent with your workouts..BMI is really great maybe almost on the low side. I’m wondering though do you drink any type of caffiene, soda, coffee or even tea? This might have an effect. However if it has always been that high then it just might be hereditary. I know you don’t have heart disease in your family but maybe their pulses are at the higher end too. My family has a history of low blood pressure and my RHR is 55. I workout for an hour a day, but no way could I run an 8 min mile. I hate running, I use strength training and I walk it out as fast as I can. I will run but only at a slow pace for about 10 min at a time, or a fast pace for 2 and then walk it out again. I am 5’6 and weight about 140. However my neighbor who also has low blood pressure is on the obese side (200lbs) and doesn’t work out and her RHR is 68. So who knows?

  • @Linda: Have you had your Thyroid levels checked with a TSH test? A problem with your thyroid can cause panic attacks besides other symptoms like weight gain and depression. Hyper is less TSH than .3, Normal is .3 to 3.0, subclinical Hypo but still treatable is 3.0 to 10, >10 must be treated. Hypothyroid can cause elevated cholesteral even with TSH at sublinical levels. Worth a look into.

  • I’m a 17 y/o competitive cyclist and have a resting rate of 50.

  • Hi everyone, I am new to this type of forum, if someone can help me regarding my concern, it will be much appreciated, I cycle fifteen miles per day three times a week, play football(soccer) twice a week for one hour each session, i am by the guide lines at 5ft8 and fifteen stone, classed as obese. I have suffered for the last ten years with acute chest pain, that my GP referred me to a cardiologist, I had every heart test that is available, treadmill, echo, 24 hr tape, blood tests, more treadmill tests, eventually having an angiogram, that showed perfectly normal arteries, all other tests are great, doctors assure me that I am extremely fit if over weight with a resting heart rate at it’s lowest 45 beats per minute, I am always dizzy, always having chest pain, weakness, yet everytime i have any meeting with a heart consultant they dismiss my symptoms. has anyone else or is experiencing these symptoms. I am sat writing this in chest pain and fuzzy headache pain, also weak, but later on I will play football and feel okay, with the odd ectopic beat which I ignore.

  • my heart rate is at 52 after averaging. i had the gastric by pass 9 months ago, but i started walking 6 months before the surgery, and i quit smoking 1 year before the operation. i work out at least 3 times a week at the gym and i continue to walk 3-4 times a week. i also park further away from the entrance of where ever i am going into. i think my rate is a little high. when i work out my rate is about 120-122. not sure if this is normal.

  • To Dave B. I am no doctor, but what I have found is when I eat hot oatmeal of all things I get the symptoms that you are getting. When I have had others tell me that they have had the same symptoms, I ask them if they had oatmeal or any other hot cereal for breakfast, oddly enough, they all said yes. What this means, I don’t know, but curious if that is what you are having. Couldn’t tell you why it happens, but it seems to work that way most of the time. Especially the dizziness, the chest pains are almost like panic attacks, like my heart is beating fast. Good luck.

  • I am 6’1, and about 175-185 lbs, and my hb is a little over 170 times a minuted but I don’t do anything, and occasionally popping pills.

    • Hey Joe, this is either a joke, a miscalculation, or a reason for an immediate trip to the cardiologist!

  • hi the doctor is concerned about my daughter’s heart rate. She weighs 108.8 is about 5′ 2 1/2 inches. The difference between her laying down heart rate and standing up heart rate can be up to 20 -24 points difference. Example standing 85 laying down 65 , or 55 laying down vs. 75 standing up. She thinks 108 is too thin and this is the cause for the difference. She won’t let her exercise anymore or bowl. She was hopitalized because her laying down rate had dropped to 40 but it has been a long time now. I wonder how much we should be concerned about the difference btwn the standing and laying down rates as long as they are acceptable rates on their own.

  • Oh my daughter is 18 and loks great

  • I’m 44 and as of Nov 2008 I was in the worst shape of my life. Since then I started eating better/less and in the last month have started working out on a treadmill. I’m down from 280 to 256 and my resting heart rate has gone from 80 to 70.

    When I work out I try to keep it in the 150 range which feels about right for me for now. I’m hoping to get down to 200 so my blood sugar doesn’t need so many pills and insulin to stay down. Being able to fit regular store clothing and fit in airplane seats is another reason I’m doing it plus the great feeling it provides!

    Thanks for the great site.

  • I am 32, 5’2″ and 207.4lbs. I have just started weight watchers and a excercise regimine. I also bought a monitor and calculated my morning resting rate at 74.
    I have lost 8.4lbs. so, It may have been higher not long ago. It should start moving lower soon.
    My dad had way too low of a RHR. His was clocked at 29bpm while having a check-up
    and the doctors said he needed a pacemaker.

  • I’m 48 and mine is 70

  • i weigh about 70kg (not too sure what that is in pounds) and im about 180 cm or just under 6 foot and i have a resting heart rate of 44. doctors tell me that it is nothing to worry about and that chances are it just means im going to live to be 110 or soemthing crazy like that. i dont do that much excersise but i do occasionally. its also affects me when i stand up to fast and i get dizzy for a few seconds. i guess i cant really explain but yeah, im totally normal and have a really low blood pressure. bring normal normal is over rated anyway

  • Hi

    I am 52 years old and had a stent 2 years ago, I am doing ,but every now and then sitting down my pulse will jump from 65 to 120 just sitting ther
    BP 110/65 run 3 times a week,could this be just a panic attack?

  • No one answered my queston about my daughter. What is up with that???// Still waiting. Francoise

    Thank you

  • I am 18, 5ft4 and around 90lbs (i keep trying to put on weight but have never been able to get more than about 103lbs. it is summer and i have lost weight due to the heat combined with stress). I usually have a low heartrate, low enough for the doctors to comment on it being uncommon, but at times of stress i find it stays around the 100-120 mark, for anywhere up to around 48 hours, making it almost impossible to sleep or rest. Is it normal for stress to cause it to deviate from the normal that much? I am pretty healthy, drink socially, never smoked or done drugs. i also have asthma.

  • @Francoise – If the doctor is concerned enough to recommend she stop exercising or bowling, then it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed. If your doctor didn’t offer any other steps to take, then I would recommend getting a second opinion, at the very least, to see if there’s another underlying problem or specific steps she needs to take.

    @Larry – How long does it stay that elevated? That’s quite a jump, so, as with any heart-related matter, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible.

    @Alex – Even if it’s only stress that is causing it, 120 bpm for 48 hours still seems outside the range of “normal.” Again, I can’t recommend enough the need to discuss any and all heart-related issues with your doctor as soon as possible. The heart is the last thing you want to ignore, if it’s trying to tell you something.

  • Hi Francoise –
    I have also noticed a big difference with my bpm between sitting(80) and standing(100) using a blood pressure monitor…so it must be more common then thought…
    Hi fItbuff-
    I have been given beta-blocker to reduce my pvc’s, but find that after a caffeine dose my heart beat goes into high gear once the beta-blocker starts to wear off. I never experienced this before I started taking beta-blocker…would this be common?

    • Hi Ric,

      How large is the “caffiene dose” and the “high gear” bpm afterward?

  • 28 years old
    6′ 1″
    190 lbs
    Resting HBM – 75-90
    Blood pressure 115/70

    I’ve always been fit. Played tennis for a long time. Run ~3 miles 5 x week.

    Smoke weed every day, no cigarettes. Drink 2-3 times per week… nothing heavy.

    My concern: I take 45-60mg of amphetamines almost every day for the past 5 years or so.

    Just bought a POLAR heart monitor to keep track of my heart beats. Wish I could get it down to the low 60’s.

