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Fasting Weight Loss – Pros and Cons





If eating less helps you lose weight, then eating nothing at all must really shed the pounds, right? Fasting is often used for detoxification, political protest, and spiritual renewal — but what about fasting as a means to accelerate weight loss?

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is when you voluntarily go without food. Before agriculture created a reliable food supply, hunter/gatherers often had no option but to fast when there was no nourishment available. The body stores excess calories as saturated fat during times of feast, and taps into those energy stores to continue functioning during times of famine.

Why Fast?

Digestion takes a considerable amount of energy. The over-consumption of food creates a backlog of digested food waiting to be processed and eliminated. The body can only deal with so many toxins at once, so it stashes them in fatty tissue, to be filtered later on. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists largely of processed food laden with artificial colorings, flavorings, and other chemicals such as pesticides. The digestive tract is under constant stress from exposure to environmental threats– viruses, bacteria, toxins and parasites. Fasting can give your body a break from the hard work of digestion so that your liver and immune system can heal, repair, and catch up. In fact, we all practice a mini-fast every night, which we break in the morning with our first meal. We call it breakfast because we break our fast.

What Happens During a Fast?

Your body has reserves of glycogen, the sugars that form the body’s basic energy supply. Those reserves are tapped during the first day. Once they’re depleted, the body uses fat for energy in a process called ketosis. It occurs on the second day of the fast for women, and on the third day for men. During ketosis, the liver converts stored fat and damaged tissue into ketones, which are then used for energy by the brain, heart, and muscles. At this point in the fast, hunger pangs vanish and are replaced by increased energy levels and mental alertness.

Will I Starve?

Starvation begins when the stored energy sources are depleted, and vital tissues such as organs are utilized to maintain life. The length of time a person can go without eating varies, depending on the individual.

What About Muscle Loss?

During a fast, some muscle loss will occur at first. That’s because the brain needs glucose – the sugars it gets from glycogen. At first, the body breaks down muscle tissue for a ready supply of glycogen. However, the brain would need a pound of muscle converted to sugar each day in order to function. So if the fast continues, the body shifts to ketosis, which allows muscle mass to be mostly preserved or decomposed at a very slow rate.

How Much Fat Can I Lose?

The weight loss at the beginning of a fast is an illusion, because it’s mostly water weight. Once the body enters ketosis, fat is utilized at the rate of about half a pound per day.

How Long Should I Fast?

Most fasts last for three days or less. Any longer should only be attempted under a doctor’s supervision. Alternative medical practitioners sometimes treat chronic conditions with a fast that lasts two to four weeks.

Is Fasting for Weight Loss Healthy?

There is disagreement as to whether fasting should be engaged in at all, and there are convincing arguments on both sides of the issue.

One supporter of the beneficial effects of fasting is Joel Fuhrman, MD, author of Fasting and Eating for Health. He and other proponents list these advantages:

  • The American diet is low in nutrients, which renders the body unable to rid itself of toxins.
  • Processed foods result in a build-up of AGE – advanced glycation end waste products in the cells – and lead to premature aging, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and the deterioration of organs. Fasting allows the body to remove AGE waste products.
  • Fasting in short bursts can help dieters learn to say no to food.
  • Fasting for four days per month can help treat chronic conditions that do not respond to other treatments.
  • Scientific studies have shown that combining periodic fasting with eating a calorie-restricted diet increases lifespan.

Those who are against fasting list these reasons:

  • Every time you go without eating, your body slows its metabolism by about 20%. Therefore, when you start eating again, the food you eat is even more fattening than before.
  • It focuses you on weight loss, rather than health. The ultimate goal should be a healthy body with a lower percentage of body fat, which is achieved over the long term by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your body needs protein and calcium. Without dietary protein, your body begins to eat itself, consuming muscle to meet its protein needs. Without dietary calcium, your body dissolves calcium from your bones, accelerating osteoporosis.
  • Dehydration – The dramatic weight loss at the beginning of a fast is mostly due to loss of fluids.
  • To lose weight, it’s important to build muscle mass, which boosts your resting metabolism. Loss of muscle mass during the first days of fasting is counter-productive to weight loss goals.

