Soccer Field Size – What You Need to Know

Trust me, if girls love Hollywood gossip… guys love the summer and winter transfer news in the world of football (er, soccer). It’s really no different.

With that said, we’re glad David Beckham is back where he belongs… playing football in Europe, even if it’s for Paris St. Germain.

To give you an idea as to how old Beckham is, I watched him play for Manchester United in my twenties. Yes, he’s older than I am – and as lasting football fans, we’re always loyal to the old boys.

Imagine that, he’s still running around as he was in his twenties at the age of 38 or so, and this is no different with several players that I’ve grown up with.

It’s as if the soccer field size, and the number of times you have to run up and down doesn’t even matter to these guys… and you have to doff your hat, indeed, to players who keep pushing forward.

Being a Professional Football Player Like Messi

It took me a while to become a fan of the wunderkid otherwise known as Lionel Messi. La Pulga, which in Spanish, means “the flea”.

Most of my time watching football these days is shared with a bunch of teenagers who run a Facebook group for football fans, and which has about 13000 members and counting.

And almost everyone of them wish they could be Messi himself without knowing how much sacrifice is required to be “the best footballer on the planet”.  Yes, and let’s throw in the proverbial “and playing for the best football club on the planet” as well.

But can you blame these kids? The glitz and glamour gets to everyone.

Yet there’s more than meets the eye – the gruelling playing schedule, being away from home (especially as a child) and your friends, no social life but most of all, the commitment and the devotion required to perfect your craft as a defender, midfielder or forward.

To say the least, it’s not easy to rise to the top, and even harder to stay there just as Messi has. And if that isn’t enough, a record haul of 91 goals in 2012 for both club and country has more or less cemented his place in history, even if one ignores the number of records he’s created and broken in the same year.

It’s mind-boggling, to say the least. Just read this article that lists Messi’s records for 2012, especially if you’re a football fan.

Does the Soccer Field Size Really Matter to these Players?

To be honest, it hardly does. It’s actually more like home to most players at no matter which age because they’ve spent most of their lives playing within the confines of a towering stadium, especially if they’re spotted from an early age.

Speaking of soccer field size,  the dimensions of the field is 100 meters in length and 60-64 meters in breadth.

And if you aren’t athletic in nature but watch a lot of football, you’d know how difficult it is to run up and down the field for the 90 minutes plus stoppage time – the entire duration of a fast-paced professional football game.

It takes more out of you than you can imagine, thanks to the players needing to cover a large area even if they have to stick to their own positions, whether a forward, midfielder or even defender.

One can only surmise that playing football not keeps you fighting fit considering the fact that it is an excellent workout without weights but it also takes great skill to play it well – it’s no wonder player salaries are astronomical these days.

In Closing

Are there any benefits to playing football (or soccer, rather grudgingly) that you’ve noticed? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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