    Any comments regarding the amphetamines? My shrink prescribed them when I started law school, but now I take them because I’m more productive and kind of hooked.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hello Mr. Pryor (haha, joke or real name?),

      Amphetamines can definitely be addictive, and it sounds like you’re headed that way, if not already, but at least you realize, so you should talk to your doctor and/or shrink about it immediately, before it becomes a bigger, more irreversible problem.

  • hi fitbuff;

    Thank you for your quick response…
    The first time I had only 2 strong cups of coffee after dinner, which made me feel dizzy and raised my bpm from the normal mid 60’s (with beta-blocker) to the high 90’s while laying down… the second time when I had dark chocolate fondue for dessert, which also raised my bpm to the high 90’s that lasted throughout the night keeping me awake from the constant pounding. Of course if I sat up or stood up, I could feel it speed up even more. I have been avoiding caffeine ever since.

  • I am 23 yes old. I am 6ft, 205 lbs., although I look nothing like I wiegh, I look smaller. I have been in the army 6 years. My resting heart rate is 95-100 bpm. I have always had a fast heart rate, but when I was 18-19 i remember it was around 85-90. I do not do physical training as often as I did, I was also 170 lbs then. All in all, why is it so high, is it dangerous? I have other factors such as anxiety, but ive been wound up like that my whole life, I always have energy. What can i do to slow it down? I tired laying in bed, and breathing slowly, when i checked it, it was at 99 bpm. Any other suggestions, shoudl I worry?

  • My resting heart rate is anywhere from 110 to 140 and I am 25 if I try really hard and think about lower numbers I can get it down to 95 but I guess that’s what happens when you have tachycardia

  • It was the fish oil…. Well, part of it I discovered. I suffered from anxiety for a while, but the most horrible things was these “falling elevator” feelings I’d get. It was like a dull, dreamlike sensation that would hit me about once a month, then once a week. I went to the Dr and they sent me to get a stress test echo because I weighed 285lbs (5’6″, not fast food or meat, but I was a bread lover/nuts/milk – sit most of day). I now weight about 265. .Everything was normal. My blood test were total cholesterol: 143, HDL: 45, BP: 118/80, Glucose: 70, HR: 78, Trig: 75 No drugs, no meds, no smoke, no drink, no family hist of heart or diabetes.

    I was in the ER and they tested everything from toxics to x-rays, etc…. nothing. When I would get these symptoms, my HR would jump to 140 for no reason and stay there for hours maybe dropping to 110. Other symptons included upon standing, HR jumped 20+. If I squated down to pick something up, upon standing I got light-headed and felt like the blood was draining out of my chest. Even my breathing would get hard. I fel tlike I was going to pass-out. Also, if I sat for a while such as driving then started walking, about 10 seconds later, a pressure-like pulse at the bottom of my neck that felt like someone was pumping air into my head and ears. Scared the crap out of me, it would come and go in 10 seconds. Well, one day I got so scared that my heart was failing, I popped 3 fish oil pills since it’s good for the heart. That day was the worst. Those electric shocks on my chest started coming every few minutes. I realized about what I had done that day and started to drunk a lot of water, I stopped the fish oil and the next day, the shocks were only a few, the next day, there was only 3, then they went away. Only when I get very stressed maybe feel it once every 2 months now, like a sudden interrupt of my breath (like one strong heartbeat while I inhale). My observations are also Lack of sleep is the worst. It screwed me up so bad. If I don’t sleep well, I go up the stairs one floor and my heart jumps 30+ beats. When i climb 5 floors, It would go as high as 160 and gasping (my weight has a lot to do with this….), but heart returns to 100 within 1.5 minutes. But when I sleep well, it only goes up to 140. My RHR is about 61, but my ambient HR while at work in 95, walking after sitting all day is 118, stress triggers sudden rises to 130. My sister weighs 110 and her ambient HR is always about 103, my Bros also so it could family. now, I drink gynostemma tea and it’s a stress reducer like crazy, organic foods, no soda, little milk, exercise is my next challenge……
    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  • I’m 18, 53 kg, 166 cm tall and I timmed my resting heart rate at 53 but I think it’s wrong, could be lower, because I think it’s more accurate when someone else does it, as I tend to muck it up especially with the ‘thousand and one…’

    I know that I’m so fit now and I use to hate physical activity. When I was in primary school I played soccer, waterpolo and hockey but when I got to high school I ditched all sports and didn’t join any. :O Last year though, my final high school year, I joined my local gym and have been going for about 8 months now. I can tell I’m fitter because after working out, I can feel my heart going back to normal – not pounding- and my breathing go normal a lot quicker. I was in town at a place today and my parents had to pick me up, they thought I was gonna be like a hour there, so they went to kill time at the dog part on the other side of town. My thingy ended up only taking like 10 mins, and I didn’t wanna wait for them outside for like an hour, so I alternated between running and walking to the dog park. My parents were really suprised when they saw me!

    It’s suprising…or maybe not, that so many people have such high resting heart rates. I think last time mine was taken, before I went to the gym and got fit, it was in the 60s or 70s. Anyway, regular work outs and running will lower it drastically, keep you fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier. You feel soo good after a good work out, like you can do anything.

  • hi im 19 years old and i am 200lbs it is normal that my resting heart rate is betweem 98 10 100 and one time it was 104

  • I am 41, weigh 195 lbs. I used to be an active swimmer, but is more relaxed these days. Ny RHR has shown to go down to 30 while I sleep. Some doctors are concerned, but my cardiologist says it is OK. I feel light headed once in a while. I have been told to eat more salt, which I do.

  • hello. I’m 19 years old and I weigh 176.5 lbs. I used to run every day, but now I’m not as active as I’d like. I don’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. I am currently taking Amoxicillin to get over a cold, I take calcium every day, and drink a lot of milk. I was wondering what would be a healthy weight for me? I’m concerned because I have a heart condition, and I don’t want to get overweight and risk an MI or stroke.

  • I am 58 years old, i have high blood pressure and am on beta blocker with that it is under control. My heart rate is what im concerned with, it has always been around 52 to 65, is that normal? I am average weight, I am not active

  • Hi there,
    Im 22 years old 5’3″ and 190 lbs. I am currently loosing weight through weight watchers and walking on my treadmill as well as using my wii fit. I had a pulmonary embolism about a year ago ( blood clot in lung) caused by a side effect to birth control. I had many tests on my heart blood work, ultra sound, ekgs and monitors just to be sure I have no issues. I suffer anxiety now because of my post traumatic stress. I was always very healthy aside from being over weight but when i had this traumatic event i became very anxiety prone!!!! I have a watch that tells me my heartrate if I push a button. I noticed that whilst laying on the couch about to fall asleep, when i pushed the button my heart rate went as low at 54… but seemed like it averaged more between 57 and 59. I am anxious over this. I know that i have been checked out and i apparently have a very strong healthy heart… but is it really ok to be under 60??? My anxiety affects my hr a lot, my resting during the day can be between 75 and 85 at the computer working… however if i am stressed it will be higher at around 95-100. I have had panic attacks where my hr is 110 or so, but once i take my anxiety medication it will dip back down to 90 or so and then get back to normal. There was one time that i had a very bad panic attack and my hr was 120, i went to the er to be safe and they gave me some anxiety meds after doing many tests to make sure i was ok. Anyways… i know what all of my drs have told me which is “I am perfectly fine with a healthy heart, and i should focus on relaxing and destressing… loosing some weight” I am working on loosing weight, i have lost 10 lbs already in the last 4 weeks working to get down to a healthy weight.

    I guess im just looking for reassurance that im ok… i know i should listen to my drs. but i want to make sure that being in the 50s at night during relaxation… almost sleeping is ok?

