Simple Technique to Give Her a Mind-Blowing Orgasm AND Last Longer Too

Female orgasm. For a lot of men, just hearing those two words is enough to drudge up feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, nervousness, embarrassment, and more. Few men have mastered the art of attraction, even fewer the art of sexual energy, and fewer still the art of giving a woman the mind-blowing and addictive type of pleasure that will leave her in awe of the passionate being that delivered it to her.

Some women go the first few decades of their lives without ever having an orgasm (can you imagine, fellas?!). Then, there’s the women that can have an orgasm, but only when they’re alone, not during intercourse. And finally, there are even some women who claim to be unable to ever orgasm at all (although, I’m a firm believer that EVERY woman is fully capable of having an orgasm, if her and her partner are willing to give it the effort and time it deserves. BUT, that’s for another article coming up soon, “I Can’t Have an Orgasm – What’s Wrong with Me?”).

Granted, the female orgasm is much more elusive and complex than its prehistoric male counterpart. Ultimate female pleasure also involves many more emotional and psychological issues. We, as horny adult males, can be ready to climax at the slightest glimpse of a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Many women, however, need to feel totally at ease and relaxed to even have a chance at experiencing the magnificent physical sensations that we take for granted. I’m sure you’ve heard my favorite analogy for this distinction: “Men are like light switches, and women are like volume knobs.”

So, your first priority is just that – make her feel like the safest, sexiest, most beautiful woman in the entire world. Don’t let the thoughts of, “Will he think I’m a slut?”, “Is he looking at my scar?”, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”, or any of the other million dilemmas women face, ever enter her mind. With the way you caress her and the way you gaze into her eyes, you have to make sure she knows that there isn’t anywhere else you would rather be right now than right there with her. This is infinitely more important than any physical trick or technique you could ever learn. Create an environment with your body language, your energy, and your passion that will make her forget about everything else and live fully in this one moment with you (hopefully more than ONE moment, but you get the idea).

OK, so you think you understand the “why” and “how” of creating a suitable environment for the female orgasm to be unleashed? Now, you want to know the “what” to do, the “technique”, the “trick”. Well, you’ve made it this far, so I guess you’ve earned a straight-to-the-point, no “emotion schmotion” way to satisfy your woman. Not only will this electrify her and leave her begging for more, but it doesn’t involve your “little buddy” at all, which means you’ll last longer too.

First, warm her up with the usual kissing, licking, touching, rubbing, etc. (more on the advanced foreplay techniques in an upcoming article). When you both are fully primed, it’s time to head south. Slowly lick around her clit in a circular motion, and gently blow a puff or two of air on the clit, but don’t directly touch it just yet. You want to build her arousal like this for about 1-2 minutes, before finally just grazing the clit with a flick of your tongue. Now, with your palm facing up, insert your middle and ring finger together inside her. About two inches in, on the upper wall, you will find the “in”famous G-spot. It’s the small circular spot that often has a “spongy” type feel and should be distinguishable from the rest of her upper wall. While you’re gently massaging this area on the inside, you want to be VERY lightly, fluttering your tongue back and forth on her clit. At this point, she should be starting to squirm, and use her moving hips to guide your speed and pressure (it’s true, Hips DON’T Lie).

After about 1-2 minutes of this, you want to completely stop, no matter how much she is squirming. Remove your fingers, remove your tongue, and move to another part of her body. It doesn’t matter where, but keep your hands, tongue, and all other appendages away from her genitals completely. Slowly trace along her legs and arms, or move to her breasts, or kiss her, or any combination of those things for 1-2 minutes. Then, you guessed it, back to the hot spot. Use the same technique you were using before, two fingers massaging the G-spot, while you flick your tongue VERY lightly across her clit. And again, after 1-2 minutes of this, move away completely to other parts of her body.

Continue this cycle until you can feel and hear that she is about to lose it. Some women may take only 2-3 cycles, some may take more. Believe me, you’ll know, but just make sure you don’t jump the gun and finish her off too soon. It will be more powerful the longer she waits, so when in doubt, go through one more cycle. When you’ve decided it’s time to show her what a real man can do for her, use the same technique but only a little harder and faster. As she builds up, increase your speed and firmness in massaging her G-spot and tongue flicking her clit. Keep going until she experiences what will probably be the most intense orgasm she’s ever had, and YOU will be the guy that she remembers for giving it to her.

And guess what? You still haven’t even had sex yet! Now, all the pressure is off you and your aforementioned “little buddy”. Sure, it’s an added bonus if you know how to use him too (more on that in an upcoming article also), but now you are just getting started and with the pressure of “I have to last long enough to make her orgasm!” off your shoulders, you actually WILL last longer. Heck, you may even give her ANOTHER orgasm during intercourse now, because she’s already so turned on (which reminds me of another amazing article coming soon that is guaranteed to change your sex life, “Male Multiple Orgasms – Yes Fellas, We Can Do It Too!”).

Be careful though, because when you have the ability and knowledge to give a woman a mind-blowing orgasm, that’s something they don’t find very often, and they will be very reluctant to let it (or you) get away!

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  • How fab are your articles! have been reading the mind blowing orgasm one and it is absolutely spot on !

