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Weight Loss Software – What You Need to Know

A common joke shared amongst kids these days, who spend a lot of their time on Facebook, is that computers and the internet was designed to help us save time.

Trust me, if the last thing you did before going to bed was to log on to Facebook as well as the first thing you did in the morning, you’d understand.

And now with mobile phones making the internet even more accessible and affordable in a country like mine, technology continues to play an important part in our lives.

Yet the noble intentions of people who spent every waking hour to invent technology and the numerous tools that are at our disposal today was, indeed, to save our time.

Truth be told, it was designed to do much more than that through internet banking, calculators for various purposes, stopwatches, Wikipedia, catching up with the latest news, playing simple (but fun) games or even using weight loss software tools.

Speaking of weight loss software tools, there are a few that one can find over the internet, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Weight Loss Software and the Internet – An Overview

Long before you open a browser and get to Google Search, it’s probably a good idea to know why using weight loss software works to your advantage.

As a matter of fact, it is an excellent substitute for the proverbial workout diary and is both qualitative and quantitative by nature. Both these aspects will ensure that you meet your weight loss goals by staying on track.

While you might make notes in your diary about how your workout or diet is progressing, you can do this and more if you pick the right weight loss software that covers both aspects that leads to weight loss – a diet and a workout plan.

Also, since watching calories intake while knowing how many calories were burnt leads to successful weight loss, good weight loss software will allow you to do so, thus adding the quantitative approach that are beneficial to the user.

All you have to do is open an account with them over the internet or even download them as an app from the iTunes Store, and you can get started.

Weight Loss Software – 5 Popular Options

As soon as you carry out a Google Search, you’ll find that there are numerous options of weight loss software that can be found over the internet. Try it.

But just like all products that are showcased over the internet, there are a few that have made it to the top for several reasons.

Here is a list of the top 5 weight loss software that you can find over the internet:

#1: Diet Power

For the personalization that this software offers since 1992 unlike any other, this weight loss software has been rated by experts to take the pole position when it comes to the best software available at this time.

#2: FitDay

This software is very popular, and has almost 5.1 million members and counting. It’s free to use but if you pay for their services, there are other benefits that one can gain other than just tracking the number of calories.

#3: Weight by Date

Based on two versions, the Basic and Pro, you can try this tracker for 15 days at no cost, and after which you’ll have to pay between $40 to $60 to use the program.

#4: Yourself Fitness

There’s one thing that makes this software stand out amongst all the others at the top. Maya, they call her. Yes, unlike any of the others, you have a computer-generated trainer who can teach how to perform an exercise or a few from a particular discipline.

#5: Weightmania Pro

While this software does cover all the options that are available in other software, the only reason why it finds itself in 5th place is because of the price tag, which is a bit expensive, considering the costs of the others which are nominal to free.

In Closing

One can only imagine what technology will come up with next, considering these life-changing options that are available to us at the click of a mouse.

Are there any other weight loss software that we have missed out? Please feel free to share.

Also, you can also read more about simple track weight loss methods.

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