    Sorry for rambling!!!

  • I am 41 and I walk/run at least 2 a week. I walked today on the treadmill (at 3.5 miles an hour) with weights in my hands and when I was done they have a heart sensory testing and it said “90”. That seems low because when I run it’s more like 117. Anyway, I was just sitting down and tested my heart rate and it was around 83. Why is it the same as just sitting there?

  • opps I for got some details. I walked an hour at the gym and I weight 145 pounds and I am 5’10”.

  • For as long as I remember I have always been hyper-active – generally speak quickly, doing everything quickly, and have a subtle, anxious feeling all the time, and my heart goes about 90 in a minute, and I am pretty much always tense. Any suggestions? I exercise and eat well, but something must not be right because that feeling…

  • I am a 39 year old man. I have high blood pressure but it is under control. I have historically had a RHR between 55 and 60 bpm. I was once very athletic and was in the U.S Army for 4 years. I am currently not that active and I am about 20-25 pounds overweight. Recently I felt light headed and went to the emergency room. The doctors felt I was fine but my RHR was going as low as 46 bpm. Should I be worried?

  • I’m a 19 year old girl, 150 lbs, and 5’6. I run about 4 or 5 times week, 3-5 miles at a time. I just had my pulse taken today at the doctor’s office and my RHR was 58. I think that’s good? Apparently it’s bad if you’re not physically active, but I think it’s a sign that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard if you are an athlete.

  • I am 36 years old, is 5’11 and weighs almost 200 lbs.

    I hit the gym 2-3 times a week, running 3 miles and doing weight training for an hour each time. My RHR is 54. I am aiming to hit 50 or so. According to a chart I saw before, that’s an athlete’s resting heart rate…. =)

  • Hi, I’m 25years old 6’2 and weigh 150lbs. I was run over as a pedestrian 3 years ago by an 8 ton utility truck and now have implanted titanium rods in both legs. I just recently started having “panic attacks” and the first one I thought I was having a heart attack and was sure I was dying. I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress and am often worried about having more. My resting heart rate is 60 but if I stand up it can jump to 100 within seconds. I also feel as if sometimes my heartrate won’t change but I can feel it beating “stronger”. I have been prescribed xanax for the panic but I honestly think that is not the problem. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do I would gladly and very much so appreciate it. I check my heartrate it seems as every minute of every hour, and am very concerned. Thank you for your time.

  • Myself Roshan from India. My uncle who is 58 yrs old has a unusual problem. For the last 2 months, it has been observed that his heart pumping rate has gone down to 20 which is very unusual since the normal pumping rate should be between 60 & 80. He has been hospitalised thrice in these 2months coz when he is brought back home, he is not able to keep himself well. Doctors in India seems are not able to find a solution to this problem.
    Is there any solution to this problem. I am very concerned reg this. Thank you for your time.

  • I’m 56 years old and still run 3 miles a day. I also bike and kayak. My resting heart rate always seems high to me between 90 and 110. I have noticed that the higher my resting heart rate is the lower my blood pressure is. And the converse is true. Is this normal? What is the relationship between resting heart rate and blood pressure? Thanks to anyone who might know the answer.

  • I am 50 year old female, 5’3” weighing 132 lbs. I consider myself extremely fit. I work out 6 days a week for min 60 minutes per day. I am surprised as my resting heart rate is approx 60; this seems very high for my fitness level?

  • I’m a 45 year old male, 5’10”, 188lbs. Not very active any more. Measured my RHR this morning while still lying in bed, before even sitting up, at 78. That seems ‘high normal’. However last night while sitting in the recliner watching TV it was 110. Why so much higher? Is that a ‘normal’ difference?

  • I am a sitter for an elderly man and i take his vitals every mornig before breakfast.a few weeks ago he scared me because after lunch out of nowhere he began feeling ill sick to his stomache and having a major headache,but when i checked his vitals they were nothing out of the ordinary.but since then ive ben on close watch paranoid id even saY. this morning when taking B/p His pulse read 50 so i looked back to previous days and monday it was 69 TUesday 59, Wed 56 and this Morn 50, I was concerned THAT, that might not be good so before he ate breakfast i retook them and it was 58.Is that out of the ordinary should we get that checked out? Does anyone know or have any thoughts?I’d apreciate any input that couldnbe helpful.. THANK YOU GOD BLESS

  • If an elderly mans pulse rate it 54 one morning aND 50 the next should i be worried

  • I’m a 35 year old female, 5’8″ tall, weigh 155, and my resting heart rate is 45 bpm. Seems low, but I guess it works. πŸ™‚

  • Recently when I had had a seizure and passed out the my friend had taken my pulse. He said my pulse was 210 per minute is this normal?? if not does any one know the normal heart rate per/ minute

  • Hi, my resting heart rate measured this morning upon waking, about 10 mins ago, was 168 bpm.

    I’m feeling a bit light headed, and came onto the site to check again where it should be. Whats the emergency number in this country?…..been trying to ring

    is it 911? its not that….fk american tv!!

  • I’m 56 and workout nearly every day, bike ride when I can and play racquetball. My resting rate is down to 43 bpm. When I was in good shape from cycling mostly and in my 30’s, my rate was about 56.

  • I am 35 year old female fairlyu active i bike about 30-50 milesw a week. I eat healthy and have a resting heart rate of 90-100 (this is when im sitting thorought the day) not lying in bed. I am under a lot of stress my bp is 107/75. Should i be concerned about this??????????????

  • Hellow every body I am 42 my weght is 115kg and height is 172 cm . Some times while laying at rest my herat rate is between 56 and 62 and some I have tachycardia and herat rate reaches to 116 bpm.
    I am taking medications for blood pressure . Undert normal conditions my heart rate remains between 72 and 80 . please tell me is it a normal ?

  • Hellow every one I am 42 my weght is 115 kg, height is 172 cm . At rest my heart rate is between 56 and 62 bpm but some times I get panic when my heart rate increases suddenly and reaches 116 bpm. I am take anti hypertensive medications . In normal conditions my heart rate is 64 to 80 bpm . please tell is a normal ?

  • At morning my resting heart rate in 56 bpm . Is it a normal or not

  • Hello , I am 20 yrs old 182 lbs , 5ft10 inches , my RHR is 38 , my motivation is to feel good , be healthy and to look good and not follow my parents path who have had some health problems recently i think due to inactivity , a poor diet and stress. I PT with my unit 3 times a week mon , wed and friday mornings and i go to the gym at night 6 times a week. I like to lift weights and do alot of cardio. I use to hate running but ever since i joined the Corps it has became a daily routine and a passion of mine! I use to weight 247 lbs and i never want to go back to it ever again! My goal is to get a RHR of 30 and drop down to 170 lbs, and Run a Marathon in the next year!

  • My heart beats 87 times pr minute. I’m 17 and weigh 107 pounds and my blood pressure is 104/62. Is that normal?

  • oh and I’m a female with a height of 5feet and 6.5 inches

  • Hi Robert! I’m 5ft 9inches and 180 lbs, I’m doing cardio only for 3 months, and my absolute lowest RHR was 54 :))) RHR 38 sounds very good, I can only dream about that number :)))) btw. for everybody, here you can measure your current heart rate

  • I am 33 years old, 6’0″ tall and weigh 200 pounds. My resting reart rate is 44 bpm. I workout by doing crossfit for three on and one off, every day. Is this good.

  • I’m male and 36, I run about 30 miles a week. My RHR is usually 36-38. Although this is quite low, I’m no fitter than anybody else who does the same amount of exercise.
    I find it very hard, even on hill runs, to get my heart over 160.

