Women’s Favorite Male Body Parts

Women's favorite male body parts

A previous study showed that you need to pick up more dumbbells to pick up more chicks, but where do women look first?

Their first stop isn’t surprising (abs), but the second hot spot is quite unexpected.

And, easy on the 100-rep curl sessions, Hercules: Biceps come in at a disappointing second-to-last.

Check out their top 10, and start sculpting your own eye-catchers now!

Top 10 Muscles Women Love

  1. Six-pack abs
  2. Powerful forearms
  3. A nice butt
  4. A broad back
  5. Sculpted shoulders
  6. Rock-hard calves
  7. The money line
  8. A big chest
  9. Large biceps
  10. Strong hamstrings

Once you get your body parts in order, “Wow!” her even more with some interesting First Date Ideas.

Ask your wives or girlfriends if they agree or disagree, then let us know what they would change or add.

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  • Wow, I guess brain is not considered as a muscle! Either that or most women lie when they say that being smart is very important to them.

  • what about the penis?

  • Hey Larry,

    Unless you’re doing penis curls at your local gym, I don’t think it’s considered a muscle.

    I know the title is misleading with “Body Parts,” but the actual survey list was made up of muscles.

  • well ive always considered the ass to be a very large part of what women like to look at. then they pretty much look at ur tool AKA Da Unit or maybe as some physicians call it the penisanator

  • I believe your penis is an organ not a muscle. They are referring to body parts they can see out in public. We don’t usually walk around naked while in public unless we want to go to jail.

  • my husband worked out all his life. hight blood pressure led to conjestive heart failure and death. my advise- keep your weight down.JACK LALANNE S IDEAL WIEGHT SCALE IS FOR THE FIRST 5FT. MAN OR WOMAN 100 POUNDS. EVERY INCH AFTER FOR A WOMAN 5POUNDS. A MAN 6POUNDS.

  • Well obviously Mr. Kay, you are unattractive. I’ll take unattractive with a muscular penis ANY day.

  • The heart is by far the most important muscle to myself and I’m talking about the love and compassion that comes from the heart!!!

  • i LOVE a muscular man….broad, muscular shoulders and back, with strong biceps and forearms. i enjoy the flat, strong belly, and MOST OF ALL the “V” line at the hips, just a little below the belly button – those dents. i love to watch a man like that work with his shirt off, muscles flexing with every movement – beautiful!!!

  • Sounds like you’ve already finished one paragraph of your romance novel, Maryanne, haha.

  • Yoni & lingam is the best part of a human being created by God. There is lot lot to know about it! It requres experience.

  • I’ve got it all… and a great penis too.

  • PS. ladies work on your jaw muscles – I’ve done my part 🙂

  • well we should all know what i like well it is the damn sex ass body and a big **** u should know what that means yep i done !!!!!!!!!!******** ((your turn))

  • some women like men body smell

  • I’m a thin guy…i don’t really have muscles… girls tell me I’m good looking though..
    Don’t girls take looks into account?
    I’d rather be a face than a body…

  • Add this to your list:

    11. Penis.

  • holy crud, people, ur penis is an organ not a muscle, only thing ever making it look like a muscle is the blood flow going towards it making it erect…LEARN u noobs

  • I am a man and I alway thought that women like how the man;s hair is comb. A skin head or a shave is for other men to see how brave and dumb a man can be all at the same time. Well ladies. a man head is not a penis head although some men have been call “that man is a dick” go figure why a man shaves is head. Lazieness, or maybe a man has become a prison guard and has to look like a junk yard dog. I still think a man’s hair is the first thing a women notices even if they don’t want to admit it.

  • I pull almost every woman with my muscled body and they are dying to have me but I already have a girl with the best curves and a big ass!!!

  • i have penis problem so i wanna some information about penis growing and look perfect lots of time when iam errect i press my penis a lot so i have problem……………….please give me some execises

  • I did not realize before reading this post that women preferred strong forearms, abs and broad backs to other male body parts. It is very interesting that calves rated so high on the list.

  • Well, I have to say legs for me. On a guy, that is definitely the most attractive thing for me. If a guy has strong legs (including the calves) then chances are, the rest of their body is strong too. Nothing worse than a guy who has a strong upper body and then chicken legs below.
    Then again there isn’t much to mens body parts that I don’t like. 🙂

  • i only like very slim/ skinny guys. ive never been attracted to muscles at all.

  • Slim skinny guys only? Yuk! Sorry but strong arms, calves and decent chest/waist ratio are the call of the wild. Like my men with some chest hair too. Just not too much. I mean they are men after all not fish. As far as I’m concerned the characteristics are biological signals of healthy testosterone levels and that is a natural draw to women. Don’t misunderstand I don’t like a man to be too bulky (yuk) but small and skinny is not a turn on for me. But I thinknyou will find that women in studies are overwhelmingly attracted to strong jaw lines. This is why it is the choice of photographers everywhere. Strong jaw lines are a biological indicator of health, testosterone levels. Look through any fashion magazine, it’s in the jaw line folks!

  • Six-pack is the thing what women like the most, at least I think, but why have you forgotten the about the Little Elvis (You know what I mean)?

  • I think slim guy is the best choice for girl but Situation demand for color.

  • i got broad shoulders and a larrrgee back and my biceps are alright i have a slightly large stomach and a moderate tan what do girls think of those looks?


  • i have 5.2 inches,good muscular body ,any women who has size matters ,reply to play

  • Who said the Penis wasn’t a muscle? My little Jhonny can bench 250… Huh!!