So with all these experts saying that fasting can actually cause you to gain weight, is there any reason to make fasting a part of your weight loss strategy? Yes, because the benefit may not be in the number of pounds shed, but in getting control of your appetite. And although your metabolism may slow, your insides will be cleaner and will therefore use food more efficiently, meaning you will need fewer calories to fuel your usual level of activity.

How to Fast Safely for Weight Loss

First of all, it’s important to have someone monitoring you. If you live alone, tell a friend what you’re doing and keep in touch. Never fast longer than three days without medical supervision, and never enter into a fast if you are taking medication or have serious health issues. Drink plenty of water while fasting to counter dehydration. You may feel bad during the first days of a fast, since toxins released from fatty tissue will be released into the bloodstream, so try to get as much rest as possible.

To begin fasting, lighten your diet gradually over the course of several days. First eliminate heavy foods like dairy and meat. Then, cut down on grains, beans, and nuts. The day before a fast, only eat light foods, such as soup, salad, and fruit. Reverse the process as you leave the fast, gradually incorporating heavier foods into your diet.

In my next post, I’ll talk about what research studies show to be the safest, easiest, and most effective way to lose weight by fasting – the Intermittent Fast.

A biology researcher with a keen interest in the science of eating right for a heal, Matthew Papaconstantinou, PhD, writes articles about diets and weight loss programs that are featured in fitness related sites. His blog offers a Medifast coupon and a discount for Nutrisystem, two scientifically researched meal replacement diets.


Everything You Need For A Home Gym Fitness




Let’s say that you want to change your lifestyle. Some people buy new clothes, others get a haircut. However, there are those that want to devote themselves to the process of transforming their body entirely.

Getting Started

Nowadays, people are getting more and more interested in creating a home gym. This way, you can enjoy the comfort of your home without anyone looking or staring at you. Working out from home is the best. With the growing popularity of online fitness coaches like CALIBER you can have all the benefits of a fully qualified expert for your home gym. Online trainers can develop exercise plans that incorporate your home gym equipment to ensure you get a great workout and create the body of your dreams. After you’re done, you can take a shower and watch a movie. There’s not a single person that doesn’t love this. Here’s some of the equipment that you might need to create your own personal home gym:

Working out is not something everyone’s fond of because it involves a lot of physical activities and sweating. Those that work out will tell you that the feeling is incredible. Not only is it good for your health, but for your physique as well. If you want to get slimmer and fitter, then you need to start working out as well.

Moreover, some people enjoy going to the gym. They like the company of others and can easily make new friends there. If you are not one of those people, then don’t worry. You can still work out even if you don’t visit a gym regularly.

Essential Home Gym Equipment

Nowadays, people are getting more and more interested in creating a home gym. This way, you can enjoy the comfort of your home without anyone looking or staring at you. Working out from home is the best. After you’re done, you can take a shower and watch a movie. There’s not a single person that doesn’t love this. Here’s some of the equipment that you might need to create your own personal home gym:


Weights are usually small and very practical. They are quite affordable as well. You can walk into a sports store and easily find the ones that will be good for you. If you are a beginner at this, then it is advisable that you get the lighter ones so that your arm can get used to the weight.

Once you get better at it, you can purchase the heavier ones. Every physical activity has a technique that needs to be mastered. You can watch online tutorials on how to accurately lift them. This will definitely get you those slimmer and tighter arms that you want.

Jump Rope

This item is probably the most practical one. Jump ropes are extremely easy to find, and they are probably one of the cheapest things you can get for a good workout. There are all sorts of activities you can do with a rope that will probably define every piece of your body. The jump rope is good for the calves, legs, thighs, hands, and arms. Make sure to check out Home Gym Reviewed for more details.

It is very easy to use, and all you have to do is jump. At first, it will be probably rather tricky because you’ll get quickly tired. Once you get the hang of it, you can jump a lot quicker and faster. Make sure to challenge yourself to do more and more jumping jacks each time you use the rope.