  • I’m 20 and 5′ 3.5″, weigh 128-130 and my resting heart rate was 55 after being awoken by someone walking into my room which wakes me up instantly, so it’s a bit off. I walk a lot, but don’t have a work out schedule or regular work out. I dance as often as I can though and was a dancer for 7 years.

  • I am 6 ft 5, 198 lbs, and RHR of 131.. This is okay πŸ™‚ but when I exercise my HR goes down to 7 BPM. πŸ™‚ This is fantastic. Thank you

  • I am 17, 110lbs and 5′ 5.5.” My resting heart rate is 85 BPM

  • I’m 19, 98 pounds, 5’4″ and my heart rate was 74 a few minutes ago, but I’ve been drinking diet Coke so that’s probably a bit high.

  • Hello,
    I am 21, 5’8, 162 pounds with a resting heart rate of 45. I work out every now and then, run once or twice every week. I also have an occasional arrhythmia. I’ve been to the doctor and he says i have Bradycardia, but since they were never able to record my arrhythmia i was never diagnosed with that. From what the doctor told me, 45 isn’t normal but it’s safe for someone my age; it becomes more of a problem later in life, around 60 when chronic heart diseases are more likely to be diagnosed.
    Hope this helps someone!

  • i am 29 years old , 6 ft hight, HBR 60 , frequently coming small heart pain,continuesly i am having tablets for increasing heart beat

  • I’m a 20 yr old female, 5’2″, between 110 and 115 lbs. I just started vyvanse for my ADD back in October and since then my resting heart rate has been between 90 and 110, even when I’m off my meds for a couple of days (usually the weekend when I don’t have so much school work to do). My body doesn’t feel weird, but my increased heart rate has me concerned and I’m scared to exercise because I don’t want to push my heart too far. any suggestions or comments?

  • My 13-year-old son has a “stand-around” heart rate of 50, so I’m guessing that his RHR is a bit lower, probably 40. While these numbers seem extremely low for a child this age based on the expected averages, he is a phenominal cyclist and we had measured his V02 (University of MN ergometer estimate – not breath analysis method) to be around 81-85 (Lance Armstrong’s V02 was measured at 88), so it is no surprise that his RHR is very low. Just goes to show that RHR is a very individual thing.

  • I am a 45 year old male who is a very active runner, biker, swimmer (triathlete) and weight lifter. I am preparing for my first marathon having done a lot of half marathons. My resting heart rate is under 50 which is a function of a very efficient heart, however there is a downside. Often, when I get up quickly from my desk to walk to the copier or even if I stand up to yell at a basketball game, I become light headed and dizzy. It passes very quickly, but I always worry that I am going to pass out (never have). For active athletes, a low (<55) resting heart rate is a sign of fitness. For those who are sedentary, a low resting heart rate may be a symptom of an underlying problem that is worth have investigated by your physician.

  • I am a 51-tear-old male who does a lot of endurance exercise activity (esp. cycling) and my resting HR is 38-42 and my max is about 180. In warm weather, I will ride 200-250 miles a week. I am not a competitive athlete – I just really like to exercise, and apparently there is a benefit. However, I have been waking up with headaches lately. I had a suspicion, so I bought a pulse oximeter to measure my blood O2 saturation. Sure enough, I am seeing levels of 90-91% at waking, which puts me in a stage of hypoxemia. I had experienced similar headaches several years ago while climbing above 13,000 ft. Now I guess I have to deal with the hypoxemia!

  • I am 19, 195 pounds and 6 feet tall, my resting at this time is 73, is that high

  • I’m 22, my weight fluctuates between 167 and 190 for absolutely no reason, and my resting heart rate is between 88 and 100 bpm. When I do any kind of physical exertion, even walking up a dozen stairs, my heart rate goes up to about 110-140 bpm.

    I also drink 1-3 cups of coffee a day, so that probably doesn’t help lower my heart rate or my pre-hypertension blood pressure.

  • I’m 28 6’1 215 pounds. My body fat is somewhere around 18-20%. My resting heart rate is 90. I go to the gym daily for at least an hour. Sometimes when lying in bed my heart beats so hard than my arms will pulsate with my heart beat. Advce please


  • 60-100 is normal heart rate. Anything slightly higher or lower is not a significant prob. What to worry about it murmurs, extra sounds (otherthan your usual lub dub), high blood pressure (greater than 140/90), high heart rate above 110 or so, and anytype of chronic chest pain (usually not sharp-which is indication of gas or anxiety) that feels like severe pressure. Other than these common signs just get checkups with a good Doc (and Nurse) and quite worrying about it!! Especially if your young. Just start living healthy Right Now!!

  • Oh, also of course your heart rate is gonna shoot up if your walking up stairs or exercising your oxygen demand is increased. And athletic with the pulse ox of 90 that’s not normal for you. 95 or higher is ideal and you should be @ 98-100. 90 isn’t deadly but go to a Doc.

  • 6′ 1″ and a quarter
    22 yrs. young
    165 lbs
    HR: 80-100

    Most of my friends have great HRs around 50 and so forth. I’m the only one with a high HR. Depending on how I sleep the night before, when I walk out the door to go ride I check my HR. This is when it reads 80-100. Instead, when I wake up in the morning I’m going to record my HR and do this for three days and take an average.

    I usually max out my HR once a week on group rides around 190-198 which is fine. I’m concerned about the internal effects and long term damage of running a higher heart rate, tachycardia, pre-hypertension. Because while excersing at these intesities may not effect an individual’s endurance and power output, I think it may damage some organs if the HR is abnormally high. So, after I establish an avg. resting HR I’ll go from there.

  • Hi I’m 18yrs old and I train at an elite level. In the past few months my coaches have been concerned about my rest heart rate which is consistantly 70bpm. This in itself is not abnormal we realize however when I’m actively training hard throughout the day my heartrate is consistantly 56bpm.

    Is this something I should be concerned with? I’ve been given a cursory “you’re a strong, healthy girl” diagnoses from my GP but both my family and coaches are not convinced.

  • I’m 19 years old lately I’ve felt like my heart is racing a lot that its beating really fast. In the afternoon at about 4:00 pm my heart rate is consistently about 85-90bpm and my blood pressure is usually about low normaI. Since that’s what my pulse is everyday is it too high of an average resting pulse rate.

  • 48BPM
    44 year old male

  • 22yr old male. blunted + aderall. 160BPM

  • Aerobics instructor and fitness trainer – usually <45bpm. Currently 46bpm as i type this. I love my heart rate monitor.

  • I am very concerned. I went to the gym the other day and BEFORE doing anything.. i checked my heart rate and it was 140bpm. I checked it again a few days later… 128bpm. This scared me so much I went to see my Dr. yesterday. They are referring me to a cardiologist. I am only 43 years old. I am overweight, but NOT Obese. I started working out recently and changed my eating habits… but this heart rate is way too high. Has anyone been where I am and brought it down?

  • my wife was harassing me for not visiting the heart specialist and I was put on a disgusting fat free salt free diet, after consulting with her merciless friends.And now the doctor after echo cardio gram and ecg and blood analysis discovered that my normal daytime bpm was 45-50 and the cholestrol levels etc were better than normal but the T waves in the ecg were found to be taller compared to normal. I feel very healthy, I am 62 and i jog almost daily and do weight training intermittently since very many years. The doctor insists on me gulping at least 5 cute looking horribly irritating pills daily and my wife is still trying to choke me with prayer sequences and vegetables without salt etc. Help ,Please help.!!! Here, a man is in peril!!!

