Saturday Markets – What You Need to Know

I live in head-Bangalore or as we’d like to call it. When I was younger, my parents weren’t so well off and that meant we lived in an impoverished neighborhood, where we literally lived with farmer folk who clearly had more money than we did.

Those were simpler times, and there was no shame in living in a rented apartment where livestock was reared in the vicinity. In fact, my Dad made me wash a few cows during the summer holidays so that I would learn a valuable lesson: dignity of labor, that my country continues to have no understanding of!

We just didn’t feel bad about it, and even though wealthier friends did rib me about living with cows and chickens, all I cared about was the sunshine, holidays and getting lots of time to play cricket.

Occasionally, we’d also be invited to enjoy a glass of fresh milk, probably a few hours after it was milked. Yet now, and much like our American counterparts, my parents  get packaged milk at their doorstep. Anything else just won’t do…

How times have changed, indeed!

In stark contrast to the fresh milk that I enjoyed as a kid, the recent horse meat scandal in an English supermarket only drives home the point that we are, indeed, missing the point when it comes to clean and healthy food! A practice that our grandfathers were very well aware of…

Farming, Supermarkets and the Commercialization of Produce

In a sense, and a quote made by Arnie recently, everything that seemed old has become new, and while that’s true with exercise and fitness with certain old school practices being in the limelight again, it’s not very different with nutrition too.

We are indeed a society that thrives on consumerism regardless of whichever product it is, and less isn’t certainly more, with the way things are going.

But is all this commercialization of food good for us? What about taking the ‘organic’ route? Shouldn’t that count for something too?

And it has, and which is why farmers’ markets (also known as a Saturday market) is probably one of the best places to make a start with.

Why Saturday Markets Might be an Excellent Solution

Put simply, a farmers’ market is where farmers usually their produce directly to consumers, and these activities are conducted over the weekend – Saturday, to be precise.

While the supermarket exemplifies the industrial approach (read as: processed) taken to food production, Saturday markets takes one back to the good old days where every food was fresh, healthy and you guessed it – cheaper.

In fact, with the awareness of the need for fresh produce, consumers are now preferring the old school approach, and which is why you should try this as well, if you haven’t already.

It’s beneficial not only to farmers, who make more money, while it costs less for consumers.

If you aren’t ready for this change in approach, then this statistic released by the Farmers’ Markets of America has revealed that the costs involved in purchasing produce from Saturday markets is 91% of the time lesser than available at supermarkets.

And you guessed it – no middle men means lower cost, and definitely no need for refrigeration or even processing for that matter.

Need I say more?

In Closing

So, are there any other benefits that you have observed about visiting these Saturday markets? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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