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Get An Inside Look At What Makes P90X2 A Killer Program




When we last spoke of P90X2 nearly 2 months ago, there was very little in the way of program facts and information and it had yet to be released for preorder. Now that some time has passed, we’re beginning to see a clearer picture developing about this self proclaimed revolutionary fitness program. Anyone who’s considering taking on P90X2 should be made fully aware of what they’re getting into before they buy it. For that very reason we decided to make part 2 of our P90X2 review about getting an inside look into this new workout program.

In an interview recently, Tony Horton used the tagline “indoor training for the outside world” to describe his new workout. In other words P90X2 is designed to help you do outside/real world activities better. According to Tony these “real world” activities would range from reaching up high to get a can of beans off the top pantry shelf to those looking to shave a few hundredths of a second off their 100 yard dash time. P90X2 seems to be the swiss army knife of workout programs able to make just about anyone improve doing just about anything. The real questions are how does it do it? And what sets it apart from P90X? In order to get those questions answered we need to dig deep into the inner workings of this program.

P90X2 Cardio – A Hidden Secret: Cardio is an integral part of any workout routine and would not be complete if left out. Cardio was present in P90X as separate workouts entirely. It showed up several times throughout the program as Kenpo karate, plyometrics, yoga (certain moves), and standard cardio movements like jumping jacks and other anaerobic zone activities. When examining the list of P90X2 workout titles you might do a double take because no such cardio leaning workouts exist. How can this be you might be wondering? Well, while you won’t see any cardio in the title names, doing P90X2 workouts like Plyocide or P.A.P. Lower will train your cardiovascular system. In addition other X2 workouts have cardio woven throughout. Remember, the premise of P90X2 is efficiency and exercise moves that multitask. So you might be thinking you’re only doing one exercise but you’ll probably be covering multiple fitness areas at one time.

Less Is More: When exercise intensity levels increase the end result is that you need to spend less time actually doing them. As your muscles experience a greater break down, they need a greater corresponding amount of rest. This is the reason X2 was reduced from the standard d 6 day a week workout regimen to 5 days per week. This is not to say X2 is easier then P90X, it’s actually far more intense and therefore requires a greater amount of rest. With two days per week of rest, one of those days should theoretically be used as “active” recovery and not laying on the couch downing whoppers.

The 3 P90X2 Kits – A one Size Fits All Approach: From the get go P90X2 is being offered in three different kits. This is a turn form the standard when compared to any of Beahcbody’s other new releases. Normally, programs are released in a base format to allow time to pass to see how the public reacts to the program. After some time other versions are usually released. Maybe there’s an additional workout or two or some deluxe features like extra equipment that is added. This is not the case with X2. Beachbody decided right off the bat to offer P90X2 as a base kit, deluxe kit and ultimate kit. Because this program is a sequel to their best selling program of all time, there’s a built in customer base. This allows customers who may not have a surplus of cash to start with the base and tack on extras at a later date as well as still making available the extras to those who can afford it. The P90X2 price starts at $119.85 for the base kit and goes all the way up to a whopping $359.85 for the ultimate kit in blu-ray.

Not Up For P90X2 but Still Want to Test Drive Tony Horton: If you find that P90X2 may be out of your league, try not to fret. It’s not for everyone. P90X2 is an intense workout that plays off the results and endurance you should have already built up from its predecessor P90X. If you have not been able to complete P90X or never tried it before, or currently not in an active high intensity fitness program it may be best for you to shelve this one for the time being. This doesn’t mean you can’t still workout with Tony Horton and get accustomed to his style.

In 2009 Tony introduced a workout called 10 Minute Trainer that was designed for busy people who may only have 10 minutes a day to devote to exercise or beginners looking to start a new routine. With 10 minute trainer you can begin with just 10 minutes a day and slowly at your own pace workup to a 50 minute per day workout routine. It’s a great stepping stone that actually was derived from P90X. Many of the same exercise moves in 10 minute trainer can be found on P90X, but in much smaller doses. These doses are manageable and conquerable but still make you feel the burn and get results just like every other Tony Horton program.


Want Better Gains? Get a Better Mattress and Start Sleeping Better!