    • hey there Jacob;
      I’m no expert or the host of this site jacob, but it seems to me that too much salt will affect your blood pressure more so than anything else (you didn’t mention what your blood pressure was); and your rest/hrt/rate seems a little low for your age, but than again you’re athletic. Since our bodies need about 1/2 tbsp of salt everyday anyway(google salt), I’d say get your wife to, or make your own tasty meals with a little salt and other spices each day, and try and avoid all that other crappy processed food that contains so much hidden salt and other chemicals. That’s at least what I try and do…Lots of luck jacob!

  • Im 28yo Male with a heart beat resting of 35bpm, When i wake i feel exausted for about 15mins then i seem to come good. Is there some underlying medical condition that could cause this? I am in no way an athlete. I drink too much and party way too much. Im in hospital with suspected percarditis and the nurses keep waking me up because my heart beat slows down to around 35bpm?

  • I am 37 years old and have an average resting heart rate of 45. This alarmed me and I went to a cardiologist. I’ve been hooked up to a holter monitor for the past week and have 2 more weeks to go. I am by far NOT a world class athlete like Lane Armstrong. In fact, I was obese until recently, now I exercise 45 minutes (or more) every day doing road biking on a Trek bike (eh, Armstrong). After losing 65+ (so far), my average heart rate went from 75 (when I weighed in at 310 lbs and didn’t eat right — even been told that in the 70s is pretty low for someone who is obese) to 45 in a matter of about 9 months (now eating right and exercising every day). I called the Cardiologist a couple days ago which told me that looking at all the data that’s collected on the monitor so far, and he is that my heart is very strong and there are no glaring problems (this is also comparing to a stress test and a echocardiogram they have done earlier — which I did EXCELLENT on the stress test, and my echo came back with no abnormalities, blockages, or defects) and that the rate that my rate falls and drops with exercise and stress is normal, which is one sign of a healthy strong heart. He basically told me I won the heart lottery with a heart that beats so slow…

    So, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to be an athlete to have a low heart rate. Obviously, genetics has a lot to do with how fast or slow your heart will beat, but getting this low should be checked out by a cardiologist to make sure there is no underlying heart problem.

  • Oh, by the way. As I type this, my heart rate is 49, but I recently got back from a quick 10 min jog around the park, so it’s a little elevated for me.

  • paddlegirl, so your heart rate goes down when you exercise from your average resting rate in the 70s? If not, can you get your heart rate ABOVE 120 when you exercise? Because a heart rate of 60-90 is “normal.” If it goes down when you exercise, I would go see a cardiologist. This isn’t normal.

    But everyone is different, 45 is normal for me. 70 might be normal for you. But, it has been proven the more you exercise the lower you heart rate will become.

  • I am 37 and about 5-8 -9 somewhere in there and have weighed up to 214 and now i am 198 and going down but sometimes I have heart rates that are 121 coming in from cutting grass and then it goes down to about 88 and then when i get up and measure it is 72 am I paranoid? or something to worry about? please help……

  • i have a resting heart rate of 63 first thing in the morning, which i hear is pretty good but when my day is finished and i sit down my heart rate drops very quickly to 35 bpm for a couple of minuets and i can feel my heart thumping, then it will just as quickly shoot back up to a normal level. wots that all about? does anyone have any ideas?

  • Am grateful for the information provided on this site. I’ve been having heart rates of about 52bpm when resting and rather got worried that it was quite too low.

  • My resting is usually 42, but right now is 35. I’m 5″11, 54 years old, and an avid cyclist. Weight is 154. The 35 is sort of low for me. BPM used to go up 190+ when I was competing in criteriums, but I haven’t measured the active rate in years. I do have an irregular heartbeat, skips and then beats twice closer together sometimes, but holter monitor worn maybe 15 years ago showed everything was OK. Just not sure at my age why the recent trend towards 35 resting BPM.

  • I’m 37 and run about 3-4 times a week and mine is usually in the 30-40 range. Right now it is 37 sitting at work. I am not necessarily the an athlete and I am 5’10” and around 205 lbs. I had an ECG done when I was 15-16 because the doctor thought he heard something but everything then was fine. I remember them complaining about my heart beating so slow then as well since they need the heart to beat to see it on the machine.

  • I am 21, 188 lbs, 6′ 2″. Cycling almost daily as it is my mode of transportation, usually about 21 miles or 1.5 hours. Resting heart rate this morning is 44 BPM, which is after a fairly strenuous day yesterday and a good bit of sleep last night.

  • i am 22, 60 kg, 175 cm, i have 62 bpm! i want to know if this normal heart beating?

  • Hi Mohammed, that is OK for a resting heart rate. Mine is about the same, or at least was when I last checked. Do you workout? As said in the article stronger and fitter people have a lower heart rate as the heart works more efficiently.

  • Resting averages at 40 BPM
    32 year old male

    I run and weight lift often though

  • 28 YO male, decent shape, recently started running. My resting heart rate is currently 80bpm.

    Should be interesting to see how much it decreases as I increase my mileage and overall fitness level. Thanks for the great information.

  • Hey my names Amy and I’m 16 years old. I’m a national level athlete.. In wrestling actually so I am in great shape and have a good amount of muscle . I’m 5’10 and weigh about 157 and I have a heart rate of like 80 resting. I realize that’s not normally high but I train twice a day almost everyday and my coaches and parents are concerned why it’s that way. When I work out it gets to arround190 but then it recovers and slows back to normal in a matter of secounds. So if any one has any advice or any ideas why its that way that would be great.

  • My resting heart rate was actually 36 BPM in college (many years ago). The only physical activity I got at the time was walking around campus and the occasional pick-up basketball game. I just measured and now it’s around 60 BPM. Boy do I need some cardio! Thanks for the post and the kick in the pants I needed.

  • Hi, I’m 43 years old, have a resting heart rate of 62bpm. I run four times a week, I have never smoked and I would regard my diet as quite healthy. My mate is 46 years old, smoker, overweight and runs three times a week, and hasn’t been running as much as me. When we train together his heart rate is about 15 beats slower than mine per minute at any point in time during training. Is there reason to be concerned? I would like to think that I’m fitter than him. I have suffered from acute high blood pressure but with exercise it is fine. Is ther something else I can do to lower my heartrate?

  • I am a 28 year old male and my resting heart rate is between 42 – 48. I am not an athlete i just like to go cycling for 12k a day. During the weekend 35k. Its fun and you feel good .. pedal power rules πŸ™‚

  • Well all of you seem to have pretty low heart rates! I’m jealous. I am nineteen years old, I am 5’3” and weigh 120 lbs. My resting heart rate is 100 bpm. I have been to a cardiologist and today I was told that I have a patent foramen ovale, which is a hole in my heart. The doctor told me that a PFO would not account for my high heart rate though, so I am still confused. I have had multiple EKG’s done, I have had lab work and xrays, and I wore a holter monitor for 24 hours. And I still don’t have answers. I am extremely nervous about what all of this means, but I don’t know what to do next. The holter monitor is basically a portable EKG and it caught that my heart rate when I woke up that morning (morning is the best time to find your resting heart rate) was 150 bpm. And during the night it was consistently at 75 bpm. I wish I could figure out what was wrong.

  • 46 Year-Old Male
    52 BPM
    BP: 110/60

    Feeling great! πŸ™‚

  • I played sports all through high school (basketball, soccer, track, cross country) so I have a pretty strong heart. My average heart rate is around the lower 60 mark. I’m haven’t bothered checking what my resting rate is because I simply don’t remember when I wake up!!

  • My resting heart rate is 60 bpm. I’m severely over weight and dont exercise at all. (Starting tomorrow gonna start walking an hour a day with losing weight.) I heard 60 is good for a resting heart rate though.

