Workout Without Weights – What You Need to Know

Does a workout with weights work? It does. Make no mistake about it.

Increasing your fitness and strength doesn’t require you to lift weights all the time. If you watch European football (soccer), you’ll notice that people aren’t necessarily bulky or massive, much like American football players.

But they’re still as fit as a fiddle – running up and down the field for 90 plus minutes. That’s not easy at all, especially if you understand what mid-fielders in this game do…

Who knew that kicking a ball around would ensure that you remain so healthy to the point where you continue to play, as an 18-year old would, even after you are 35 plus, in terms of age.

A Workout Without Weights – Are There Any Benefits?

Let’s face it: not everyone is geared towards using weights, especially so, if you’ve just started working out at the gym. Lifting weights on your first day isn’t the best way to go even if you’re raring to go…

Probably the first benefit of a workout without weights is the ability to build muscle and strength without the necessity of equipment. It’s economical and also suggests that you can workout just about any where – whether you are at home or on the road, with no gym in the vicinity.

Most of all, it’s obvious that in not needing a gym membership, your expenditure works out to zero.

And just as the discipline where you use weights has a whole bunch of exercises, it’s no different with workouts without weights. You have a whole lot of exercises to try…

Moreover, it’s generally considered to be safer as opposed to weight training discipline – you don’t associate injuries with workouts without weights as you would with those which require dumbbells, kettlebells and especially barbells too.

Speaking of weights, you will, however, be using weights, in the form of your own bodyweight and gravity. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this type of exercise is easy, and really only for beginners. Or it isn’t macho enough…

As for the health benefits involved, not only do you build endurance and stamina but it also strengthens your heart yet most of all: it’s suited to just about anyone at any fitness level.

Last but not the least, not only are there exercises that are challenging but most sports (that don’t require weights, and hence qualify for a workout without weights) are great fun to play – especially with a team.

However, if you’d like to put in some exercise time on your own, there are individual workouts that one can try…

Workout without Weights – A List of Exercises to Consider

So, where does one begin, if you are interested?

Here are is a list of simple exercises (if one may call it so) if you want to workout without weights, and before you get into the gym, so as to work on an intermediate or advanced set of exercises without weights.

When you do intend to move on to the next level, here is another article with tips that you can keep in mind, when it comes to exercising without weights.

In Closing

So, what benefits have you noticed when working out without weights? How has your life changed since then?

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