Workout Without Weights – To Do or Not to Do

Barbell workouts. They’re not for everyone, trust me. Not all of us were built to pick up an astounding amount of weight not unless the profession we are in demands that of us.

Frankly, I’m happy with a couple of dumbbells that I own for my workouts and it’s been this way while some manly men continue to boast about how much they’ve managed to lift at the gym.

(It’s all BS locker room talk – see some soccer player in Europe with lean bodies. They are muscular, alright and don’t resort to heavy weight lifting for increased strength, that’s for sure.)

Let’s accept the fact that working with weights do have certain disadvantages such as injury (for sure!), paying an expensive gym membership if you want an entire variety of weights but most of all, making the time to get there.

Moreover, the idea of using weights if you’ve just gotten started is a real put-off especially for those who have just gotten started with a regular workout.

It is for this reason that a workout without weights seems to be an excellent option, for more reasons than not.

But first let’s review the benefits in the case of a workout without weights

Why a Workout Without Weights Works

Some people who read this might wonder: What is this guy talking about? The fastest way to build strength and size is by the use of weights.

While that might be true that doesn’t mean that the discipline of calisthenics was developed for nought. In fact, using your body weight works just as well as the metal discs that you might use when working out. In fact, performing body weight exercises improves your body’s ability to perform certain movements better – and that counts for a lot!

You can be sure that there are athletes getting into shape not only with workouts that require weight but also perform workouts without them as well. Of course, since their livelihood often depends on how flexible and agile they can be…

Bottom line: among the several benefits that a workout without weights offers, some of them include a lean and flexible body, an excellent sense of balance and coordination but is so much more easier on the joints.

So, let’s look at a few ideas that one can use so as to benefit from a workout without weights.

Workout Without Weights – A Simple Routine

It isn’t hard to find a workout without weights since they’re all around us. Swimming, aerobics, running, jogging, push ups, pull ups, playing a sport among several others all can be classified as a workout without weights.

Best part: you don’t need a gym membership to perform these routines. You can perform these exercises even if you are constantly on the move even.

Also, if you’ve been injured and need to ease your way back into a workout, trying a workout without weights will be the best way to get yourself back into shape for the heavier workouts at the gym.

With that said, here’s an excellent article written about the exercises that you can try as well as techniques to make your workout without weights far more result-producing.

Also, here’s a sample workout for those of you who don’t have all the time in the world but can perform a set of exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Finally, this one’s a workout without weights that women will really appreciate…

In Closing

So, are there any benefits to a workout without weights that we’ve missed out? Have you noticed any when trying such a workout routine? Please feel free to share.

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