  • my name is frank valenti i am 28 years old and have a resting heartbeat between 48bpm and 38bpm is this normal i do work out three times a week.

  • I am 54 and just did an overnight test for oxygen level and heart rate, average rest/sleep rate seemed to be 87, oxygen level 95, my bpm was 90 just before getting up. During my stress test for cardio my max was 167 and quickly returned to 72.

    I know people my age can have heart attacks (often when getting up), my ecg has some top and bottom compression (not sure what that means).

    Would just like to say to anyone reading this if you think you have a problem see a doctor the tests they do are amazing, better to be proactive with your heart health.

  • i have a resting heart rate of about 80bpm i am 18 years old and pretty active but when running my heart rate does some times go up to 180bpm and now and again when resting it might go up to 110bpm and then suddenly drop to about 40 bpm could this be normal

  • I am a 27 year old male, 6ft, 159lbs. I am a fun run guru (5k and 10k mostly) and I graduated to sprint and olympic sized triathlons three years ago. I train through out the year, I feel like I’m in good shape, I have a resting heart rate of 58bpm. during a run/bike/swim I maintain heart rates over 170bpm. seems a bit high compared to a bunch of you

  • We’re all built differently. My morning BPM can be as low as 57, but during the day it rises to 87-95. I run a couple days a week and average 167BPM with peaks of 187-190 on hills. I would imagine as I keep running more and more my body will absorb O2 more efficiently and my heart won’t have to work as hard. But, for now… We all have to start somewhere I guess. I’m doing what I can to keep my heart/body healthy!

  • I’m 20 years old, I’m 6’5″ & I weight 165 lbs. I have recently been having really sharp chest pains. I’ve had them before when I was younger & my doctor told me it was because my heart rate was too slow. They diagnosed me with Sinus Bradycardia at age 15. I have never been in good shape, i’ve always been underweight, but I’ve recently been under ALOT of emotional stress & I took my heart rate less than an hour ago & it was 32bpm. My doctor told me my chest pains were linked to my heart rate, & it seemed the slower my heart rate was the worse they got. On average my heart rate is about 45-50bmp & i’ve been working out quite alot. When working out my heart rate is usually in the 70-80bmp mark when i’m lifting & actually breaking a sweat, like to the point where it’s dripping off me. I’m starting to become concerned about this, should I be? Anyone have any ideas as to what I could do to raise my heart rate? Any help is appreciated.

  • Norman, I am not a physician, so I can’t give you any info, but I would advise you to talk to your doctor about it.

    I am 32 yrs old and am fairly active with BPM resting anywhere from 47-60.

  • I am 24yrs old, 5’8″ and about 165lbs.Resting heart rate today was 100. I checked it two more and it had dropped to 94. I’ve been getting really dizzy lately and almost pass out. Luckily I work as an aide in a nursing home so I have the nurses check my bp and pulse all the time. Well a couple days ago I had one of my near fainting spells and my pulse was 146. Through out the day I had her check it and it stayed about 105-109 then at about 5pm I could tell is was slowing down, the nurse checked it again and it had dropped to 60. This kinda seems freaky to me. I recently had blood work done and everything came back ok except my blood count was low. Could that be why I almost pass out?? Oh and I was also told to increase my sodium because my doctor told me my bp was low! My bp was 165/109 and yesterday it was 145/90…it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t eat junk food and I mostly drink water. I do drink coffee but not in excess. Does anyone else have this problem??

  • 31 year old male, smoked and drank for 15 years, avg. heart rate- 65. quit smoking 1 year ago. started running daily 3 months ago. heart rate-42. Is that normal to fall so quickly?

  • i am a 21 year old male i train for triathlon (cycling swimming and running) at least twice per day every day but have recently noticed my resting heart rate is 76 beats per minute this is way higher than everyone i train with. this has got me worried
    any advice thanks

  • It sounds like you may have a condition called sick sinus syndrome, your heart is fast then very slow. I am not a cardiologist but have done extensive research about the heart. I myself get bouts of Atrial Fibrillation. You will probably need to be monitored with a Holter Monitor which records your heartbeat for 24-48 hours.

  • Norman, It sounds like you may eventually need a pacemaker to raise your heart rate where it needs to be. If you have a 2nd or 3rd degree electrical heart block that can be dangerous, You may pass out fall and hurt yourself or be involved in a traffic accident from passing out behind the wheel in your car. You will probably need to have testing done by an electro-physiologist to determine if you have an electrical abnormality in your heart.

  • Im 23 yrs old, and my heart rate in the morning or in the afternoon or even wen ever, it seems to skip a beat then it like seems it stops then my heart rate drops down to like 59 58 then to 50 bpm and in the morning wen i get up it starts of at like 50 bpm wtf is up wit that.

  • i’m 18 years old. i checked my heart bpm 3 times constantly. first, 56. then 55. then 52.
    average is about 54.
    is it still normal?

  • I’m a 50 year old male. While I have been using my bike to go to work (10km) I don’t really push myself. I do feel fatigued often though.

    Heart rate varies (of course) but normally averages at 60bpm. This is based on a four hour period wearing a Garmin GPS/heart rate monitor at work. Office work but that also includes going up and down stairs. At rest my heart rate can drop to the low 40s. While reading this page I did a check earlier and got 40bpm but am back up to 48bpm now probably since I’m typing.

  • Hi I’m a 17 year old male and i’ve just checked my resting heart rate after a good 9 hours sleep and its around 51-52 which everywhere i’ve looked says that its at athlete level which im far off by any means!
    I’ve been running on and off for the past year or so and just have recently stepped it up and iv noticed my heart rate has dropped from around 63 to 51-2 in around 5 months!
    bring on the cardio! πŸ˜€

  • Hey, my name is Emily, and when I run my heart rate gets to about 205, I was wondering if this is bad? My dad runs with me and his heart rate usually only gets to 135. Is it different for men and women?

  • A lot of folks are tossing out heart rate numbers and asking “is this normal?” Unfortunately NO ONE can say if it is normal for YOU except your doctor. “Normal” resting heart rates can run from 30 (for a trained athlete) to 80+ for someone who is sedentary and/or has a high metabolism. Remember – normal does not mean “good” (if you are 400+ lbs and inactive, you may have a resting heart rate of 80+ and that would be expected!) If you are in one of the following categories, I suggest you see your doctor about getting an EKG and/or stress test to establish a benchmark:
    a) starting an exercise program
    b) even a little suspicious about your heart rate
    c) over the age of 40 and have never had an EKG or stress test
    The “stress test” is performed on a treadmill or exercise bike to watch your heart rate over time as the lever of exertion increases. This is the BEST way to determine your level of cardio health, and should be considered mandatory if you plan in increasing the level of exertion, time, or distance for your exercise.

  • 39 yr old male. At rest my bp is real high, but when I get up my bp drops low, feel light headed and my foot hurts on top of foot had x-ray no broken bones. Wife suggested circulation problem or blockage somewhere?????? Any body no what can cause this.

  • when i hit the gym i can get my heart over 200rpm. never know if thats a good or bad sign. i can always feel my heart pumping like mad.

  • Rich – Don’t do that. It’s dangerous. Your max heartrate depends on your age and health so unless your relatively young like way under 20 then you don’t need to get too close to 200 much less over. You really don’t even need to get to 200 if you are in your teens but it is probably safer to do so at a young age.

  • Male 47 y.o. former college wrestler. 6’3″ 240lbs. and I work out 7 days a week, probably missing only 20 or 30 days a year. I lift on average about 5 hours a week and do anywhere from 30-60 minutes of cardio every day

    Here is my dilema: I have had skipped beats for about the past 20 years. About 10 years ago I went for a echo cardiogram and a cardiac dopler. Everything seemed fine. My palpatations seem to come and go.