Exercise Ball

This item is also suitable for doing all kinds of physical activities. If you don’t know where to star, you can hire a personal trainer to come to your house and show you all sorts of techniques with it. The second option is to watch videos online with professional fitness instructors and how they use the exercise ball. The ball is affordable and really fun to use. You won’t be able to stop once you learn how to do the exercises with it. You can use it to build abs around your abdominal area or thighs as well. Whatever you choose to do with it, make sure that you sweat. A good workout always comes with a lot of sweat.

Stationary Bicycle

It’s the same as riding a bike, but you won’t be moving at all. You know how everyone says that it is very good for your health to ride a bike constantly? Well, you can get a stationary bike for your home gym and work out those legs and thighs. It’s a great piece of equipment that every homeowner needs to have. Read more here. The sensation and the feeling are the same as riding a regular bike. The more you ride it, the faster you’ll get the desired effect. Just don’t overwork your legs because they will hurt a lot later on.

Final Thoughts

Putting together your own home gym can be a rewarding experience. Often, you’ll be required to invest much less money than you think—provided you know how to shop! Careful study of home gym equipment reviews and your own personal goals will help guide you through the journey as seamlessly as possible!

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Nashville Personal Trainers for the Ultimate Body Transformation




Some people prefer to work out at home where they’re most comfortable in. This can provide some results, but it won’t be the same if, for example, you work out with a trainer. You see, at home, you have no one to watch you and correct you if you’re doing something wrong. You can end up doing an exercise wrong all the time and risk damaging a nerve or a muscle in the body. This is not good, especially if you’re looking forward to losing weight.

Go With a Pro

Burning calories is easy. You just need to be persistent and motivated to do so. We all like to lie around in our beds, hoping to lose weight only by watching what we eat. This is not effective at all. You can lose 1 or 2 pounds by not eating unhealthy food, but it won’t make much of a difference. If you’re overweight, watching what you eat won’t be enough.

Benefits of Personal Trainers

This is where personal trainers come in handy. If you live in Tennessee, you would be able to find professional trainers very quickly. Nashville has quite the selection of experienced and knowledgeable instructors that will make all the difference in your life. Here’s why:

Quick results

If you have someone to monitor your progress continually, then you would be able to lose fat sooner. A trainer will show you the right technique for each exercise and create a nutrition plan that you have to follow. Just by following their program, you can start to notice a difference right away, instead of waiting for some miracle at home. You probably don’t know that much about a good fitness regime like a professional trainer does. Leave all the planning to the experts; you just play by their rules.

Avoiding injuries

Do you know how easy it is to pull a muscle or break a bone? Not doing the activities correctly can lead to all of that. That’s why it is safer to try your luck with a trainer and hope for the best. A trainer can guide you through all of the exercises until you learn to perfect them yourself. For example, lifting weights without guidance is the ultimate recipe for damaging your arm muscles. If you have a fitness instructor present at all times, you minimize the risk of injuries. So don’t waste any more time and find the perfect trainer for your workout.

Gaining muscle

Some prefer to lose only fat. Others want to build muscles. There can be a combination of both if you ask the right person for it. An experienced trainer will show you how to balance those things. Sure, you have to sweat and work really hard, but in the end, you’ll get the complete body transformation that you’ve been wanting since forever. Gaining muscle is a long process that involves proper nutrition like intake on proteins most of the time. You would be able to get used to that in no time, just be patient.

Setting goals

If you feel like you can’t set goals for yourself or don’t know how to, then leave it to the pros. Once you hire a personal trainer, you won’t have to worry about all of that. They can create a list of goals that you have to work really hard to achieve them. Of course, they would be here for the entire process to keep track of your progress. Setting goals will increase motivation, and they will lead you closer to your desire for the perfect body. Also, a trainer would be able to set realistic goals so that you wouldn’t lose hope.

Innovative workout routines

You can quickly get bored with repeating the same exercises over and over again. This might lead a person to quit if something repeatedly happens all the time. But, professional trainers know this. That’s why they mix up different combinations of physical activities so that each day you have something new to try out. This way, the whole fitness regime wouldn’t be monotonous. It will add to the sense of excitement and surprise trying to figure out what you will do next. Sooner or later, you can learn them all.

