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Women’s Favorite Male Body Parts

Women's favorite male body parts

A previous study showed that you need to pick up more dumbbells to pick up more chicks, but where do women look first?

Their first stop isn’t surprising (abs), but the second hot spot is quite unexpected.

And, easy on the 100-rep curl sessions, Hercules: Biceps come in at a disappointing second-to-last.

Check out their top 10, and start sculpting your own eye-catchers now!

Top 10 Muscles Women Love

  1. Six-pack abs
  2. Powerful forearms
  3. A nice butt
  4. A broad back
  5. Sculpted shoulders
  6. Rock-hard calves
  7. The money line
  8. A big chest
  9. Large biceps
  10. Strong hamstrings

Once you get your body parts in order, “Wow!” her even more with some interesting First Date Ideas.

Ask your wives or girlfriends if they agree or disagree, then let us know what they would change or add.

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