    They seemed to increase a few months ago so I went to my Dr and he said they are benign, however, if my heart rate increases it could be more dangerous. Well the power of suggestion is a powerful thing. Last week I woke up in a sweat with my heart rate about 120 bpm. I quickly changed and drove myself to the emergency room where ekg and blood work came back normal. And of course my pulse dropped back into the 60’s.

    Anyway, I have noticed that my pulse will increase usually after dinner (resting 85-100) for a few hours and then drop back down to 60’s. Also after sleeping for about an hour I will wake up and my pulse will be about 90-100. Then after I calm myself down it drops back into the 60’s for the rest of the night. Can anyone shed any light? thanks

  • Jack my heart does the exact same thing. It seems to skip after I eat and beats faster. I also wake up after about an hour of sleep to my heart racing. I went to the Dr. and he said it was stress and to just ignore the skipping. I would also like to know what is going on.

  • Mine does the exact same, after dinner, during high stress,
    walking up the stairs, even after drinking decaf. It never seems
    to go below high 80s though, the norm is 90-94. It started a couple
    months ago after a sudden burst of fast beats or skips.
    Somebody help us please.

  • About a month ago I woke up with heart palpitations which lasted for three straight days, with the skips happening everywhere from every hour to many times over a few minutes. Over the course of those days I went to the emergency room 3 times, at two different hospitals. I talked to three different doctors, had blood work twice, a chest x-ray, a CAT scan, fluid by IV, the whole deal. They could find nothing wrong and told me it was probably stress. My life has been extremely stressful over the past few years with it being increasingly more stressful in the past year. I did NOT believe it was merely stress at first because having your heart palpitate repeatedly throughout the day is a hellish experience, and how could it “only” be stress? MY HEART WAS SKIPPING.

    After the third doctor visit, I decided to believe it was stress and try to calm down. By the next day my palpitation reduced from 30-60 times per day to 2-3. After the next few days they subsided entirely, and since then I have had it happen only once.

    I do believe that the heart rate raises after eating. It happens to me. Also, even being a little anxious — even perhaps subconsciously, it seems for me — will raise heart rate.

    I hope this helps.

  • My Mother at 86 had open heart surgery, bypass and mitro valve repair in Sept 2010 since then everything has healed nicely. But heart rate sometimes goes between 83 and 127. Doctor says that it is going to take time for her body to adjust. I get concern, when it has been in the eightys for a while then goes up over a 100 and stays there for days.

  • i am a 27yo male is it normal to have a resting heart rate of 55 bpm if so when i train should i be aiming to stay just above 140 bpm and under 190 bpm?

  • I had my resting heart rate go from ~60 to 49 with 2 months of intense cardio. It certainly works!

    Some of the higher end heart rate monitors will use your resting heart rate and the variability of your heart rate to assess your fitness level and track it over time. You can really see your fitness trend over a longer period of time.

  • so ima girl , 14yrs , 140 lb , 5’2 aand i was etremly tired a couple days ago so i took some adderall , and in my extreme confusion i took more than needed . i don’t take adderall but it was precribed . i stayed up a few hours later to finish up exam reveiws and whatnot then my mom yelled at me for being awake at 6am sooo i cleaned up the house to get off the hook and that only took 3 hours . when i was laying down watching tv later i noticed my heart beat was really fast . so i timed my heart rate . i started a few seconds late so it wasn’t accurate but i got 94bpm so i counted how many pills were missing and apparently i took 180 mg . i’m estimating i took them like 60 or so , hours ago aand the only thing weird is my heart rate . i thought 180 was a huge number so i did everything i could to flush it i drank 2 gallons of water a gallon of orange juice and a cup of lemon juice and i ate as much as i could even though the extra energy made me chew the living hell out of my lower lip . i try to do everything slow , take deep breathes , and avoid flashing lights and what not . the feeling is the same you’d have if you just ran a lap or got panicked or something . but my question is do i still have to be all slow and careful when my bpm isn’t that extreme . ?

  • I am a healthy 91 year old. the other day I was taking my pulse and after 5beats, there was a pause…then 5 beats later, again a pause or miss beat. this went on for 4 miss beats and then it seemed to be normal after that, Is there some significance in a miss beat…3 or 4?

  • hi iam a 21 yr. old female and iam about 5’2 i weight 170 pounds and my heart rate has always been fast i have recently started working out and my resting heart rate is about 123-127 bpm is that normal?? or should i get it checked out?

  • There is no exact number for a “normal” resting heart rate (RHR), but there are ranges that are considered normal. Likewise, a resting heart rate of 60 does not indicate that a person is healthy (i.e. no underlying problems). The “Normal” range is cited as 60-80 BPM. There are a HUGE number of factors that contribute to your heart rate, and many are transient/temporary. Some are:

    Level of fitness
    Other medical issues (such as high blood pressure)
    Past heath issues
    Recent (excessive) Cardio activity

    Alberto Contador, a recent winner of the Tour de France, has a reported RHR in the mid 20’s. America marathoner Ryan Hall has a RHR of 29. By the same token a person who weighs over 300 lbs, smokes two packs a day, eats a high-fat diet, and does not exercise, could be expected to have a RHR above 100 BPM. That is not “Normal” for a healthy person, but it is consistent with what one would expect.

    Short recommendation – take a “self-inventory” of the factors above in relation to your RHR. If you have ANY concerns about your heart rate (at rest or under stress) see your doctor and get a stress test. This will establish a bench mark and could help lower your rate (by eliminating your worry!) Then determine what other factors you can impact. Changing eating habits, increasing exercise, loosing weight, and kicking bad habits can make a huge difference.


  • hi. im 20 and my heart rate is 115bpm.. i do regular excersise but its always around this number. is this normal ?? heart problems run in my family does anyone no if i shud consult my doctor about this??

  • Is it bad if the pulse rate is altered dramatically? How does it affect the human body?

  • I have high blood pressure and I’m on medication. I’ve just bought a HRM for exercising, how do I know what I should adjust my heart rate to?


  • I find it amazing that normal varies so much. 50-100 is double but still normal. Interesting!

  • Yea im 17 year old male im 5ft 6in 152 pounds less then 7% body fat work out all the time. My doctor just dignosed me with thoracic outlet syndrom and iv been haven a lot of chest neck shoulder and left arm pain with all fallows under thoracic outlet other then the chest pain and feelung like i aint geting anoff air any way i check my pulse prolly 10 times aday soecialy at night every time i check my pulse its always low 60 every time never under or over always 60s i went to the doc and the nurse checked it at 87 witch i thought was weird then that night i checked it 3 times same results 57 with was weird cause at the same time i was haveing chest pain and this pain in my ribs lower then my heart and on the side i havent went to the emergency room for it but i did go to the clinic they did the ekg thing and xrays to see if i had a extra rib or clot causeing the thoracic outlet syndrom witch im also told is very rare and physical thearpy usally curse it but if not a surgery to remove the first rib is very risky being a major artery is rite there and 3 major nerves that come off of the spine my point is has any one heard of this is chest pain a symptom just not a very comen one with thoracic outlet syndrom and can the pinching of the artery to be low like that cause i for got to say it was 57 in my left arm with soft pulse and 59 in my rite arm with normal thumps so it felt and my ekgs and x rays and basic blood test all come back normal

  • I been reading a lot of these, and i have the alot of the same problems, my heart rate seems higher then i think it should be, resting is anywhere form 60 to 90 and sometimes 130 just walking to the kitchen, and i too was all checked out. I am a fit person who works out 5 days a week, and all my test came back good, basically was told it was stress too.. so its good to know your not the only one out there with these problems, and it does help the anxiety knowing we can deal with it, and get the stress down.. good luck everyone,

  • When I’m relaxing onthe sofa, my heart rate is 70bpm. When I get up, and move around ,it goes up to 100 and comes down to 70 very fast when I sit down again. When I exercise my bpm goes to 120bpm. Why would it go up so much just from getting up? I,m 67 years old.