Sleeping in Bed Illustration

Sleep isn’t something everyone immediately associates with lean gains. Turns out, new muscle gets built while we sleep! If you aren’t sleeping well then your body isn’t building muscle well. That’s just a fact.

What often slips our awareness is that small sleep disturbances can have rippling effects. If you wake up with a slight sore in your back each morning you’re probably not sleeping well. That slight soreness may indicate improper spinal support, troubling pressure points, or lack of contour support altogether.

What’s scarier is this: if you’ve never had a good night of sleep you wouldn’t even know it! After all, if I were color blind and didn’t know any better I’d assume that was normal perception. You may have been sleeping poorly all these years and not even realized it. Well, fixing that is easier than ever before!

Beds in Boxes

What’s the worst part of getting a new mattress, other than spending all that damn hard-earned cash? Moving it! Some local places will deliver but even then you’re stuck carrying it around your house.

In the past few years, there’s been a silent revolution in the mattress industry that the big guys like Sealy, Serta, and Sleep Number don’t want you to know about. This revolution has been led by mattress brands such as Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, and Nectar Sleep. Never heard of them? Listen up.

These mattress brands started selling their products directly to buyers and cutting out the middleman. No more walking around in those awkward Mattress Firm stores (is it me or do new ones pop up every day?) These mattress brands make, sell, and ship their own mattress. You save, they save, and the best news? These mattresses ship by UPS all rolled-up tightly in boxes about the size of a mini-fridge!

Which Mattress is the Best Mattress?

Bed in box brands have found a way to get quality mattresses to people—hassle-free—for prices that are often 50% less than store brands. That means you can get a $1000 mattress for $500! It’s still just like any other market: there’s a price point for every budget. What’s different with these mattresses is that their price points have a lot less markup!

Websites like Home Refinery have tons of mattress reviews and can help you find the best mattress among many dozens of available choices. Fitbuff isn’t a mattress review website and we’d refer you to others like Home Refinery for more in-depth reviews. What I am prepared to do is offer up my personal opinion on a few different types of mattresses. Again, to find the best mattress of any type you need to check a site like Home Refinery or Consumer Reports.

Memory Foam

You’ve heard of it but have you ever slept on it? Memory foam hit the market with a splash but quickly lost fandom when people realized how damn hot these types of mattresses slept. Newer memory foam mattresses have found ways to cool things down and are worth another look. These are the best mattresses for back pain in most cases and probably the best for us gym rats looking for a deeper sleep.


Natural latex is used for much more than checking prostates and keeping babies out of your girlfriend’s belly. Natural latex mattresses offer a really responsive and caressing feel, similar to memory foam, but bounce back a bit more. These mattresses are heavy and more expensive but a great choice for all you health nuts out there. If you’re looking for the best mattress for sex then consider a latex mattress. They have a bit more “spring” to them!


These mattresses are usually the best choice for people who aren’t sure what they want. Hybrid mattresses usually have memory foam, latex, and sometimes even weird polymer materials in them. These types of mattresses give you a better overall sense of balance as you sleep. Not balance like “I’m so drunk imaboudda bust it” but more like “I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud nestled on a trampoline sitting on a soft bed of moss.” They are available with everything other than a personal assistant.

In Closing

We all know that there are no magic pills when it comes to getting shredded. You get out what you put in. However, there are considerations to make such as adequate nutrition and proper sleep. If your body isn’t able to repair itself optimally each night your gains aren’t going to be at their max. So before you start popping sleeping pills or dropping cash on a Swedish massage get yourself a brand new mattress!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Location for Your Fitness Center




A lot goes into building a fitness center and making it a successful business, and your initial instincts are right: One of the things that matters the most is location, location, location. Here are some tips to help you find the one that will work best for you.

1. Figure out what kind of building you need for your fitness center. Do you want your own, stand-alone property, or will you be best served in a building that houses many businesses (like a strip mall or office park)? If you want your own building, make sure you plan to budget for things like making sure the foundation is stable and solid, that all of the wiring is up to code, etc. It’s sort of like buying a house, but for your business. Of course, utilizing space in a shared building has its own set of issues you’ll have to deal with, too.

