Top 5 do and don’t of food supplements

People often look out for a magic pill or some other similar kind of solution to achieve their fitness level or for their weight loss goals. Food supplements also known as dietary supplement helps you to supplement diet in the form of nutrients including fiber, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, which you could be missing in your diet. Some nations call it as a food, while other defines it as natural health products or even drugs. The manufacturers of the food supplements often claim big about their products, however, it is always better to check these claims and separate the facts from the fallacy. With the list of dos and donts of the food supplements, you could rely over it for your fitness or weight loss goals. Let’s check the top five dos and don’ts s of these foods.

1). Basic dos and donts
The first ‘do’ is to check the food supplement label. All these food supplement products carry a supplement facts list, which enlist the contents and proportion of active ingredients included in per serving along with showing you other ingredients like binder, fillers and flavorings. Though the manufacturer would be suggesting the serving size and method, but it is always better to go as per your healthcare expert recommendations. The experts would be able to guide you the best about the appropriate size intake for you. Hence before you actually decide upon the food supplement for your fitness or weight loss process make sure you seek the advice of an expert dealing in this area. Consulting your doctor is always a good option before you start consuming these foods. Once you have a recommended list of food supplements, it’s time to get the one for your fitness or weight loss objective.

2). The safety and risks- dos and donts
Most of these supplements comprises of active ingredients, which have good impact over your body. Hence you need to be alert to a couple of unexpected side effects, while consuming these products. So, while consuming them make sure you follow the proper prescribed way of having these supplements along with knowing the quantity and frequency of having these food. A few of these supplements could increase the bleeding, if anyone consumes it before or after any surgery. These could even hamper your anesthesia. The food supplements could also interact with several prescription drugs in different ways, which could bring in some problems.

Keep a note that few of these ingredients found in food supplements are simply added to grow a number of food options like breakfast cereals and several beverages. As a result you could end up supplying these ingredients more than what you think of having. In this way having in a larger quantity may not be a safer choice for you. Consuming them more than your body requirements could lead to some expensive outcome and add several side effects. For instance, having too much of vitamin A could cause headaches, reduce bone strength and even damage your liver. Excess amount of iron could even cause nauseas.

If you are pregnant simply avoid consuming these foods and at the same time avoid giving these to your baby or small children. A majority of these food supplements are not often properly tested for the safety of any pregnant female of breast feeding mother or for the small children. In case, if you experience any serious repercussions owing to the food supplements, make sure you consult your doctor. Also, in case of any reaction, you could even inform the concerned manufacturer through emails or at their customer care numbers.

3). Effectiveness –dos and donts
The supplement food is not a divine thing, which is meant to bring the magic in your life. You need proper efforts to reap the right outcome. Hence if you are keen to spend your efforts and money, make sure you clearly understand that these supplements would never be a substitute to good food and exercise program. The fact is no food supplement has the potential to work without being backed by a good exercise program. On the contrary these could simply expedite the adaptation process. These can act like a catalyst but certainly not like ignition.

4). Quality dos and donts
The food supplements are complicated kind of products. The FDA has its own benchmark for these supplements, which allows keeping a check over factors like purity, identity, composition and strength. These yardsticks are often designed to prevent adding up the wrong ingredients, improper packaging and product labeling. Hence before you choose any product make sure the food supplement is par with the quality standards as set by the FDA. Also, there are other quality organizations, which keep a check over these products; these include U.S. Pharmacopeia, and NSF International. Check your food supplement products has the affiliation with these organizations to vouch for the quality and avoid those who are not linked with these groups.

5). General dos and donts
Food supplements are not medicines; these are supplements, which fill the gap of absent or scarce nutrients in your body. Hence avoid consuming these like a medicine to treat any health condition without consulting your doctor. Also, do not combine these supplements with any of your medicines; you would simply invite problems for your body. Before consuming these products, always check the potential health benefits, you could get from these along with other guidelines for effective outcome.

Final word
The effectiveness of the food supplements would only depend upon the way you consume these products. These could make and mar your body, hence it is imperative to check all the do’s and donts before you start consuming for your fitness or weight loss goals.

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