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The Harsh Truth Behind “Miracle” Weight-Loss Products

The Internet is full of pills, creams, and other products that claim to be able to help you lose weight quickly. However, most of them either don’t work as well as claimed or they don’t work at all. Be careful when believing any of the hype that these companies put out there. They are only trying to sell their products.

Many of these products declare to have studies showing that their product works. While this may be true, most of these studies are not conducted correctly and therefore have no truly scientific results at all. Many of these products are not actually even considered dietary supplements and their ingredients can even be dangerous.

Women seem to be the most affected by these advertisements. They are shown thin models in every form of media and told that that’s what a healthy woman looks like. The media’s ideas of beauty are dangerously wrong and there are a lot of companies out there selling products that help perpetuate this ideal of the female form. Be very careful when using or buying any weight loss products, particularly over the Internet, and you should always consult a physician before taking any new dietary supplement. The following infographic developed by Fitbug provides some insightful information into the world of deceptive weight loss products.


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  • Wow, I’ve never seen that infographic before! Really goes to show how easily deceived we can be, especially women and oftentimes lately even young teenage girls.
    Of course, not all supplements work for all people, and certainly, some of them don’t work at all, but it’s on us to research well before we decide on anything, and of course we have to be especially careful when it comes to our own bodies!
    Even though I personally have had success with a similar things, I encourage everyone to research and consult their doctor before taking any form of supplements!

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