Weight Loss Meal Plan – What You Need to Know

Everyone wants to slim down these days, and it’s probably a good trends when facts state that obesity is now claiming just as many victims as smoking.

There are a slew of diets that are available these days, and everyone of them claim to work just as well. We’re talking about the Zone Diet, HCG, Leptin Diet, the 80 10 10 Diet among several others that make the news these days.

But are they really good for everyday people? While everyone sells you their diet’s benefits, there are certain downsides that occur with each of these diets.

Which begs the question: Shouldn’t there be a focus on exercise as well?

Studies have shown that Olympic athletes from any country of any discipline tend to live much longer than the average layperson does, primarily due to a healthier lifestyle.

And I would be stating the obvious in saying that their lifestyle, so to speak, involves a lot of physical activity. In other words, exercise…

Diet Vs. Exercise – An Introduction

Don’t get me wrong: going on a diet can help you lose weight but somehow I am not convinced that it is the complete approach. Research has shown that women can lose weight if they cut calories.

However, doctors also recommend that cutting calories, by going on a diet, is really not the way to go because of the way hormones affect weight loss – and in particular, leptin.

By going on a diet, the release of this hormone reduces making it even harder to lose weight, thanks to the body being in survival mode. So, along with cutting calories, one must also include exercise as well if you want to increase your chances of losing weight – and much faster too.

There’s another extreme as well: exercise without a diet also prolongs the wait to cutting belly fat as it doesn’t take long to increase your calorie intake.

Ultimately, both go hand in hand, and it’s up to the individual to grasp the fact that not only is it important for you to cut down on your calories but to also ensure that these weight-loss hormones are regularly released.

There are just too many benefits of exercise that makes it stupid to pass on, and if one  can stick to an exercise routine and eat in order to support that routine, then that’s the ideal weight loss strategy that you would like to follow. Simply put, what you eat is just as important (if not twice as important) as the work through regular exercise you put in to get a slim body.

Weight Loss Meal Plan – A Sample

As mentioned earlier, it isn’t difficult to put in a simple weight loss meal plan, thanks to the number of diets that are out there.

There are rules to follow and instructions to keep in mind with each of these diets but the principle remains the same: eating certain types of foods or limiting your calories will ensure weight loss.

However, since every person is unique, and has quirks in regard to their dietary needs, it’s a good idea to build a customized plan for yourself – that is, if you don’t want to go on one of these popular diets immediately.

One way to do this is to use health food pyramid which takes into consideration portion control and what you eat. Another factor that also should be given thought is when you eat as well. You can review the 4 healthy meal plans at this link.

In Closing

What weight loss meal plan do you follow, and has it worked for you? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Also, you can read more about the leptin diet at this link.

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