  • Thanks Claire…see fellas, there’s a testimonial from “the other side”, it really does work!

  • i had sex so many times in my life with different women of different age. but about this G shaped portion has not ever been invented by me earlier.

    if possible provide us a few tricks more.


  • im not so sure that its exactly spot on every girl is diffrent.
    some girls this works other girls kinda find it annoying and want to get the sex/fourplay over with. I find that girls that i talk to about orgasms seem dissinterested because of the fact that they have never felt it!
    I know that girls i have slept with have said it was good but infact thought it was lacluster you know””

  • This “G” spot is a common misconception, and the result is urine, not orgasm. There is a super sensitive spot, however, along the anal wall, that is a gland. I can’t remember right now the name of this gland (you might be able to google it). It is very much akin to the pituitary gland. It swells with arousal, and it along with clitoral stimulation, is what produces orgasm. True, physical, mechanical orgasm, that has been identified, witnessed, and labeled, in labratory research; wherein the uterus contracts and forces the cervix to “pouch” out and down, the preceived purpose of which is to aid in exposing the cervix to semen that has been deposited during intercourse. The above technique mentioned in this article is fun for some, irritating for others, but is not responsible for orgasm, only urinary stimulation. The gland that is mentioned here is attached to the urinary bladder, and produces a liquid that aids in urination. I have not bothered to provide all the scientific jargon for all this, but you can research it yourself. Though, I will say, that your suggestion for creating the environment is nearly perfect, and more men should get in tune with this idea, that sex is not just getting off.

  • I have to say, you are right on the spot about how we want it it

  • You really got to seduce her mind once she feel that you are going to put it on her that’s when you follow through, her mind will trigger her body to having it, some orgasm may be physical other mentally sex is more of a mind game than physical but believe you got to still have to do penetrate at the time make her feel wanted.

  • Sorry, Karen, but it is not urine, an old wive’s tale, it is simply clear watery fluid, and not all women produce it when they climax in that manner. It comes not from the bladder, but from the paraurethral glands, or Skene’s gland. We all begin development as females, and some turn male when certain hormones are relased while in the womb. At this point, the pre-ovaries become testes, the pre-fallopian tubes become the vans-deferens, The Skene’s gland becomes the Seminal Vesicle and prostrate gland, which produces non sperm bearing fluid that the sperm are carried in. Actually, when I say these things become something else, that is not entirely correct. They have not formed either one yet, but if left unmodified, they will become the female organs.

    Some of you may have had difficulty with the whole g-spot thing because of age. Younger women tend to be more sensitive clittoraly, but after early to mid 30’s that sensitivity declines, and at the same time, internal tissue of the paraurethral gland gets thinner, making stimulation of those nerves much easier. Sadly many men and women, having experience mainly with clittoral stimulation and orgasm think that a woman is simply losing her sex drive as she hits the 30’s, and unsatisfactory sex can tend to make one lose interest. But that loss of interest need not happen if we adapt to our changing bodies and simply learn the new ways to play.

  • Theo,

    What I do to lower my heart rate quickly is to breath in through the nose (for 4-5 seconds) then hold your breath for 6 (if you breathed in for 4) or 7 (if you breathed in for five) then slowly and controlled let the air out of your mouth for 5-6 seconds. So the pattern is in 4 hold 6 out 5 or increase each number if you have greater lung capacity. It lowers mine from the 80s per minute to about 76 per minute after just a couple cycles!

    Spot on! I met this lovely lady and we both fancied each other. She would come to my office every day to sit, have lunch and a little chit chat. Every day for a month I would tell her how I could let her have the best orgasm of her life. Step by step, telling her that I would massage her body from head to toe, nibble on her breast, suck her toes, kiss her inner thighs, kiss around her vagina then kiss her knees and back to her toes. I would watch her squirm in her seat, salivating and sweating. She was mesmerized by the things I was saying to her. One day she came and said let’s go. We went to a hotel nearby and she was burning up from all the stuff I told her over the month. She was soooo ready. I did everything I said I would. She then started vibrating like a jackhammer when kissed her inner thighs, she exploded when I started sucking on her toes. She was now so wet and clawing my body begging me to penetrate her. I kissed her lips and before I know it, she wrapped her long legs around my waist, pulling me closer, to feel my manhood. I pulled away from her and kissed her inner thighs again. Her back was now arching, I then flicked my tongue over her clit as her hips moved rapidly. I inserted my fingers and to my amazement, bang, she had one of the biggest orgasm in her life. She screamed so loudly, I almost run for help. She rode my manhood for 45 minutes and had orgasm after orgasm until she was exhausted.

    I have personally developed a technique that allows me to have up to three orgasms before going limp, no joke. After that first day, it was every day for two years. She wanted to marry me and settle down but I wasn’t ready to do that for sex only. Moreover, I love pleasuring different women and watching them cum for the first time or totally enjoy sex for the first time.

    I believe there are only a few men who are willing to learn various techniques to pleasure a woman and cut out the “Slam-Bam, thank you mam” crap. I Enjoy sex especially eating out my woman… She will have no reservation to give me what I want she she’s satisfied.

    Peace out