What Do Chocolate Cravings Say About You?

Chocolate cravings

Anyone who isn’t allergic — or an alien — has had numerous chocolate cravings at some point. Perfectly normal, right? Probably, but do you crave the brown when you’re feeling down?

A new Australian study says that those who crave chocolate when depressed are usually more neurotic (anxious, obsessive, compulsive) than those who don’t indulge.

In a survey of nearly 3000 people, 54 percent said they got food cravings when depressed, with 45 percent specifically craving chocolate.

Further analysis showed that irritability and rejection sensitivity were the only two significant predictors of chocolate cravings. Those identified as chocolate cravers had higher scores for appetite increase, weight gain, sensitivity to rejection, oversleeping, and limbs feeling ‘heavy like lead’.

The researchers were surprised to find a link between the two seemingly unrelated subjects: chocolate cravings and personality style.

Are you an “emotional eater”?

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