  • I am 6’3″ and 210 lbs, my age is 64 years old, my resting heart rate is 50, i exercise between 120 and 150bpm. i exercise 3 days per week on an elipticle machine. i burn 400 calories and 3. 5 miles in 30 minutes. however it takes 30 minutes for my heart to get back to the resting rate. whats up?

  • Just checked mine 44 I’m 40 yrs young and a male. I guess Insanity and P90ax are working

  • I am a 15 year old Guy in high school and i was wondering whether it is bad to have and extremly high pulse like my normal resting pulse is 130 bpm i was wondering if thats bad if i take my pulse after i wake up its at 100 bpm is that bad?

  • I am a 14 yr old male and i wouldnt say im terribly stressed and i work out and do all that cardio and strenght training through the baseball and pe programs at school. After an 8 min mile my bpm is about 140 and resting is about 73. I have no clue what the norm is and am i good?

  • 108 bpm. I’m 14 and I haven’t moved in like 20 minutes. WHY IS IT BEATING SO FAST?

  • I have had my heart rate measured on several occasions in different situations. I meditate often and when I’m deep in meditation, it is about 25 bpm. when just sitting and reading, its between 40 and 50, and when excercising, it can get up to about 110. I know the meditating one is low, but just trying to reference my heart rate to others when resting or excercising.

  • My resting HR is typically about 72 BPM, but it has been slowly improving over the past year.

    Have you done any measurements of your orthostatic heart rate? That is the difference in your resting HR between sitting and standing. It is a pretty interesting indicator of overtraining.


  • Im 22 years old- 5ft9′ female and my average resting heart rate it 54BPM, usually when i exercise i go up to between 160BPM and 180BPM so usually working at around 70-85% of my MHR

  • My rhr hovers around 50. Lowest ive seen it is 43 and highest ive seen it during exertion is 193.

    • Thanks Gabe, how old are you, for comparison’s sake?

  • I have just woke up after a few drinks my heart rate is 86ppm is that normal my Herat rate is Usaly around 64Ppm in mornings and goes up to 84 after walking is it normally

  • 72 palse rate bpm

  • I probably have the lowest heart rate of all my friends… had it down to 41bpm on last sunday morning. In fact, i find that to be a little low…when you jump up to fast your heart needs to bounce into gear to catch up …it’s somewhat unpleasant.

  • my resting heart rate is 108 today but my bp is 102/67. should i worry? yes i smoke, i dont drink i stay active and eat right. if i mow the grass my heart rate shots to 180 and takes about 5 to 10 mins. to lower.

  • Wow, Tammy that tachycardia… How old are you? If you’re really young, smoke and not much into exercise I wouldn’t be too concerned. Resting should be like 70 or 80. Nearly 110.. I would head to the Doc or start exercising more to try and make your heart more efficient.

  • rhr 51.., I’m 50 yrs old and for the last 5 yrs or so have rode 12 miles a day getting to work, when I arrive I checked my pulse and it was around 85, dropping to 70 after 5 mins

  • im 60 the 23rd of july —5ft 7 146 lbs —a full time cyclist and yearly cross country touring —average about 400 miles a week when not touring and about 250 miles of that is productive riding —problem is my resting heart rate is always 100 to110—-bp in the low 130/88—-no meds at all but i do try to donate plasma when i can get my heart rate underr100—-what gives

  • Hi all, I’m a 36 yr old male, would consider myself reasonably fit, (i run about 25 miles a week) but by no means an athlete, I say that because my resting heart rate is consistantly around 42 BPM (taken while still in bed) all charts on web don’t go this low, the closest is 50BPM for ‘Atheletes’, which I’m not. I’m therefore thinking is there something wrong. Any advice/tips warmly welcomed. Thanks

  • I’m a 65 year old male and my RHR is between 45 and 48. It’s 57 right now as I am sitting at my PC. Before I moved to interval training, my RHR was around 60. I highly recommend interval training, and check out PACE, it’s the same concept.

  • If you are drinking coffee or anything with caffeine , then you are taxing your adrenal glands…caffeine raises heart beat rate even more when you exercise..Soon you will kick in your ” fight or flight” mode in your body and you heart rate will stay high …Many factors can raise your HR up like high cortisols which comes from stress , fatigued adrenals , junk foods, poor sleep and etc..My heart rate is in the 60’s in the a.m. and up to the 80’s-90’s at other times which is perfectly normal…The body is sensative to everything these days so don’t over stress it …The foods we eat are not pure even pollutants in the air is contaminated so take control of body…Listen to you your body and relax…Peace

  • 56 yr old 5′ 6″ 132 lbs. Smoker. Maybe twice per year for no apparent reason while watching TV my heart will start pounding fast…heart jumping out of my chest…heart rate over 210….after about 1.5 hrs it will get back down in the mid 90s and doesn’t feel like my hearts jumping out of my chest…but this may happen only once or twice per year. Should I be running to a cardiologist? I do not go to the doctors and am in very good health.. As far as I know.

  • Not sure if people still follow this post, but my resting heart rate when lying down doing nothing can range from 55-85 bpm I’m a smoker only about half a pack a day, my concern is I could be lying down and check my pulse and it could be around 75 or 80 and when I stand up it increases what seems to me as dramatically sometimes when just standing it can be 95-100 sometimes it can get to 120 but will usually go down to about 95-100 and stay there, the moment I sit down it is back down to 75-80 is this normal ? Someone please help. I have been diagnosed with extreme anxiety panic and phobia disorders in the midst of an anxiety attack it can raise all the way to 150-180 but I know that is normal when having a panic attack!

  • I’m 16, 5’9, and I weigh about 150 lbs. I just want to say, I do have asthma but it doesn’t affect me severely, it just makes me have to not work as hard as lot. I play baseball for my school as well as little league; I have practice just about every day after school. I’ve been using s-health on my phone because my school coach recommended it. Over the past month, I’ve seen my resting heart rate go between 44 bpm and 65 bpm. I measure it as soon as I wake up every morning. Does this sound okay? Is it normal to have a resting heart rate that varies so much?

    • I also want to say, I occasionally drink coffee before school. Usually on Monday because that’s the only day I truly need it!

  • I’m 16 and my resting heart rate is usually between 45 and 60

    Right now I feel like my chest is compressed and I can’t breathe

    I don’t know if that is because of my slow heart rate or not (heart rate is 46 bpm at the moment)

    Should I be worried with the fact that I am young and have a pretty low heart rate?

  • Hello,

    I’m 18 years old, around 54/6kgs not quite sure!! I’m 169cm!

    I’ve been to the doctors twice in 2 days

    They did an ECG and my HR was 166

    Today they did another one it was 172!

    I also have a fever 39.3/41.8

    Should I get a second opinion?

  • Hello…

    I’m a male 37 YO…5’9 207 lbs…I suffer health anxiety and currently my heart rate is my obsession and worry…While 4 months ago my concern was it being too fast…now my concern is too slow? I’ve seen it as low as 62 bpm at night time lying in bed…but it’s never went below 62….I am a smoker and fairly inactive…but have recently lost 20 lbs from quitting soda…I wonder if this as low as 62 is a concern? I have had 2 ekgs and blood tests in past couple of months and was told all was normal…Any input or opinions would be appreciated…