Establishing exercising habits

Let’s say that you’ve reached your goal. You were able to transform your body into something you’re glad of. This doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising altogether. You should continue the journey so that the body can stay fit. Believe it or not, after all that exercising and sweating, your trainer would have already made it a habit of you to exercise regularly. Once you get up in the morning, all you’ll want to do is go through a good workout. This is how things should go on in the future. Trainers pass their knowledge onto their clients to use it forever. To find out more click here.


An excellent instructor would always challenge you to do and achieve more. Let’s say that you’ve done 50 jumping jacks. Each time your instructor would challenge you to beat your own score. This is how you get better and more confident in life. Soon you would be able to do 300 jumping jacks without breaking a sweat. It might seem impossible in the beginning, but with time and proper technique, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You just need someone to challenge you all the way until you become a better version of yourself.


Everyone can have a minor setback when going through a journey of transformation. Let’s say that you’ve gained a pound or two instead of losing them. It’s normal for these things to happen. You mustn’t get discouraged once they occur. You are on the right track, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to notice a difference. This doesn’t mean that you won’t at all. Your personal trainer will encourage you constantly not to give up and embrace every setback as a lesson in life.


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5 Types Of Mobile Games That Can Actually Help Your Mind





featMobile gaming is often viewed as a way to pass the time, or simply as entertainment. More often than not, these are perfectly fair descriptions. On other occasions, mobile apps and games can help optimize both body and mind!

Mobile Games & Puzzles for Brain Health

However, the mobile gaming market is vast, and among the offerings there are also some games that can help to train your mind in various ways, or in some cases improve wellness. Here, we wanted to give some examples of types of mobile games that can serve these purposes.

1. Escape Puzzles

In the real world, “escape room” attractions have become wildly popular in just the last few years. They’re generally seen as weekend recreation options for groups of friends or colleagues, but there are also those who believe they benefit your brain health. To our knowledge there aren’t in-depth studies into this phenomenon’s mental benefits just yet, but there’s certainly something to be said for the idea. Escape rooms lead to everything from positive moods to improved memory and heightened social skills. Escape puzzle games don’t carry all of the same benefits, but they are in many cases the mobile versions of the rooms, and they can certainly exercise your brain where concentration, patience, and problem-solving are concerned, at the very least.

2. Conquest Games

This isn’t quite as big a category as that of puzzle games, though there are actually different genres within the idea of a conquest-themed mobile game. What we’re referring to here though are games like the mobile versions of Sid Meier’s Civilization installments, which famously delve into real human history in quite a lot of detail. Simply put, games like these that teach real history can exercise the brain and help to improve memory, association, attention to detail, and specific knowledge.

3. Poker Games

Poker games are actually among the oldest ones available on mobile phones, though they’re steadily getting more sophisticated these days. Poker apps are included among the games spreading gradually into the U.S. through expanding gambling legislation, and even some free-to-play poker games are now employing advanced graphics and features that make them feel like the real thing. Whichever specific app you opt for though, you could actually stand to enjoy real mental benefits. Various medical studies have actually hinted at poker’s benefits in everything from improving focus and attention to detail to combating Alzheimer’s Disease!

4. Quiz Apps

Some might consider quiz apps to comprise their own category aside from gaming, but the distinction isn’t particularly important. Either way there are dozens if not hundreds of accessible quiz apps, and each and every one of them can teach specific knowledge and keep the mind sharp in general. It’s virtually never a bad idea to test your knowledge, and these kinds of games help people do it on a daily basis.

5. Brain-Trainers

Lastly, and most overtly, there are also apps specifically designed to train the brain. These are in some cases actually designed with medical input and consideration, but they’re still game-like in nature, or at least include games more often than not. The specific training varies from one app to the next, but this is definitely a category you’ll want to look to if you’re curious about using mobile games to improve your mind.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps, games, and real-world puzzles such as escape rooms are sometimes purely for entertainment. Other cases, such as those discussed here, can be leveraged to help with brain training for better cognitive performance and perception. The best part is, these brain games can often be leveraged during times you’d otherwise be doing nothing else!

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