Soccer Field Size… Go 'Messi'!


Scores of ‘blaugrana’ fans will once again flood the Camp Nou to watch their beloved Catalan team, FC Barcelona, take on teams in the La Liga BBVA and the Champions League that finally (and I say, FINALLY) starts this week all the way to the grand finale until June next year.

Not only will the strong Xavi-Iniesta midfield combo (that helped Spain win the World Cup) will be action but also the man they worship the world over, also known as Leo Messi.

NOTE – We’ll miss you, Thierry Henry! Hope you find the New York Red Bulls just as much fun as Barca was…

You can count on soccer stores selling tees and all sorts of soccer supplies in large numbers all over again as soccer fever grips us, in such a way that only those who truly love the game of soccer understand. Yes, we don’t condone football hooliganism but we understand why…

Anyways, there’s this little master whose name the world now synonymously chants: “Messi Messi”… and oh, man does he have the touch or what!

And now with Mascherano and Villa in, and bye bye Zlatan… this year looks like more fun than ever! Bring it on, José Mourinho and Ronaldo@Real…

The Rigors of being a Professional Soccer Player

With a crazy schedule which involves air travel, hotel rooms, varying temperatures and even crazier conditions… not to mention expectations of the fans, the club and the coach… one can easily tell that the life of a soccer player is anything but easy! (Thankfully they can’t hear these irritating Brit commentators who take pleasure in putting you to sleep by talking about how good the English Premier League is… [SIGH]… a string of snore moments…)

Apart from all this, players have to run up and down a field that is 100 meters in length and 60-64 meters in width for the entire duration of the 90 minutes play. And it only gets worse if someone gets red carded or if the game goes into extra time.

And with all this running, stretching and kicking for 90 minutes, these chaps are not only strong, flexible but have some serious stamina that only “extreme cardio” can do for you.

Body fat doesn’t even have a prayer! There’s no doubt that it is grueling both mentally and physically! And they make it look so easy while sporting superfit (and tight!) bodies in those Nike and Adidas ads that you see now and again.

Soccer (Grr, for the umpteenth time, it’s called “football”): The Mental Component

Taking the example of Barca, who are masters of how the game of soccer can be dominated by the 1-2 short passes while taunting the opposition to make a mistake while really putting their defense to the test, it takes some serious skill to make these passes which means that you have to pass the ball in such a way that throws the defense completely off guard.

Watch the second goal in this from Xavi to Messi around the 1:30 mark onwards, which completely split the defense neatly in half, catching them completely on the wrong foot with no way to capitalize on the offside rule! (BTW, this was the second leg of the Copa Del Rey game between Barca and Sevilla.)

Talk about thinking on (er…with) your feet…

FC Barcelona vs. Sevilla FC – Copa Del Rey 2010 [2nd Leg]

In Closing

And while Messi runs like the fleet footed Mercury (and I mean this literally) towards another barrage of goals this year, I can’t help but wish I am at the Camp Nou with a slew of ‘blaugrana’ fans waiting to cheer our players on… Go Messi Go!

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  • Barca should never let ZLatan go. He is totally dominating Serie A at the moment.


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