2. What kind of clientele do you most want to serve? Are you after the wealthy, nobody-seems-to-have-a-day-job types? Are you primarily interested in helping kids? Do you want to limit your clientele to one gender? All of these things factor in when it comes to where you should put your business. For example: If you want to serve business executives, your gym will work far better in your city’s business or financial district than it will if it’s all the way on the outskirts of town.

3. What kind of fitness center do you want to have? Are you going for the “standard” treadmills, elliptical, lots-of-equipment-type of fitness center? Are you going to be building a yoga studio or a center that focuses on fitness through martial arts training? Are you going to be offering Cross Fit or boot-camp-style programs? Each of these different types of fitness has different physical requirements.

4. How easy is it for people to get to your business? If you live in a larger city, make sure you take things like public transportation into account as well as easy freeway access. The harder it is for people to get to you, the less likely you are to build a business that becomes successful. Yes, people do actually take the bus or the train to go to the gym, especially if they believe that your fitness center is worth the trip!

5. Make sure you have enough parking. Why would somebody visit a fitness center whose parking situation forces them to have to walk half a mile from where they parked to your front door? That’s a quick workout right there! There are lots of different factors that go into figuring out how many parking spots you need. A good rule of thumb is to have a parking spot available for each piece of equipment you have (or each mat space, etc.) plus a few extra.

These tips are just the beginning. Try not to worry too much, though—your business will be up, running, and successful before you know it!

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How to Set Goals




FC Barcelona Vs. Manchester United. In the Champions League soccer finals this year, it was these sides that clashed, and what a one-sided battle it was. Just like 2008, the latter gave up without any complaint, it seemed.

And if there was anyone who stole the show, it was Messi all the way, right from the start of their Champions League campaign.

And the beauty of it all is that they achieved this tough goal of being Europe’s champions by taking little baby steps that begins with the youth at the La Masia, Barcelona’s youth academy. (La Masia means ‘the farmhouse’)

It serves as an excellent example for those who love sport and are willing to put in long years of hard work in order to get to the top. And it’s no different with implementing a workout regime to certain goals either.

Goal Setting

While some people might refer to the phrase ‘the goalposts being moved’ as something that might throw you off guard if you are sticking to a plan, in most cases, these circumstances that are out of your control rarely occur.

Goal setting is not that difficult, really… and can applied to any area of your Life.

Whether it is to increase the amount of money you want to have in your bank accounts, or to pursue a quality education that will change your life for the better. What really matters here is direction and energy (quite literally, in the example of a workout regime) to pursue these goals… and you will get what you want.

One of the best methods to do this is by using the SMART goal setting technique that has been tried and tested now for years.

(Here’s a detailed link which shows you how to use the SMART technique for any goal that you wish to accomplish.)

While this is a more generic solution to the objective of goal-setting, let’s look at a few tips that might help use this technique smartly.

How to Set Goals for Achieving Results (in the case of a workout)

Here are five tips that can help you to set goals that are result-oriented in particular to a workout that has been designed specifically to get you looking fit:

Tip #1: Visualize, visualize, visualize…

Importantly, in being to get a mental picture of how you want to look, it often gives you a clear idea of what you have to work on in order to get there. If you think, “Oh, I’m working out to get fit”… this isn’t enough.

For example, use Arnie’s or another fitness expert pinup for inspiration. That should be a high-standard to work towards…

Tip #2: Be open

Some workouts can give you good results while others are a little slower. Don’t stick to the latter just because that’s the only thing you want to do. Try a new workout or two as you might just like it…

Tip #3: Mapping Progress

This aspect works as motivation as you work towards your goals along the way. Most people give up on working out because they are unable to map progress. If you can do this by checking how you fit into your old clothes or looking at yourself in the mirror, that can motivate you to try harder.

Tip #4: Goals take time

A tree doesn’t grow up in a day but it takes years and years until it begins to bear fruits. Reaching one’s goals is similar to this including workouts as well. Despite all the hoaxes and promises that you might read over the internet, most fitness experts have got that body to die for by putting years of effort in.

Tip #5: Giving up is for losers

This is as good as leaving a job half-done which any boss will not appreciate. So don’t give up. if you want, take a break… but DON’T give up!

In Closing

If you watch the Barcelona players when their on the field, you’ll know that they savor each moment of the game as they continue to make magic on the field. And it’s no different with working out either…

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