Take Your Muscle Pump With You When You Leave the Gym

Make your muscle pump last longer

Ever notice how you look your biggest and buffest during and immediately after your workout? Of course you do! You sneak a peak at yourself in the gym mirrors any chance you get.

When you’re pumping iron, your blood vessels are pumping blood. As you work out, your muscles contract and apply pressure to these vessels. Think about gently squeezing a straw as liquid flows through it. This means your body is working harder to push blood and oxygen through these temporarily tightened “straws.”

Towards the end of your workout, as your blood pressure slowly returns to normal, the vessels expand back to their normal size, and the backed-up blood and oxygen come flooding back through. This rapid flooding is what gives your muscle that extra “pop” and temporary pump — keyword being temporary.

But, let’s say you have a hot date or a day at the beach planned for later. How do you make that pump last as long as possible?

According to a recent study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, you should do high reps with low weights during your workout. A practical application of this finding if you don’t have time for a full workout is to do a quick push-up routine before you hit the shower.

Do as many push-ups as you can until your form starts to break down, then rest for 1 minute, and repeat. Try for 3-5 solid minutes, and you’ll be pumped and ready to go!

Of course, a few hours later, she’ll get to watch as your muscles shrivel up and shrink away, but we’re going for first impressions here, right?

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  • It helps to drink a lot of water too

    • True Drake, drinking lots of water helps with just about everything!

  • This article is ok, except it’s not blood vessels contracting that gives you a pump, it’s vessels expanding in your muscle and shrinking were there not needed, like to your digestive system or your legs if your working upper body. i’m not a expert either but i know this article is wrong.

    • Hey Paul,

      If I read your comment right, I think you’re saying the same thing as the article, just in a different way. The pump is indeed due to the vessels expanding quickly, after they’ve been compressed by the muscles during the workout.

      Or, maybe I’m reading your comment incorrectly?

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  • well , lets say the secret to keep pumped is back to if there is enough creatine and carbs in ur body so all what u have to do after intensif training i mean ur workout use to drink fast ur creatine and take some carbs about 120 g carbs and tht willl keep ur muscles amazin pumped ; )

  • How long is a few hours?

  • I get an amazing pump at the gym, rock hard muscles then it goes away! I was told to drink protein after workout which I do with creatine but still the pump does not last. It really upsets me, working out hard and not keeping the results. Sometimes I wonder 🙁

  • Just wondering after the last post from Vincent Laurie. Is there any reason you take creatine after the workout in stead of before? Although like whey protein and the like its not proven to be beneficial (so its still contested), isn’t the idea to take it before to provide more faster anaerobic energy source while working out, so your able to workout harder? Taking it after would only maybe allow you to restore it in the cells faster – although you would be able to do that anyway probably by the end of the day. I fear i have begun a debate on a comments page. My bad.

  • Hello Sunshine
    No it’s not your bad, you did not start a debate, infact your right, it’s best to take it before the workout. Infact I take it during the workout, I wrote my post incorrect so it was my bad. Thanks for the comment. Do you have any suggestions? Do you workout and keep your pump?

  • Hi there are people having problems working there ass off in the gym and not getting their “pump” to last take protein or cretein before workout about 30mins before and after workout take it 15/30 mins after the quicker the better

  • Hellosunshine… Your suspicions about Vincent Laurie are correct to a certain extent. I will try and make this explanation as BASIC as possible: Think of creatine as more of an energy reserve, rather than as a supplement that has an effect similar to caffeine. You should take creatine regularly to build up this energy reserve, which restores ATP faster, allowing you to essentially perform more reps throughout your workout.

    Personally, I take creatine ethyl ester 30 minutes prior to workout, as well as immediately thereafter. I try and get slow burning carbs like oats and berries in my system an hour prior to workout, and I refuel with 2 tablespoons of honey and whey protein, along with the creatine immediately after. This is just a personal preference, as I see the greatest results; However, based on my statement above regarding the purpose of creatine, I would imagine that, as long as you fulfill the proper post-workout dosage, your body will still have the same creatine reserve to draw upon the next day for the workout.

  • Anyone try SciFi brand kre alkalyn instead of regular creatine, if so have you seen better results? It seems to me that I have the same results as far as energy in the gym but have put on much mire mass with regular creatine. I understand the mass may be from water retention but most of use bodybuliders are trying to gain mass right? Just wondering if anyone else has had better results as far as mass with reguler creatine……

  • i take jack3d before my workouts and get incredible energy and pumps and follow up with a post workout protein shot. still i lose my pump within 30 minutes. however the guy at gnc told me force factor will make u hold a swell for a day or 2.

  • Good article , if you want better pump try using a nictrix oxide supplement like superpump , jack3d or NO EXPLODE and be sure to work hard and drink alot of water

  • EAT more!!! Healthy food of course.

  • Try some of the NO2 products on the market. They keep a pump for hours. A little pricey tho. There’s a red and a black. Made by the same co that makes black powder. Can be found at gnc. They call it a hemodialator…..read up on it.